Indonesia and israel a relationship in waiting for your response

Indonesia And Israel: A Relationship In Waiting | Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs

indonesia and israel a relationship in waiting for your response

Still, politics is politics, and although the Indonesian investor spoke Still, Cohen acknowledged that politics tended to get in the way of what could be a flourishing open relationship, instead of a flourishing secret one. to Israeli badminton star Misha Zilberman, forcing him to wait in . Like · Reply · 4 · 2y. Answered Jun 18, · Author has answers and k answer views Why doesn't Indonesia make diplomatic relationship with Israel? Almost no Arab country has diplomatic relations with Israel due to the Khartoum Resolution, . Indonesia – Israel Official Business Relationship Government of The intimacy relationship between Indonesia and Israel continued during the reign of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). and-israel-a-relationship-in-waiting/ Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

He pointed to the fact that Indonesia has "long-term relationships" with China and the Soviet Union, two countries he viewed as having atheism as part of their constitutions, and further explained that Israel "has a reputation as a nation with a high regard for God and religion.

Indonesia–Israel relations

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry advised that the national tennis team was pulling out of its Fed Cup matches in Israel, saying "We are witnessing a military invasion by Israel and the arrest of scores of Palestinian officials It is now impossible to play there". In an interview with the Jakarta Post he said, I misunderstand why the relationship between the majorities of Muslims in Asia is hostile to Israel.

If it is because of Israel and Palestine, then how can it be reconciled that we have peace with Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, but not with eastern Asia?

We protect the holy places in Israel, respect the Arabic language, and bring imams and rabbis together to have discussions.

Indonesia And Israel: A Relationship In Waiting

I am posing a question if the Muslim countries in Asia can open the gate to their country for us, so that we can open up relations with them. There are so many opportunities in Israel and by stressing the need for cooperation we would like to get these countries to also have a share of these opportunities.

But to do that, we need to have the opportunity to talk directly to these countries, which I hope, will come up soon.

indonesia and israel a relationship in waiting for your response

Analysts suggested that the printing of the letter might be a signal of a thaw between the two nations. Indonesia harshly condemned Israeli actions, labeling it as "aggression", and expressed its support of the Palestinians. In MarchIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for normalization of ties with Indonesia, citing "many opportunities for bilateral cooperation" and adding that reasons preventing relationship between the two countries were no longer relevant.

indonesia and israel a relationship in waiting for your response

The move, which had been agreed upon after five years of sensitive deliberations, would have represented a de facto upgrading of relations between the two countries. As one of our loyal readers, we ask you to be our partner.

Like Israel, Indonesia is the most multi-culturally diverse, politically- free democracy in its region. For example, the largest number of Hindus residing outside of South Asia live in Indonesia. As a successful G20 economy, Indonesia is too large and significant of an emerging global power to be ignored.

Today, approximately Indonesian Jews, mostly descendants of Iraqi and Dutch Jews, are scattered across Jakarta, Surabaya, Manado and other locations.

Why Indonesia is a good partner for Israel - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Despite the lack of formal bilateral relations, interactions between Israelis and Indonesians have been limited, but astonishingly positive. For example, annually, between 11, and 15, Indonesians visit Israel.

indonesia and israel a relationship in waiting for your response

In Marchupon welcoming a delegation of Indonesian journalists to Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that he would like for his country to establish diplomatic relations with Indonesia, and to work with its citizens in areas such as water and high tech. The time has come to change the relations, and the reasons that prevented that in the past are no longer relevant.

indonesia and israel a relationship in waiting for your response

At present, there are several Indonesian Facebook groups and approximately half a million Facebook Likes by Indonesian citizens in favor of the advancement of Indonesian-Israeli relations. There is clearly an opportunity for an improvement in ties. So, what can Israel do to make more effective contact with Indonesia?

indonesia and israel a relationship in waiting for your response

First, the people of Israel should proactively reach out to the people of Indonesia, perhaps via the Internet and social media, to welcome them in a warm, inviting and respectful way.