Ilithyia and spartacus relationship

ilithyia and spartacus relationship

Relationships, Quintus Lentulus Batiatus (Dominus, deceased) . Ashur enters the conversation to caution Spartacus about Crixus, telling Spartacus of . She also tells him of a potion Ilithyia has bought to abort her child, and where it is kept . I wouldn't mind seeing Ilithyia and Spartacus getting together, but it going andy wanted, then we will have spartacus and ilithyia relationship. An unnamed boy is the newborn son of Spartacus and Ilithyia. Contents[show] Character Outline Relationships, Ilithyia (Mother, deceased) Spartacus (Father .

Spartacus' reaction was appreciated as he's been far too subservient to Batiatus these last couple of episodes. Ilithyia's mental breakdown in this scene was fantastic and her subsequent crushing of Licinia's skull was violent and brutal. I'll admit to turning away for a second but I went back afterwards and gave it a second look. I'm pretty sure you can see Licinia's eyeball pop out of its socket at one point. The blood squirting out of her forehead was a nice touch as well.

That's what I love about this show -- they aren't afraid to completely and utterly destroy something so beautiful. To contrast the grotesque violence in that scene, this episode is packed wall-to-wall with full frontal nudity of the most toned and beautiful women you'll see on TV.

Spartacus has had no issue with flaunting the sexual nature of Roman society but this episode takes eroticism to a whole other level. Ilithyia's descent into madness appears to now be complete as she is mentally broken by the end of " Whore.

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This has quickly evolved into my favorite storyline and I'm absolutely enjoying Lucretia's machinations. Her quest for power and wealth even rivals her husband as she's willing to take far more risks. The effort put into weaving these tales of deception are appreciated and rival the violence and nudity as the primary reason I want to tune in every week.

Spartacus has now recruited one of Lucretia's slaves, the stunningly beautiful Mira Katrina Lawto assist him.

ilithyia and spartacus relationship

It's good to see that Spartacus is still playing the system to his advantage but I fear we may lose Mira in the process. Varro's storyline is starting to pickup some steam as we learn both his wife and child have now gone missing. I'm waiting to see a primarily Varro focused episode but I fear that may not come this season with so many other stories that need to be wrapped up sooner than later.

Even Ashur's story receives more screen time than Varro's. I was a little surprised by Ashur's attempted return to gladiatorial action but Batiatus was quick to put any thoughts of that to rest. It was evident with the bath scene Ilithyia had with her slave playing with her kitty kat while she was fantasizing about her sexual encounter with Spartacus.

She found herself attracted to Spartacus and felt uncomfortable with it. That is why she felt the need to get back at him by plotting the death of Varro.

ilithyia and spartacus relationship

I believe that they both have feeling for each other that they don't to acknowledge because they are suppose to be enemies. One thing that stood in this last episode that I'm sure that many Spartilly fans missed is how Ilithyia can read Spartacus. I want everyone to keep in mind that these two have never had a regular conversation with each.

Basically, they don't each other. Lets look at the first scene that had with each other just after she revealed to him that Spartacus is the father of her baby. Spartacus stood there in shock reminiscing about the heated sex that he had with her.

She said, "Doesn't that memory lingers, of that night, does it not, of you, inside me. She knew that he loved the sex just as much as she did. When Spartacus grabbed her neck she wasn't afraid at all. She appealed to the best of Spartacus, his dead wife. She can read Spartacus like a book. This is something that not even Mira has been able to do and she sleep with him every night. Completly agree with you.

My favorite thing about the scene of you are the father is how easly Ilithyia knows what to say Im not saying about the baby is clear that It didn't work for LucretiaI mean when she says thart Sura is going to hate him for doing that. Originally Posted by imanaddix View Post Ilithyia and Spartacus has a connection that he doesn't have with anyone regardless if they acknowledge it or not. There feeling for each other is complicated just like their relationship at this point.

I'm not saying that they are in love with each other. I'm just saying that they are attracted to each other and both of them are uncomfortable with these feelings.