Jaime and tyrion relationship

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jaime and tyrion relationship

We've watched Jaime Lannister continue to develop over the past few With Tyrion, although Jaime is different, their relationship at its core is. The only member of House Lannister that had any love for Tyrion was Jaime, who . Jon died knowing of Cersei's relationship with Jaime, and was poisoned to. Tyrion was born nine years after twins Cersei and Jaime, and his towards Cersei, with whom he maintains an incestuous relationship, the.

Jaime asks Tyrion if he killed Joffrey in Episode 4.

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Did Jaime really think he did it? Jaime knows that Tyrion hated Joffrey with a vengeance. Tyrion basically responds, "Are you going to kill me?

jaime and tyrion relationship

I know you do, but tell me you love me. Why does Jaime decide to make the deal with Tywin? He sees that Cersei's clearly winning, and he knows his father well enough to know that Tywin's willing to sacrifice Tyrion. Jaime doesn't want to leave the Kingsguard, but he truly loves Tyrion.

So if saving Tyrion's life means giving up his own freedom, of course he'll do that. Does Jaime have that same type of love for his father? But he's been brought up to respect and honor his father. Love is irrelevant with Tywin. It's all about politics and power. Jaime is more emotional. He doesn't care about all that; he just wants to do the right thing in his world.

jaime and tyrion relationship

I think that meeting Brienne has made him reconnect to that core of himself. What does giving Brienne Oathkeeper mean to Jaime? It's very symbolic because the sword was forged from Ned Stark's sword, but also Jaime wants to dress Brienne as well as he can because he won't be able to join her. He wants to be sure she's equipped with the best that money can buy.


I think he has really strong feelings for her. I read somewhere that Brienne is almost the sister he never had. Cersei, unfortunately, is the sister that he loves. Do you think Brienne is in love with Jaime?

jaime and tyrion relationship

I think so, but I don't know if it's conscious for her and I don't think Jaime realizes it. Jaime shared his innermost secrets with this woman.

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They went through hell together and that's something they always will have. His journey with Brienne definitely changed him. Here's a brief recap of the brothers and their history: Tyrion was born nine years after twins Cersei and Jaime, and his birth famously killed their mother, Joanna, much to the umbrage of Cersei and the children's father, Tywin. While Cersei was as unpleasant to the child Tyrion as she is the adult, Jaime took greater pity on him.

According to George RR Martin's books, upon which the HBO series is based, Jaime was the only family member who "had ever shown [Tyrion] the smallest measure of affection or respect, and for that Tyrion was willing to forgive him most anything". Jaime enjoys the company of Tyrion in season one Despite the dramatic events of Game of Thrones, and Jaime's continued affections towards Cersei, with whom he maintains an incestuous relationship, the eldest Lannister brother is often portrayed as kind and protective over Tyrion.

In one of the first of few scenes where all three grown children are shown together, Jaime jokes with Tyrion, while Cersei chastises him for foul languageafter he tells them he will travel north to the Wall. The brothers aren't reunited until season four, when Tyrion wryly comforts him about having a prosthetic metal hand, before setting him up with Bronna mercenary loyal to the Lannisters who will re-train the former Kingslayer with discretion.

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It's a tumultuous time for the Lannister family: Joffrey is poisoned, and Tyrion allows his family to think him responsible, resulting in a trial by combat that could end his life.

But Jaime remains loyal to Tyrion, he is even forced to defend "The Imp" to his sister and lover, Cersei, who wants him to kill their younger brother. Cersei pleads with Jaime to kill their brother Tyrion Jaime's defence of his brother extends to Tywin, the men's father, after the events of Tyrion's trial suggests he is likely to die.

jaime and tyrion relationship

The pair strike up a deal: Jaime will leave the Kingsguard, which he joined so he could continue his affair with his sister, allowing him to become Tywin's heir if Tyrion's life is spared. Tywin agrees, saying that when Tyrion is declared guilty, he will be given the option of joining the Night's Watch. It's a major sacrifice for Jaimeeven though the plan eventually fails after Tyrion is incensed by the testimony of his lover, Shae.

He's one of the few people that gives him love back. And he'll do anything for his brother.