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The incredible story of how mountaineer Simon Yates was forced to cut a solo affair after he was forced to cut his partner Joe Simpson free. Joe Simpson escaped death and lived to tell the tale in Touching the Void. Andes, by Simpson and his year-old climbing partner Simon Yates. that Simpson believes charts the rise and fall of his love affair with climbing: "I was staggered to hear on the radio advice on the fact that it was going to be. In , Joe Simpson and climbing mate Simon Yates successfully scaled the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes, which up until.

And it was just extraordinary to experience how much I meant to people. Aron Ralston Image Source On April 26,climber Aron Ralston was negotiating a slot canyon in Utah when an pound kilogram boulder fell and crushed his right hand, trapping him.

'Touching the Void' climber says director burned him with one-sided story

He tried to shift the rock using ropes and chipped away at it with his blunt multi-tool, but nothing worked. By day four, Ralston had run out of water, so he saw only one option: First, he broke both bones in his arm; then he sawed through the soft tissue, arteries, tendons and, most painfully, the nerves. I was so happy to be taking action. Arlene Blum American climber, feminist and scientist Arlene Blum is no stranger to tense mountaineering situations.

Inwith her expedition having just reached the peak of Denali in Alaska, team leader Grace Hoeman collapsed, and the year-old Blum assumed command, steering the all-female group through a rescue operation at high altitude. Yet far from it being traumatizing, Blum states that dealing with the life-or-death situation launched her to a new level.

Inshe led an all-woman team on an expedition to scale Annapurna in Nepal. This was marred by tragedy when two climbers fell to their deaths.

Touching the Void: The Untold Story Joe Simpson and Simon Yates

While in the Pamir Mountains inBlum also became acquainted with Soviet mountaineer Elvira Shateava, shortly before Shateava and her seven-strong team perished one by one on the descent from Lenin Peak. Although Blum gave up mountain climbing after the birth of her daughter, she credits her tough childhood with giving her the wherewithal to succeed in the risky pursuit — proving her doubters wrong and showing the world what women can achieve in the process.

Davidson was in front when he left the trail to dodge a crevasse but fell into a deep chasm hidden in the snow. Mine changed with time.

Joe Simpson (mountaineer)

At first there was a lot of sadness and I had to struggle to accept it and then there was some doubt about — why am I still here and what am I supposed to do with my life now? And it took, you know, the better part of a decade, eleven years really till I got to the position where I could feel comfortable enough to share with other people.

James Sevigny Image Source While some climbers faced with life-or-death situations may make it through with sheer steely will to survive, others claim to have been aided by a seemingly external and mysterious force. After he was swept away by an avalanche, mountaineer James Sevigny experienced what has been called the Third Man factor. On April 1,Sevigny and friend Richard Whitmire were climbing Deltaform in the Canadian Rockies when an avalanche carried the pair almost 2, feet down the mountain.

Sevigny eventually regained consciousness, but he had suffered an extensive catalog of injuries. His back was broken in two places, and he had torn the ligaments in both knees. One of his arms was fractured, and the other had severe nerve damage thanks to a broken scapula. Quite simply the most striking peak you will ever see. It's also a place of great religious significance for Hindus - the source of the Ganges at Gamukh is just below the base camp.

You've certainly accomplished some amazing mountaineering - what's the biggest mistake you see trekkers, climbers and mountaineers making out there? There seems to be an increasing reliance on recent digital technology. Mobile and satellite phones and GPS devices are useful tools, but you can still have accidents and the devices in themselves do not guarantee you getting rescued. For the aspiring mountaineers amongst us that want to join you in Peru - what should we expect and do we need get some training in beforehand?

This trip is suitable for fit hill walkers, so those joining the trip should aim to be that. There are a couple of high passes to cross on the trek so everyone will feel the altitude, but although presenting a challenge it should not pose too much of a problem as ample time to acclimatize is built into the schedule. So what's next for Simon Yates after you return to Peru this October?

Write another book, go to South America in the new year and then back to Alaska next spring.

Joe Simpson interview: 'I'm not an easy person to be with' - Telegraph

I haven't got any further than that at present.! In September Simon Yates will return to Cordillera Huayash with a group of trekkers to experience the magnificence of the Peruvian Andes once more. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Kiwi trekkers to accompany him on this epic journey. When they collaborated on the film of Touching the Void inthey had not seen one another for 10 years. She slips from his grasp and falls to her death in a crevasse. He almost perishes in the search for her Simpson at his poetic best describing the limits of human endurance in a white hell and, consumed by guilt, keeps a vigil on the mountain for 25 years.

I wanted to shake him. The truth is, she died to save you, you stupid eejiit. We are almost trying to make ourselves soft. A Kerry woman, she had brought her youngest son up to be a good Catholic but he stopped believing in God when he was None the less, she was shocked when he told her, quite brutally, that when he was in the crevasse, staring death in the face, he did not utter a single prayer. I was 25, fit, strong, ambitious, crippled and stuck in a place I was going to die and there was no Heaven and no Father… nothing.

When I got back, I told my ma this and she went mad. I honestly believe that if I had started praying, I would have given up and gone to meet my maker. Simpson was scrupulously honest with his.