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I really appreciate it! Maine Mendoza had many insecurities during her childhood days and was even bullied in high school. Being an introvert, she always thought she wouldn't make it big in show business, although it was her secret ultimate dream.

She grew up believing that she's not good enough for anything, that she didn't have what it takes to become a superstar. She was more comfortable in expressing herself through her social media accounts like Dubsmash, where she was discovered. Despite her low self-esteem, she took a chance to audition in Eat Bulaga and accepted a role as a servant, a humble start for someone who comes from a well-off family.

Little did she know that she is destined for greatness. Just by being herself and by stepping out of her comfort zone, she was able to go the distance Some memorable Lola Nidora quotes: Lahat ng bagay pinagtiya-tiyagaan.

Lahat ng bagay pinaghihirapan. Lahat ng bagay pinagsusumikapan. Walang kahahantungan ang mga bagay na minamadali. Mapait ang mga bunga na hinog sa pilit.

Mas matamis ang bunga na unti-unting nahihinog dahil naghintay ng tamang panahon. Ang pag-ibig ay nararamdaman, hindi binibili, ipinaglalaban, iniingatan at ipinagkakaloob sa tamang panahon. My Aldub Video Playlist: For entertainment purposes only. Please give credit where credit is due. I do give credits in my video description. If I forgot to put credits in your video clip, photo, etc.

Thank you and enjoy watching! Not a true wedding. Edited for JaRon Fans. I do not own the compiled videos. Credits to the owners: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri ft. TV for Philippine viewers, click: Somewhere Only We Know I walked across an empty land I knew the pathway like the back of my hand I felt the earth beneath my feet Sat by the river and it made me complete Oh simple thing where have you gone?

I'm getting old and I need something to rely on So tell me when you're gonna let me in I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin I came across a fallen tree I felt the branches of it looking at me Is this the place we used to love? This was the second time this year for ASAP to stage a special show abroad. The first was in Dubai last January. The LA show was taped-as-live in two segments with a short intermission between the two as announced by show hosts Martin, Zsa Zsa Padilla and Gary Valenciano who were among the regulars when ASAP started nearly two decades ago.

You have people who saved their dollars and planned their work vacations so they can watch the show. We all know that what we should give is more than song and dance numbers; we are here to give our hearts, our love, our Kapamilya spirit and Pinoy soul to them. We want them to feel they ve come home, he added. The spectacle Mounting this big party began well in advance of the actual show date.

The ASAP stars braved a thunderstorm, flood, traffic and no sleep to catch their flights from Manila to Los Angeles, mingled with fans as they visited Los Angeles landmarks to tape segments, took part in a meet-and-chat with lucky ticket holders, rehearsed and shared their experiences and activities on social media for their followers around the world. But nothing could compare to the excitement of the actual show, which opened with a spirited all-american party.

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Clad in various colorful outfits inspired by the red, white and blue of the American flag, pair by pair, group by group, each singing and dancing to a mix of contemporary and classic American pop tunes, the ASAP stars appeared onstage, drawing energy from the crowd and enjoining everyone to party.

The audience gave it all back. Fans shrieked, cheered, and screamed for their favorites. Even the slightest acknowledgment from the stars was enough to raise the enthusiasm, excitement and decibel levels inside the arena to recordshattering heights.

Not to be outdone, the three hottest Kapamilya girls Kim Chiu, Julia Barretto and Kathryn Bernardo took the place of the boys on stage and started singing and dancing to Katy Perry s hit California Girls. You could hear every note as the girls sang we re undeniable, fine, fresh, fierce and owned their spot on the stage. The crowd sent them off with a deafening cheer as well. Among those present were: The press conference was live-streamed on TFC.

Daniel Padilla s choice was Intense! Martin Nievera s was: The ASAP artists were divided into different teams for the taping of the spiels in various parts of downtown Los Angeles. One of the first teams to hit the streets was Team 2 composed of: When they finally caught a glimpse of the stars they asked for selfie photo-ops; Among the sites they visited was the Hollywood Walk of Fame where they posed for more photos; StarStudio contributing photographer Sthanlee Mirador reports that 7 Daniel and Robi were playing around and 8 Daniel and Kathryn were holding hands while walking.

