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Chit Chatting with Actress, Singer and Song-writer Alexz Johnson. Written by: Jill Sheets. Alexz Johnson. Recently I have A: On the career end, a goal of mine is to go on tour. One day I A: They're usually Jude and Tommy questions **** Click on the link below to hear a couple of Alexz's songs****. Awww:)". See more. Instant Star Jude Alexz Johnson Star Pictures, Star Cast, Women In Music, Tvs Jude and Tommy - Instant Star <3 I Ship It, Good Movies. Explore the collection of images "instant star" by albertine carneiro (tinewc) on . Stefan And Caroline, Caroline Forbes, Relationship Goals, Stefan Salvatore.

It becomes quite difficult for her to do that with the arrival of the new Instant Star, Karma. Karma comes in and stirs a whirlwind of trouble up for Jude. But Karma is not Jude's only problem. She recieves a letter from a blackmailer claiming he will go to the press with photos of Jude intoxicated if she doesn't give him 50 grand, where she wants to offer 10 grand.

She tells Karma this confidentially but she in turn tells Darius, who forces her to sing in the Instant Star finale to cover for him paying off the blackmailer.


Tommy returns right before she goes on stage and Jude sees a small child with him who she assumes to be his daughter and refuses to perform. Jamie comforts her backstage and gives her the strength to perform. After her song she goes home and uploads the drunken pictures of her on her own website so they don't have any power over her.

Darius forces her to join Karma's press conference in order to explain away the photos where she is ambushed by Karma about whether or not she's a virgin. Jude goes with her friend Patsy to confront the kid's dad about judging woman on their sexuality but instead joins Karma who is singing to upstage her for a rude comment she made about Jude. Karma ends up being pushed by Patsy for calling Jude a whore and accidentally yanks Jude's shirt, revealing her left boob in front of the entire audience.

It becomes the top story in every magazine and online articles. Tommy is assigned to produce Karma's album and Jude is upset to not have him producing her so she threatens Karma with the rights to her song 'Waste My Time' which she claims Karma can not sing because it is Jude's original song. Tommy is taken off of Karma's album per her request and he is angry at Jude for meddling and states that he actually wanted to be on her album so Jude tries to remedy the situation and convinces Karma to ask for Tommy back.

Later they reconcile and Jude propositions working as alongside him as his co-producer on her third album. Jude's friend Patsy begins struggling with producing her own album and dealing with her boyfriend Jamie changing her song behind her back.

Jude goes off with Patsy to blow off some steam and try to convince her to record the song 'Shooting Star' but is interrupted by Jamie that leads to Patsy running off and Jude following her. Patsy then burns her contract with G majors which Jude comments isn't the only copy which then leads to Patsy breaking into G major drunk and wrecking the place to burn her original contract.

Jude and Jamie confront her afraid she might do something reckless but let her go when she hurts Jamie. Patsy later dies while driving intoxicated and crashes her car in a fatal accident. Jude tries to deal with the loss of her friend Patsy. Her death causes a huge rift in her friendship with Jamie since he blames her for Patsy's death for stopping him when he wanted to go after her.

Jude holds a private memorial in honor of Patsy and starts a charity concert for underprivledged kids in Patsy's memory. While Jude handles the aftermath of her friend's death she becomes ingrateful and inconsiderate of the sacrifices her sister Sadie makes for her sake while leads to her sister decided to leave for an internship in New York City.

Jude tries to make up for her actions and Sadie decides it's not the right time to leave when her father is struggling with the bills. Jude and Tommy leave to find new places to record an album together when Tommy suddenly breaks down over an almost car accident they have and he reveals he lost someone he loved. He tries to explain to Jude that there are things in his past she doesn't know but Jude doesn't care and they kiss, officially becoming a couple for the first time.

Jude's 18th birthday comes up and she has to make a decision on whether to let people know that she and Tommy are a couple.

