Hisoka and gon relationship goals

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hisoka and gon relationship goals

Hisoka Morow (ヒソカ゠モロウ, Hisoka Morou) is a Hunter and former member#4 of the Phantom Troupe; his Hisoka tells Gon his (fake) goal in Greed Island. The dynamics of his interpersonal relationships say a lot about his character. Once a friendship is established between Killua and Gon, Killua's first even though the antagonist's political goals are usually the inverse of the. The Love Exam //Hisoka x Reader x Chrollo(HunterxHunter) Phantom Troupe x Gon and Killua are battling each other as I watch them. . Relationship goals.

What if you can't?! I'll still say it. And yet, because of the way Nen works, having the restriction of calling his attacks before using them actually strengthens them. Gon becomes much more hostile as the manga continues and his frustration with himself and others mounts, and this bubble of negative emotion bursts during the Chimera Ant arc. Even before receiving Nen training, Gon was freakishly strong. Gon is actually very knowledgeable about women and their feelings, having dated many "cougars": Killua is actually horrified to learn how much more experience Gon has with women than he does.

To levels that can outright scare others as it comes across as distinctly unnatural or ill-timed to them. Green, given his trademark clothes and to symbolize his love of nature. He has only 3 attacks but it's difficult to guess which one he will use. He can also feint and use another one, the options are limitless.

Cruelly subverted during his encounter with Zombie Kite. It only made him more dangerous.

hisoka and gon relationship goals

A considerably dark take on the typical Shonen Idiot Hero. The Restriction he places on himself to age into an adult and defeat Pitou reduces him to an emaciated vegetable after his excess amount of Nen causes an explosion with him at the epicenter.

He starts giving some nasty looking ones during the Chimera Ant Arc, most notably to Morel and Pitou. Of the typical shonen hero. Oh, the hero is very caring, loves his friends, and will not give up on saving them?

That's very nice; but, what happens should he go too far in pursuing that goal? Just how far is too far? Is the hero's ridiculous amount of determination actually a positive thing And what psychological damage comes from the hero putting that much of himself into saving someone?

The answers lie in the Chimera Ant arc. The Chimera Ant arc also twists a lot of Gon's other strengths into flaws. His ability to judge people only in the moment, something which gives him great understanding of those around him, causes him extreme confusion when his original assessment of Pitou as a selfish murderer clashes with their newest actions as a protective guardian begging for mercy. Gon's selfishness isn't really a problem for the first few arcs as his personal interests align with those around him, but during the palace invasion he holds a young girl hostage, and is clearly uncaring of whether or not she lives or dies from her injuries - Killua is the one to make the deal for Gon to hold off until the girl is healed, and even then Gon is ruthless.

It's saying something that it's very easy to say that Gon actually takes on an antagonistic role in this arc due to his actions. Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: Ging asked him to find one, now that he is unable to use Nen again. Oh, boy, is he ever In his first official fight in the Hunter Exam, it's a Curb-Stomp Battle with Gon being trashed around like a body dummy.

He's told to give up several times as killing is strictly forbidden if you want to pass and even if he loses this match, he still has a chance to pass three hours of being beat senseless did nothing.

And almost being impaled by a blade and having his arm broken only seemed to strengthen his resolve. Also of note is the Bomb Devil fight, which he wins in spite of having his hand blown off. A lot of times.

Gon will never give up even if he knows he has no chance, he is even thrilled. In the Heavens Arena arc, for example, he fought against Gido despite knowing he couldn't win.

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He doesn't care if you are stronger than him to begin with. Annoy him and he'll do this. During his fight with Pitou. He smiled even after his arm got sliced. One of Gon's special nen techniques turns his already powerful punch into an Enhanced Punch by gathering all of his nen in his fist. He's terrible at it. To the point where thinking "dyscalculia" wouldn't be too far-fetched.

Failed a Spot Check: Gets hit with this in the badge hunt portion of the exam, he was so focused on trying to take Hisoka's badge he forgot the point of the portion was that you were being hunted also. By the time he manage to succeed in getting the badge, the one hunting him manages to take him down with a numbing dart. It's only due to Hisoka that he doesn't fail the test and even then, it cost him three days of hunting within the seven day limit for the numbing agent to wear off.

He borders on this over the course of the series. When he's doing tasks that don't involve fighting, he excels at it. However, when he does get involved in a fight, he constantly loses and gets the royal crap pummeled out of him. His central flaws lie in his temper and impulsive nature. Gon sometimes fails to think things through and such actions lead to him suffering. Though possessing talent far beyond the norm for his age, anytime his abilities are challenged, he feels as if he has to prove his antagonist wrong.

