Hollyoaks patrick and maxine meet joe

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hollyoaks patrick and maxine meet joe

Hollyoaks' Maxine Minniver shares a passionate first kiss with Darren Osborne as abusive ex Patrick Blake watches on from the side. HOLLYOAKS actor Jermey Sheffield has cleared up confusion Originally Patrick had asked his wife Maxine to help him to commit suicide as. Mark "Dodger" Savage (born Mark Blake) is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 Dodger was the biological son of Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield) and Anna having a relationship with Patrick's wife Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson), Dodger's cousin Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini) arrives in the village and.

He enters the house and finds Patrick. Darren finds a camera and then tells Maxine about Patrick's plan. Darren drives to a cliff side and tips Patrick's wheelchair over to make it look like he committed suicide. For a few months, Maxine is haunted by what she had done to Patrick, nearly going into a mental breakdown. However, Darren and Nancy ruin Maxine and Adam's date.

Maxine decides to go to America. When Maxine returns, she reveals that she is engaged to a guy called "Mike Jones", however it turns out that "Mike" is actually Warren Fox Jamie Lomas. Maxine introduces Warren to Sienna. Unknown to Maxine, Sienna discovers who Warren really is and the pair team up to make Maxine confess to killing Patrick.

Despite Warren's attempts, Maxine does not reveal what she has done with Darren, warning her that she will go to prison. Maxine ends her relationship with Warren but later goes to his house to speak to him.

Maxine refuses Warren's apology until Sienna reveals that Katy died. Maxine decides to reconcile with Warren. When Maxine is sleeping, Warren wakes her up and lies that Maxine was continuously screaming Patrick's name. Warren persuades her to tell him if she killed Patrick and Maxine reveals that she buried Patrick's body in the city wall. Warren decides not to tell Sienna after discovering that Patrick was abusing Maxine but Sienna blackmails Warren and he reveals the truth.

Maxine goes to Darren and Nancy revealing that she told Mike that she buried Patrick and they reveal that Mike is Warren, who kidnapped Mitzeee. Maxine is devastated as Nancy and Darren reveal that he is using her for revenge. When Maxine returns to Hollyoaks, she discovers police searching the city wall for Patrick's body. Unknown to her, Darren and Nancy have taken his body and planned on burying it in the woods.

Maxine later teams up with Tony, Darren and Grace to get rid of Warren. Maxine, Darren and Tony plan to torch his garage although Warren catches them.

Maxine is taunted by Warren who continues to accuse Maxine of Patrick's murder.

hollyoaks patrick and maxine meet joe

Warren attempts to call a truce with Maxine who refuses to believe anything he says. The police later confirm that they found someone's hair in Patrick's body. Maxine later goes to Adam and gives him Minnie's passport begging him to take Minnie to Mitzeee in America, in case she is taken away. Adam is confused and refuses but later decides to do it.

Unknown to everyone, Nancy and Darren took hair from a hairbrush in which they thought was Sienna's but it turned out that the hair came from Maxine's brush. Maxine is shocked when her hair is found by Patrick's body and during a police interview, Maxine collapses. She is taken to hospital and Tegan Lomax Jessica Ellis suggests that she is pregnant. Maxine buys a pregnancy test which is seen by Sienna who tells Warren. Maxine tries the pregnancy test, which reveals positive.

Adam starts thinking that the baby could be his after an encounter the pair had a couple of weeks ago although Maxine denies this. Warren barges into the house, revealing that he knows about the pregnancy test. Maxine lies that the baby is Adam's and tells Warren that he is a bad father.

Warren redirects the same to Maxine calling her a bad mother, before revealing to Adam that she buried Patrick's body.

Maxine reveals to Adam the abuse and torture she received from Patrick. Maxine later decides to hand herself in to the police.

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DS Armstrong refuses to believe her, claiming that she smothered Patrick with a pillow, leaving Maxine to plead her innocence. He assures her that if she reveals who helped her, she has a better chance of not getting a sentence and that she should think about Minnie instead of whoever helped her, before bringing out a brochure and reveals that that was found by Patrick's body.

It is later revealed to be Nancy's. Maxine has a miscarriage after being locked in a lift by Peri and Nico. Nico stopped the lift because she thought it was Peri's father Cameron Campbell Cameron Moore Nico tells Warren that Cameron locked Maxine in the lift to save her self. Maxine starts a relationship with Adam. They kiss on the city wall with Maxine viewing. Maxine gives him her engagement ring back and tells him to decide between her and Darcy.

