Idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship

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idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship

The book's plot revolved heavily around the love story between two women: Ruth Jamison And Idgie Threadgoode. Fried Green Tomatoes is a comedy-drama film based on the novel Fried Green Tomatoes Ninny's story begins with tomboy Idgie Threadgoode, the youngest of the Threadgoode children, whom Ninny describes as her sister-in- law. Ruth Jamison, intervenes at the request of the concerned Threadgoode family. story of two women, Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison, and the trials and Instead, Flagg describes a relationship between Idgie and Ruth that is more of a .

That was when Idgie and Ruth officially becomes a couple, not just friends anymore.

idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship

They would be together until Ruth dies and they would suffer through the same struggles as any other couple, but they are not like every other couple. So, the question begs to be asked, how could Whistle Stop, a small town in Alabama, be so accepting of something so different than the norm; a lesbian couple?

Ruth Jamison

It could be that they were not like any other towns back in those days. After all, they were much more accepting of and caring towards the blacks in the town; which was also unheard of in that time. However, it is not that, it is the fact that everyone in the community considers Idgie a man. She plays cards like a man, drinks like a man, and even dresses like a man. All of the actors in the show are men, except of course Idgie, and they still call it a womanless wedding.

It shows that they truly felt Idgie was a guy just like the rest of them. Idgie and Ruth are homosexuals in a time when homosexuality is shunned and discriminated against. It is never really directly stated that they are lesbians, but it is definitely implied. It could not have been directly stated that they are in fact lesbians, because that would have changed the focus of the entire book. Lesbianism is not a subject that many people wish to speak about or think about on a daily basis.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café: Summary & Lesbianism

However, everyone in Whistle Stop accepts and appreciates them. This is because they feel as though Idgie is a man. The two women soon became friends despite their very different backgrounds. Ruth took to calling Idgie The Bee Charmer due to Idgie's adeptness at retrieving honey from bee hives. Ruth soon caught the eye of Frank Bennett. The two soon were married and moved to Valdosta, Georgia.

Idgie came to visit her but Ruth seemed cool and distant, afraid not only of what Frank would do to her but what Idgie might do if she found out that Frank was beating Ruth. Ruth soon became pregnant.

One Flew over the Fried Green Tomato: Ruth and Idgie's Relationship

At about the same time her mother died. Idgie returned with Big George and another friend, and Ruth decided she finally had enough of Frank. When Frank pushed her down a flight of steps Idgie threatened to kill Frank if he ever touched her again. Along with the barbecue the place also became known for its fried green tomatoes. Ruth gave birth to a baby boy that she named Buddy Jr. While the rest of the Klan set about burning crosses and attempting to intimidate local residents, Frank went to the Whistle Stop Cafe to see Ruth's son.

Unbeknownst to Ruth, Frank returned a short time later and tried to kidnap Ruth's baby. When drifter Smokey Lonesome tried to stop him from leaving Frank punched him, however Smokey refused to stay down, refusing to let Frank go anywhere with Ms. Frank attacked Smokey again before the cook Sipsey whacked him in the back of a head with a frying pan, killing him.

Without Ruth's knowledge Idgie, Big George, and Sipsey met to discuss the problem they had on their hands. They all realized even though it was justifiable homicide the Jim Crow era justice system would never excuse Bennett's death at the hands of a black person. Smokey left town right after the death. Idgie and Big George barbecued Frank Bennett's body on the cafe's large outdoor barbecue. Imagine those [Ku Klux] boys: Their own loss of innocence is threatened by these societal expectations that place blacks as a subservient group that needs to be dominated and marginalized.

Quinter 9 The deep intricacies Flagg develops for a feminist revival are still under foot of patriarchal oppressive structures which do come under attack but are also upheld, especially in terms of religion. Her own deferment to men is found in a potentially fictional apostle based in a religion she might not even believe in while her own innocence resides in a fearful contradiction of these gender and social parameters.

The contradicting statement that Flagg makes to encourage women towards their own liberation is once again subverted by the structures of church and marriage that she uses to dismiss progress. Similarly, Ruth is bound by her strict religious upbringing which betroths her to Frank Bennett and acts as her own upheaval of innocence.

Likewise, Sipsey, a true heroine in her own right, caters to the religious beliefs that both comfort her and subjugate her. In this moment, Sipsey subverts the racial oppression that has so long plagued her but, by religion, confirms the prejudicial fears of whites against blacks, thus reissuing a bondage upon her. Flagg produces a world where women are both held and freed by either men, religion or religious men that invokes a contradiction of wanting her characters to overcome their circumstantial odds but keeping it just out of reach at the same time.

It also confirms that Flagg herself is more inclined to depict the past with the air of innocence rather than note the positive progression of these marginalized groups in the modern era. Idgie is an openly gay woman independent of the gender roles Evelyn starts to disgrace.

idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship

However, the idealism of that past fails to properly expound upon the blatant racist and religious oppressions. Flagg creates a past built in fantasy rather than proper historical accuracies but lends verisimilitude to her presentation of modern life based on negative aspects instead of necessary progressions.