Chit Chatting with Actress, Singer and Song-writer Alexz Johnson

Tommy initially wants people to know but later when Hunter, his ex-girlfriend's brother who blames Tommy for his sister's suicide, returns and threatens to hurt the person Tommy most loves, which is Jude. Jude thinks Tommy is acting distant because she doesn't want people to know about them so she makes a public announcemnet in her 18th birthday party which he rebuffs publicly to protect her.

Jude becomes upset and asks her father for advice and tries to talk to Tommy about it but when she enters his hotel room she finds him kissing Sadie and breaks up with him. Her relationship with her sister is rocky and her relationship with Tommy is even worse. In front of the cameras she fires Tommy as her producer. She produces her first song by herself and Sadie tells her that she kissed Tommy, not the other way around.

It doesn't change things for Jude but though still fired she tells Tommy he means a lot to her and that she'll miss working with him. During a fashion show Jude has red paint thrown on her for wearing real fur - unbeknowst to her - by an animal rights activists. News spreads of this and Jude does an interview to clear up any negative attention towards her but makes a seemingly harmless comment that eating meat is barbaric which upsets even more people.

Activists line up in front of her house and she gets death threats so Darius assigns her a body guard. In the confusion she is lured by a fake message by Tommy into her recording apartment to find Hunter waiting for her and holds her captive at knife point. Tommy comes and they knock out Hunter and he is arrested. During the meeting Jude finds out all about how Tommy had an affair with Angie but then he left her, which caused her to take his car and supposedly commit suicide.

At Darius' party Jude tries to play 'cupid' for her sister and Kwest along with Jamie and also tries to get Jamie to go on a date with her which he refuses because he believes it's just a rebound for her break up with Tommy.

Chit Chatting with Actress, Singer and Song-writer Alexz Johnson

Later in the party Tommy discovers the original police report for the death of Angie and finds out Darius covered up the fact that his car was tampered with. Jude walks in with Portia where Portia reveals it wasn't Darius who cut the breaks in his cars it was her because she didn't want Tommy to leave her with Angie and she didn't mean for Angie to die. In the season finale, when Jude returns to G major she finds out that Darius is being autoted because of the incident with attempting to cover up murder on his sister's behalf.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten and by who? What advice would you give teenage girls in general? Be kind to you! Some of the toughest years are your teen years. In the process, just remember to always be healthy and take care of yourself. Life is so long…and so good! What are some of your future goals? On the career end, a goal of mine is to go on tour. One day I would love to write music for feature films.

What are five things people may not know about you? I love hot yoga. I dislike raw tomatoes but I like salsa.

Jude Harrison

In elementary school I loved TLC. Black licorice is my favorite. My go-to movie is the Labyrinth. Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked? Are you on any social networking sites? Jude sipped at the funny green drink and was pleasantly surprised. It didn't taste alcoholic, so she drank some more liking the sweet and sour melon taste. Sadie's friends beckoned them over to their table, where a couple of men were already hitting on them.

Tommy stood next to the red head by the bar, and signaled the bartender. He ordered and looked over at her. She seemed to be contemplating her bright green drink with a preoccupied expression on her face. She had been basically ignored all night as the guys flocked around Sadie and Sadie's friends.

She didn't know why her sister had insisted she come. She had lost count of how many she had already had, but oh well He was caught for a moment in her big blue eyes. She looked young, but he figured she must be old enough if she was drinking here. I know a little bit about music They started talking about music, mainly rock and Jude tried to stump him with trivia, but he did pretty well.

Tommy found himself actually listening to her speak, instead of simply picturing her with her clothes off. He was glad she hadn't because he had the feeling that his past would not win any points in her book. She finally nodded as she looked over at her sister and her group of friends. They had not noticed her even talking with Tommy.

He held out his hand and she took it, the contact surprised both of them as they looked into each others eyes. Her fingers were a little rough surprising him. He knew exactly where calluses like hers came from and it intrigued him that much more. A jolt of electricity traveled through Jude's fingers from his skin. She got up a little unsteadily and said goodbye to Ray before they started out of the bar.