John kerry and obama relationship

The Last Temptation of Barack Obama and John Kerry – Foreign Policy

john kerry and obama relationship

The relationship between US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry is rife with continuing tension regarding the. John Kerry links Britain to derailing of Obama's plan for intervention in Syria . There were wrinkles in the relationship with Cameron too. John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, ) is an American politician who served as the 68th On the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he led a series of hearings from to which were a precursor to the Iran–Contra affair. In January , Kerry was nominated by President Barack Obama to succeed.

Kennedy and his family. He also played freshman and JV hockey and, in his senior year, JV lacrosse. Amongst his influential teachers in this period was Professor H. Bradford Westerfieldwho was himself a former President of the Political Union. OsterweisKerry won many debates against other college students from across the nation. In the speech he said, "It is the spectre of Western imperialism that causes more fear among Africans and Asians than communism and thus, it is self-defeating.

Overall, he had lackluster gradesgraduating with a cumulative average of 76 over his four years. His freshman-year average was a 71, but he improved to an 81 average for his senior year.

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He never received an "A" during his time at Yale; his highest grade was an After completing 16 weeks of Officer Candidate School at the U. During the election, Kerry posted his military records at his website, and permitted reporters to inspect his medical records. InKerry released his military and medical records to the representatives of three news organizations, but has not authorized full public access to those records.

They were engaged in coastal patrolling and that's what I thought I was going to be doing. According to Kerry and the two crewmen who accompanied him that night, Patrick Runyon and William Zaladonis, they surprised a group of Vietnamese men unloading sampans at a river crossing, who began running and failed to obey an order to stop.

john kerry and obama relationship

As the men fled, Kerry and his crew opened fire on the sampans and destroyed them, then rapidly left. During this encounter, Kerry received a shrapnel wound in the left arm above the elbow. It was for this injury that Kerry received his first Purple Heart Medal. The plan had been for the Swift boats to be accompanied by support helicopters.

On the way up the Bo De, however, the helicopters were attacked. Thereafter, enemy fire ceased and his boat reached the Gulf of Thailand safely.

Kerry continues to have shrapnel embedded in his left thigh because the doctors that first treated him decided to remove the damaged tissue and close the wound with sutures rather than make a wide opening to remove the shrapnel.

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On this occasion, Kerry was in tactical command of his Swift boat and two other Swift boats during a combat operation. Their mission on the Duong Keo River included bringing an underwater demolition team and dozens of South Vietnamese Marines to destroy enemy sampansstructures and bunkers as described in the story The Death Of PCF Moving a short distance upstream, Kerry's boat was the target of a B rocket round; Kerry charged the enemy positions and as his boat hove to and beacheda Viet Cong "VC" insurgent armed with a rocket launcher emerged from a spider hole and ran.

While the boat's gunner opened fire, wounding the VC in the leg, and while the other boats approached and offered cover fire, Kerry jumped from the boat to pursue the VC insurgent, subsequently killing him and capturing his loaded rocket launcher.

Elliott recommended Kerry for the Silver Star, and Zumwalt flew into An Thoi to personally award medals to Kerry and the rest of the sailors involved in the mission.

john kerry and obama relationship

The Navy's account of Kerry's actions is presented in the original medal citation signed by Zumwalt. The engagement was documented in an after-action report, a press release written on March 1,and a historical summary dated March 17, Earlier in the day, Kerry received a slight shrapnel wound in the buttocks from blowing up a rice bunker.

Debarking some but not all of the passengers at a small village, the boats approached a fishing weir ; one group of boats went around to the left of the weir, hugging the shore, and a group with Kerry's PCF boat went around to the right, along the shoreline. A mine was detonated directly beneath the lead boat, PCF-3, as it crossed the weir to the left, lifting PCF-3 "about ft out of water".

According to the documentation for the event, Kerry's arm was injured when he was thrown against a bulkhead during the explosion. PCF 94 returned to the scene and Kerry rescued Rassmann who was receiving sniper fire from the water. Kerry received the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" for "heroic achievement", for his actions during this incident; he also received his third Purple Heart. On January 1,Kerry was temporarily promoted to full lieutenant.

He continued to serve in the Naval Reserve until February John Kerry military service controversy With the continuing controversy that had surrounded the military service of George W. Bush since the Presidential election when he was accused of having used his father's political influence to gain entrance to the Texas Air National Guardthereby protecting himself from conscription into the United States Armyand possible service in the Vietnam WarJohn Kerry's contrasting status as a decorated Vietnam War veteran posed a problem for Bush's re-election campaign, which Republicans sought to counter by calling Kerry's war record into question.

The group held press conferences, ran ads and endorsed a book questioning Kerry's service record and his military awards. The group included several members of Kerry's unit, such as Larry Thurlow, who commanded a swift boat alongside of Kerry's, [41] and Stephen Gardner, who served on Kerry's boat.

Senate committee hearing on proposals relating to ending the war.

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The day after this testimony, Kerry participated in a demonstration with thousands of other veterans in which he and other Vietnam War veterans threw their medals and service ribbons over a fence erected at the front steps of the United States Capitol building to dramatize their opposition to the war. Based on my own experience working the peace process, this need can be quite compelling regardless of the odds of success.

john kerry and obama relationship

And if the situation on the ground between Israelis and Palestinians truly spins out of control, the urgency of acting and the rationalizations to do so will increase. Within a year, the president will be leaving a Middle East far worse off than the one he inherited.

The current state of the peace process is Exhibit A: So, what might the last temptation to action on the peace process look like? But here are a range of possibilities. A real peace process? Sadly, the best strategy — at least on paper — involves pretty long odds, in part because it means banking on Netanyahu and Abbas actually owning the process themselves. That would take a shared recognition on both their parts that the conflict needs to be managed, not resolved.

Their agreement on an interim phase approach would have to focus on maintaining security cooperation; addressing economic issues and access and movement issues for Palestinians so that travel within the West Bank and to and from Israel would be eased; responsible state-building by the Palestinians; and perhaps some Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and conversion of other areas where Palestinians only exercise civil authority to include security control as well.

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This approach, however, might still require some agreement — even in principle — on what the endgame will be, however gradual the road to achieve it.

It would be smart in any event before they move on to another approach. In the absence of a real process, perhaps Obama and the secretary of state will want to leave another kind of peace-process legacy behind, one more virtual in character. The essence here would be to lay out in some fashion what the terms of reference for such a two-state settlement would be — on the core issues: Jerusalem, borders, security, territory, and refugees — whether the two sides accept them or not.

Security Council resolution as the French have been pushing for. One additional course of action is also possible to contemplate. Times were different then. Shimon Peres was the Israeli prime minister running against — you got it — Netanyahu in a May election.