This, much to the chagrin of the older folk who apparently just wanted to enjoy the party while comfortably seated. Thankfully, security was quick to take action and successfully convinced the crowd to return to their seats. Then the show took a much-needed breather which, had the audience been watching on TV, would have been a commercial break.

But in this live show, there were no commercials. The party went on nonstop because as soon as Vina and Toni exited the stage, Zsa Zsa, Martin, and Gary came out and asked the audience if they wanted to party some more. It s great to party here in LA, but who among you miss Manila? Gary then asked, Handa na ba kayong maki-party sa amin Manila-style dito sa LA? Get ready cause we re gonna bring the best of Manila right here to the LA Sports Arena, Zsa Zsa told the crowd before she, Martin and Gary opened the second part of the show with a medley of Manila Sound songs.

They were followed by the singers and belters of the ASAP cast. The beautiful voices of Yeng Constantino, Erik Santos, Angeline Quinto, Richard Poon and Juris filled the arena with more classic OPM tunes, giving the audience a welcome respite from the screaming and cheering that began since Bamboo opened the show. But the calm was rather short-lived because, like a lion rising from a deep slumber, the crowd seemed to wake up all at once and started to roar again.

Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz the big guns and undoubtedly the superstars in ASAP s realm of stars were in the house All the good-looking duo had to do was stand on stage, wave and smile, and the crowd did the rest.

They waved, and the arena shook with excitement. And when they started singing the macho Hagibis songs, the crowd just completely lost it. According to the websitehistoricfilipinotown. It was created by a resolution proposed by city council member Eric Garcetti on August 2, It was named Historic Filipinotown since it was one of the few areas where Filipinos first settled during the early part of the 20th century and is home to key Filipino organizations, Filipino churches, housing, and social service centers.

Many Filipino-American families began purchasing homes and establishing businesses in the area from the s. Then it was time to hit the stage for rehearsals. This is when the real work began. All the stars, among them clockwise, opposite page: During the rehearsal, a private meet-and-greet with fan winners was also going on. Everyone enjoyed the performances of the stars, whose energy just kept on going. Gary, the chosen TFC 20th Anniversary Ambassador, performed Galing ng Filipino, a song honoring the amazing qualities of Filipinos who have made the world look up and take notice.

Throughout the evening, the audience would be treated to special numbers by the popular tandems of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim and Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Going by the intensity of the cheering from the gallery, the Kim-Xian tandem remains the most popular, but the Kathryn-Daniel fans are not that far behind. DAY 4 Backstage, the stars seemed relaxed and made time to pose for a few photo-ops.

During the pre-show press conference, Gary said: I wanted to add on to what everyone said and it has to do with why ASAP is where it is today.

You have a bunch of artists here and there are many more artists out there. But there is a reason why we are chosen to be part of this show. I think that God has a great plan for why we are a part of this show. It was the perfect bookend for the TFC 20 gala that kicked off its 20th anniversary celebration. Piolo, Erik and Vina joined Carol in singing the hits she popularized more than a decade ago.

Also taking her own turn in the spotlight was Tootsie Guevara. The segment not only showcased her songs, but also the comic talent of Alex Gonzaga. Toni s younger sister unexpectedly stole the limelight from their special guest when she performed teasing dance moves to Tootsie s signature hits Kaba and Pasulyap-sulyap. Carrere sang a few lines from Dahil Sa Yo after being prodded by Martin.

A senior audience member, who seemed to have gotten carried away, broke through the cordon and ran to the stage to take several selfies with a few stars before returning to her seat.

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Then he segued into his Pinoy anthem Bebot, and the audience was pleasantly surprised to see the network s president, whom everyone endearingly calls Ma am Charo, dancing to the song on the big screen! American Idol alum Jessica Sanchez also performed live before the huge and predominantly Filipino crowd, doing a duet with Martin before she took the stage all to herself to sing Chandelier, a hit by Australian singersongwriter Sia, who also sang vocals on Titanium by David Guetta.

Maine Mendoza & Jeron Teng

The night closed with an all-star singing of various Filipino Christmas carols that reminded the audience that while it may be October in Los Angeles, Christmas started a month ago back home. The holiday spirit was felt throughout the entire LA show. ASAP showed the city how to party and many Filipinos in the audience had most of their Christmas wishes come true even before they could make them.

Tia Carrere would later tell Balitang America: What a monster concert! I m so happy to be able to be introduced to them. I can t wait to see it on TV.