He continually strives to obtain greater power, often becoming exceptionally stronger in his anger. But Gon's anger also leads to extremely reckless tendencies. When his emotions are ignited, Gon becomes irrational and completely oblivious to anything else.

While his will is stronger than most and he can be very level-headed, but this clear mind can also make him very cold at times. Even more worrying is the extent to which his simple mindedness colors his perception of those around him.

Often it's difficult for others to understand or relate Gon's actions or thoughts to what people would consider "normal" thinking. On more than one occasion the people around Gon have remarked on how he "doesn't care about the good or the bad" with some believing Gon to be a little insane. He can be afraid but he will never back down, dangerous situations thrill him.

This is lampshaded several times in the story. The first time after his first fight with Hisoka. Five Stages of Grief: Played With after Kite's death. Right before this event, he immediately starts getting angry stage 2but then Killua makes Gon unconscious.

When he wakes up he says that Kite is alive which is his Denial stage 1. When Gon sees his unstable body he still is in Denial. Gon Bargains stage 3 Pitou to bringing Kite back, but then Pitou says he can't bring his friend back.

However, in the sexual manner? I cannot think about it. She is a friend. The red eyes that you might eventually own might be a forgery if all turns out well. Do not be fooled by the violence that seems to come your way. I will not be personally involved? What will Quoll do? Hisoka smiled, "Let us toast to the grave where we will spit on.

May we cover them in dust and blood. To others, they looked like business partners, having an amiable meeting. To others, they looked like lovers. To others, they looked like an innocent boy and a man who wants to take advantage of youth. To them, they were Kurapika and Hisoka. And that explained everything. Kurapika closed his eyes.

He was in Hisoka's house. Not without his consent. Hisoka observed the boy, "What are you doing?

Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka turned, surprised at the question, "I suppose. Why do you ask? He got another deck and prepared to make the pyramid a bigger one. Why do I breathe? Because I have to.

Air is something I must take in.

Why Is Gon's Dad So Mean ?

Why do I want you? Not desiring someone as desirable as you is insanity. You are everything that anyone could ask for, beauty and brains. I want you in the worst way possible.

Love is a myth, for the hopeless. I cannot say I love you, however if I have to say that I love someone, then it would be you. I care for you is enough deepness for me. Is it that girl?

hisoka and gon relationship goals

However, love is something that people can't afford. Someone says he loves you, then he has power over you. This is unlike you, my innocent.

hisoka and gon relationship goals

Seeing some of Uvogin's personality in Gon, he expresses interest in having Gon join the Troupe, though Gon adamantly refuses. Nobunaga ranks ninth in physical power among the Troupe, and is one of the original members from Meteor City. He, along with Feitan, Phinks, and Franklin, thrash three unruly passengers to gain seating in the cafeteria.

Once the thugs submit to them, he asks them how they can get to the second floor. After learning about the facilitator, he suggests that they find the facilitator and use him to negotiate with the top.

Nobunaga came in fourteenth place in the series' second popularity poll. She is fully loyal to Chrollo, even going against the Troupe in order to help him.

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She is killed by Kurapika's Judgement Chain in the climax of the Phantom Troupe arc by violating the restrictions placed upon her. Her body is buried in the Troupe's Yorknew hideout. Pakunoda's Nen type is Specialization. Her main ability is to read the memories of people she touches by asking specific questions, Psychometry.

He is one of the original Phantom Troupe members from Meteor City, wears an Egyptian Pharaoh -like outfit in battle and bears the number 5.

Phinks seems to get along best with Feitan, and is almost always seen partnered with him both in and out of combat. Phinks, along with Feitan, Franklin, and Nobunaga, confront and thrash three unruly passengers.

In terms of physical strength, Phinks is ranked second among the Troupe members. Shalnark[ edit ] Voiced by: However, he is one of the most intelligent and quick-thinking members in the group, being highly adept at using computers and information gathering. Shalnark is also a licensed Hunter, so he has access to certain information that could be potentially useful to the Phantom Troupe. He ranks tenth in physical power among the Troupe.

His main ability, Black Voice: However, he dislikes this ability because he is subject to immense muscle pain for several days after its use, and as he has no control over the process and retains no memory over what has transpired he can not derive any pleasure or satisfaction when he uses it to win a fight.

Shizuku's Nen type is Conjuration.