Adam starts to spend time with Adam but when Maxine's daughter Minnie goes for an operation he decides to support her. They eventually get back together and get married. When they come back from their honeymoon they find Darcy and Adams brother Jesse kissing and they start a relationship. Adam and Darcy's son Toby accused Maxine of hitting him which he made up.

Maxine gets arrested but gets released on bail. Maxine decides that she is leaving to live in Los Angeles with Mitzeee. She nearly leaves but Adam tries to stop her leaving which he does.

Maxine is later devastated when Adam chooses Darcy over her.

Hollyoaks: Patrick Blake KILLED OFF by granddaughter Nico in shock storyline twist

She later confronts Darcy and attacks her which is witnessed by Adam. Knowing that Adam will never get back together with her after her fight with Darcy, she decides to go to America after a farewell with Nancy.

Maxine returns a few months later and discovers that Toby isn't Adams son. She tells Adam, finally getting her revenge on Darcy. Maxine and Adam reconcile a few months later and she is shocked when she finds out he has been working for his corrupt father Glenn Donovan Bob Cryer. Adam explains that he is working with the police and they decide to leave Chester. Glenn discovers that Adam has been working with the police and kills him, and his body is dumped in front of Maxine leaving her devastated.

An angry Maxine confronts Glenn knowing he is responsible but he convinces her that it wasn't him and that he is dying from a brain aneurysm.

On the day of Adam's funeral, Maxine trashes the loft so she will be able to see Roxy, and as a result she misses Adam's funeral.

She confronts Roxy at the police station but Roxy says that Adam used her so that he could blackmail her. When Glenn takes her home, they have a moment and she tries to kiss him but Grace walks in so she refrains. Maxine and Glenn grow closer as Maxine is the only one that knows about his anerysm. Maxine decides to scatter Adam's ashes with Glenn.

Maxine gets emotional and can't get over Adam sleeping with Roxy but Glenn comforts her and tries to kiss her but she rejects him. Later at Glenn's office, they kiss and sleep together. The next morning, Grace arrives so Maxine hides under the table but Glenn locks the door leaving Maxine trapped. Grace walks in Glenn and Maxine about to kiss and furiously throws them out. Maxine discovers that Glenn has been abusing Grace and tries to make her see sense.

They find the gun but they set off the alarm and they panic when Glenn arrives. Maxine and Simone escape and they head to the police station, where they tell Ds Cassidy about the gun. However, after discovering that her son Zack Loveday 's Duayne Boachie fingerprints are all over the gun, Simone throws it into the lake. Maxine starts sending notes to Glenn hoping to push him over the edge.

Maxine takes a frustrated Glenn home and tries to record him confessing to Adam's murder. Glenn admits to killing Adam, however, he realises that she is recording their conversation and he tries to kill her with a statue but collapses due to his anerysm.

Hollyoaks: Patrick Blake KILLED OFF by granddaughter Nico in shock storyline twist | OK! Magazine

Maxine contemplates leaving him for dead but Jesse Donovan Luke Jerdy walks in so she calls an ambulance. Glenn survives and tells Grace that he wants her to kill Maxine. Grace drives Maxine out of the village and records herself shooting her and shows Glenn the footage.

Grace arrives back at her flat where Maxine is revealed to be alive and they decide that Maxine must be kept hidden. At his birthday party, they all spike his drink one by one. This leads Dodger to refusing, stating it is easier if the relationship remains open. An engaged Amy becomes attracted to Dodger and sexual tension leads to the pair sleeping together. Will tells Dodger to stop embarrassing him by selling bad merchandise. Dodger reveals to Will that he has sacrificed the opportunity to carry on with his education so that he could get a job and support his family.

Dodger's cousin Dennis Savage Joe Tracini arrives in the village and moves in with Dodger and his family. Dodger convinces Texas to allow Dennis to move in with her. Jodie takes a liking to Dodger but is warned by Texas that Dodger is only interested in one night stands which Jodie says she is also interested in, to which Jodie and Dodger sleep together in his caravan.