It was truly an epic moment, and one that will not be forgotten for a long time. It was a truly massive undertaking. But the show wasn t just about the performers who were onstage; behind the scenes, Team ASAP which had representatives from both Manila and Los Angeles worked tirelessly to pull off the show.

The teams worked closely together to make sure that everything, from the production numbers to the costumes to the technical set-up, lived up to the long-running show s high standards. They also had a full technical team handling the cameras, lighting and audio, which helped get the show as close to a real concert experience as it could get.

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And that has been the mission of TFC in building its relationship with its customers these past 20 years. For us to have been able to be part of the lives of the community for this long, it s just, I think, something that s really an inspiring thing, and I expect it will go on for 20 more, and many more beyond my lifetime, said ABS-CBN Global COO Raffy Lopez. As befitting a retrospective anniversary concert, Toni s repertoire that evening consisted mainly of songs relevant to her year journey as a singer and performer.

From the songs she released in the early part of her career to the theme song of her latest big-screen blockbuster, Starting Over Again, music and sentiment were never in short supply. But Toni s big night would not have been complete without Toni performing with her sister and best friend Alex.

Toni shared an interesting tidbit with the audience. One week kaming hindi nag-usap ni Alex. Nagkaroon [kami] ng tampuhan because of the concert, wala kasi siyang time mag-shoot ng VTR.

Alex apologized, and the sisters made up before the show. Malaking bahagi siya ng15 years kasi hindi ko alam kung paano ako makaka-survive ng 15 years sa showbiz na wala akong kapatid na katulad niya, shares Toni of the closest person to her.

Indeed, with all the experiences she s had, Toni considers herself blessed. At this point in her life, she has everything she could wish for: And that night, she gave credit where credit was due. I didn t get to this stage because I m good or I m better than anyone else. I m standing here on this stage, celebrating my 15th year in this industry, because of God s grace.

It s never been about me, it s always been about Him. Overflowing with confidence and oozing with hotness, Daniel Matsunaga recently launched another endorsement, this time for the new San Marino Tuna Flakes.

Aside from his diet, Daniel exercises regularly to keep his body in shape. I do work out, for about two to three hours a day. Kapag may time, I do wakeboarding at iba-ibang outdoor sports plus I do a lot of challenging exercises. Apparently, though, making sure his body is in shape isn t the only thing keeping Daniel busy. Check out this old photo from the collection of the Alejandro family from left, that s dad Hajji, daughter Rachel, and Rachel s cousin Nino.

Having enjoyed sold-out performances at the same venue together and individually in the past, the father and daughter tandem are thrilled that this time they will be sharing the stage with Hajji s son Ali and nephews Nino and Eddie. Hajji cannot be more excited to have his family making music together. It s gonna be a really fun show. We all love to perform and hang out together as a family. We re grateful for the chance to do what we love and share some of that joy with our audiences.

Kapuso star Carla Abellana proves that there s more to her than just acting and modeling. At the recent 30th anniversary celebration of Del Monte Kitchenomics, Carla shared how she has picked up cooking tips from the show. As the show s host, she encourages others to take up cooking as a hobby since it s also a great source of income.

With a schedule like Carla s, her rumored suitor Tom Rodriguez makes sure she gets all the support she needs. In an interview, Carla shared, Tom has been such a joy and a fun person to work with. Nakakatulong siya in many ways kasi, at least, na-e-enjoy ko yung trabaho. So when she found out about the Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer Challenge, Maxene didn t have second thoughts about joining.

She says, My hair has always been long. I didn t want to cut it short. But when my mom told me and when Matrix an American salon brand explained to me what it was for, I really said, No questions asked. I m going to do it right away. And hey, it was also the perfect opportunity for me to change my look after all these years. Last October 25, Matrix pooled 50 hairstylists from David s Salon who took on the challenge of cutting off at least eight inches of the hair of more than Filipinas at the activity center of SM North The Block, for the benefit of children with cancer under the care of Kythe Ateneo.

If you missed the event, you still have a chance to help these children by having your hair cut at 25 selected David s Salons in Metro Manila from October 26 to December 31, For more information, check www. On screen, Richard Yap aka Sir Chief of the two-yearold daytime series Be Careful With My Heart is used to making his predominantly female audience swoon with his looks, appeal and surprisingly suave singing voice.