Hookes law and youngs modulus relationship quizzes

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hookes law and youngs modulus relationship quizzes

Hooke's law and the limits of applicability (equation). Poisson's ratio for tension and compression. How to obtain from a stress-strain diagram: a) the Young. What is Hooke's law for 1-D system? a) The relation between normal stress and corresponding strain b) The relation between shear stress and. relationship for the shear stress and the first normal stress difference. simple linear Hookean expression for the modulus in contrast to the tensile Hooke's law, Newton's law and a definition of viscosity as the integral of the memory function.

hookes law and youngs modulus relationship quizzes

Relation between slip and packing directions. How to relate yield stress and critical resolved shear stress equation. How grains are deformed during plastic deformation.

hookes law and youngs modulus relationship quizzes

Why slip is blocked by grain boundaries, defects, impurities What is solid-solution strengthening. What are recovery, recrystallization and grain growth and at what temperatures they occur. Failure What is fracture and how it starts How crack propagate.

Why the strength of brittle materials is much lower than expected by theory. How fracture toughness is defined.

Elasticity: Young’s modulus & Hooke’s Law

How stress concentrates at a crack and how it depends on crack tip and length equation. How does the concentration factor depend on whether the crack is at the surface or in the bulk. How fatigue is defined and the conditions under which it occurs. Determine from a plot the fatigue lifetime and fatigue stress. How creep is defined and how it happens.

Determine creep rate and rupture lifetime from a creep plot. Phase diagrams What is a phase diagram and what information does it give. How to identify in a phase diagram which phases are present and which are the solidus, liquidus and solvus lines.

Please take careful notes and be sure to ask any questions you have about the example problems we will be working through. Referring back to the legacy cycle which we discussed in the previous lesson, today's lesson constitutes the research and revise phase.

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Refer back to your initial thoughts notes and record any new information that applies to solving the challenge. Your goal today is to review, revise and expand your current knowledge!

Now, let's learn how to detect cancer. Students begin to learn the basic concepts required for creating a strain graph to depict cancerous tissue.

hookes law and youngs modulus relationship quizzes

Following this lesson, have students revise their initial thoughts and at the conclusion of the associated activity, students should have the skills necessary to Go Public with a solution. The quiz serves as a formative assessment while the next lesson's Go Public phase provides a summative assessment.

Hooke's law

Lecture Information In the late s, Robert Hooke stated that "The power of any springy body is in the same proportion with the extension. The law is explained by a direct proportionality between a spring's compression or expansion and the restoring force which ensues. This law is valid within the elastic limit of a linear spring, when acting along a frictionless surface.

  • Is There A Relationship Between Young's Modulus And Spring Constant?
  • Young's modulus

Extending Hooke's exploration of springs, it becomes apparent that most materials act like springs with force being directly proportional to displacement. But as compared to springs, other materials possess an area which must be accounted for. We will now explore the measures of stress and strain.

hookes law and youngs modulus relationship quizzes

The SI unit for stress is pascals Pa which is equal to 1 Newton per square meter.