Dodger convinces Dennis to take a job opportunity in Mumbai despite Dennis' worries. When Texas and Jodie begin a relationship Dodger is jealous. Dodger and his family are made homeless. Dirk calls family friend Walt Cliff Parisi who arrives to help the family make money. Dodger and Will begin separate schemes to earn money for the family. Dodger's scheme fails while Will's plans for a gig go well. Will tells Dodger that the gig's headliner does not exist and Dodger plans to help Will until the gig is saved by Dennis.

Before leaving Walt makes a comment to Dodger and his family which makes Dodger question his motives. Walt reveals Dodger is not Dirk's son before he leaves.

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Despite Dodger's pleas Texas visits Silas who tells her he has an accomplice who killed Lynsey: Will is arrested after the police discover he has photographs of the locations Silas' victims were killed and Lynsey's ring. Will is charged with murder but granted bail until the court hearing. Dodger continues to support Texas, choosing her over Will and his family. Dodger eventually supports Will and he is let off. Dr Browning is found to be the true culprit.

As time draws on Dodger becomes increasingly agitated about finding his real father as Dirk will refuses to admit that he is not his son even though Dodger constantly presses him to admit it.

Things come to a head when Dodger loses his temper and trashes his van and runs out on his family. Texas visits Dirk before leaving, Texas finds Dodgers baptismal certificate and takes it with her. Dodger, who got drunk after talking to Walt and trying to find his dad, turns up at Texas' house and she gives him the birth certificate before kicking him out for being ignorant to her.

He looks at the piece of paper and realises his real name is Mark Blake. He finally saw his father Patrick Blake and twin sister Sienna Blake for the first time at the boat house, causing Dirk to get angry with Patrick for what he did to his wife. Dodger and his twin sister Sienna, discover Will and Texas having an affair, they have sex together that night. Like Sienna, Dodger was angry at Will and Texas for their affair and sex, causing Will to fall down the stairs and he is left parlaysed.

Dodger and Sienna did not forgive Texas for what she did. A stranger, named "Ellie" comes to the village and starts looking after Will. Will soon discovers her to be Anna Blake Saskia Wickham. Dodger is shocked when his mother Anna had arrived at the village, Dirk tells Anna how Will had suffered and was depressed for the whole time she had left.

Anna explains to Dodger why she left, and how their father, Patrick, had beaten her. She told Dodger how she tried to kill him and Sienna when they were young, later on, Dodger forgives her. Patrick has her sectioned for this. Will and Dodger continually visits Anna in hospital, Will tries to get Sienna to visit her too.

Ash Kane Will's girlfriend arrives on Anna's secure unit and before long the two of them become close, Will tells Anna to stay away from Ash, but she doesn't listen. Dodger walks in on Will attempting to kill Ash and sees that he can really walk and hears that he killed Texas and Anna but before he has the chance to say anything, an explosion from Ste and Doug's leaving party erupts into the Kane's flat.

After gaining consciousness, Dodger confronts Will about what he's just witnessed and tells him that he's dead to him, before attempting to help him up to his feet until the floor collapses taking both Will and Dodger down. As Dodger lies in the rubble pleading with Will to help him, Will tells him that he's dead to him before more rubble falls from above on top of Dodger. Dirk and Patrick worry where Dodger is and why he has not been found.

He is later brought out by paramedics and Patrick tells everyone he's alive. In hospital, Will tries to suffocate Dodger but is interrupted by Dirk. When he wakes up he can't remember anything. Dodger goes to the police when Dennis, Martha and himself have pieced together everything and have realized Will is responsible for killing Anna and Texas. Dodger rushes off to Anna's house when he finds out Will's held everyone hostage. In their final showdown on top of the roof, Will tells Dodger to push him but Dodger knows if he does, he will go down for murder, so tells Will to jump.

hollyoaks patrick and maxine meet joe

When Will slips Dodger tries to save him but Will pulls him and they both fall to the ground, leaving Will unable to walk and Dodger with a sprained arm. Dodger's bad news worsens, as he learns that his twin sister Sienna had faked her pregnancy and kidnapped Darren's son Oscar, Tom Cunningham, and Nancy's nephew Charlie. Sienna fails to kill Daren and is later arrested. Dodger discovers that she had a daughter. Dodger supports her and says he will help her to find her daughter.

Dodger told Tom and Peri about Sienna having a daughter put up for adoption, causing Tom and Peri to forgive Sienna for her actions. Dodger falls in love with Maxine Minniver Nikki Sanderson. Dodger's twin sister Sienna develops feelings for him and becomes jealous of his relationship with Maxine.