Izaya and namie relationship memes

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durarara izaya and namie | Izanami - Izamie - Namie Yagiri x Izaya Orihara - . Pretty much Celty, Shizuo, and Izaya's relationship. .. Relationship Quotes. Rated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Romance - Izaya O., Shizuo H. Kink Meme. go through the one-sided feelings and actually develop the relationship. Izaya watched Namie's long hair twirl as she turned her back to him. Namie Izaya Orihara, Shizaya, Durarara, Manga Boy, Manga Anime, Anime Ships Fashion, wallpapers, quotes, celebrities and so much more. Izaya.

Although I am under the impression that Izaya would be quick to force other individuals to apologise in some twisted way or at least have them rue that they messed with Namie if something bad enough happened. Regardless, this afternoon proved to be unlucky as he held his arm against the warmth of his torso with the vacant sleeve of his coat dangling to his side.

Namie walked out of the kitchen with a steaming cup of tea with her reading glasses propped on the top of her head. His ripped sleeve embed itself in the deep wound that had already begun to coagulate.

Izaya allowed his features to reflect the pain he was in; a stumble in his step grew as if he had been holding back the effect of a twisted ankle for a fair bit longer than he should. He deposited himself onto the couch closest to the door.

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Just get the first aid kit. Before she acted, she observed the vulnerable man draped on the couch. Her gaze turned to the floor with a glimmer of sympathy for her would be patient. He let his mind externalize his thoughts. As if her body language would actually sway him away from talking, despite him noticing.

So it just makes my job harder. Izaya waited a moment for the rest of a comment that he felt would follow. The absence of it made him raise his brows as he turned to face his secretary.

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The ice queen has empathy of her own. He smiled and stretched his arms to rest behind his head and slid his eyes shut. Other than that they hardly find themselves heavily wrapped up in jealousy. Towards each other, that is.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Namie walks out on Izaya quite often. I see them more as the type to cohabitate than get married. They would rather form a partnership with one another in a way that lacks any form of pomp and circumstance. That aside, Izaya would be the one to broach the topic and be more sentimental.

Like, he would offer an exchange of some kind of shared jewelry to represent wedding rings, while not being obvious as to what it represents. To appease Izaya, Namie randomly cleans the tarnish off of his, but never in front of Izaya.

Izaya and Namie

Her leg rested over the other to cover her unclothed lap. A dark v-neck a size too big, loosely draped her form as the two kept one another company on the balcony. Izaya hummed as he alternated his view between the woman at his side and the lights of the city below.

izaya and namie relationship memes

Maybe I would rather not make that comparison then. Izaya broadened his own as they exchanged the sentiment with one another before they looked outward again.

izaya and namie relationship memes

Namie let her smile fall stoic again. I thought that was more for my benefit. He knocked the rest of the contents back and handed the cup over to Namie.

He nudged his hand further into her space to accentuate the gesture before she finally took it and laid it onto the floor beside him. For shits and giggles, Izaya tries to dig at her psyche to see if he can draw out hidden trauma that could make her more vulnerable. He has yet to succeed. Or do you just care about your image that heavily? Every time he tried to push the thoughts out of his mind, they would come rushing back at the slightest trigger.

It nearly drove him insane. He would find himself sitting at his chair, leaned back, either with his eyes closed or staring at the ceiling. Once, even when he was meeting with a client, he drifted off into another parallel universe while the man across from him kept talking, then repeated a few "Um, Orihara? Immediately, he regained his poise and replied with, "Oh, I'm sorry Tanaka-san; you said you wanted information on your rival companies? Every day was bland and boring—too methodical—for Izaya's liking.

izaya and namie relationship memes

Even as an informant, dealing with all these different people, meddling with all these controversial topics, Izaya never felt satisfied, which is one reason why he perpetually screwed things up: A reason why he worked for Awakusu-kai.

Why he incessantly…pranced around Ikebukuro. Her hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail and a light brown bandana was secured around the top of her head. An apron the color of dark chocolate wrapped around her body, tied once neatly around her neck and another time around her waist and back.

Well, he didn't like sweets in the first place, so much less incentive for him to come. The bakery was well-furnished and gave off a comfortable, cozy feeling. The walls were painted a creamy, vanilla color, while the logos, uniforms, and furniture matched with a dark, coffee tint.

Lights shone from the ceiling, small and a bright whitish-yellow. Turning his gaze back to the girl in front of him, Izaya said, "I would…"—a slight hesitation—"actually like to try a cinnamon bun. Oh, thank you," she added as Izaya handed her a yen coin.