Hinata and neji relationship problems

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Kurama — having witnessed all of the challenges and endeavours Naruto had in When Naruto fell into despair over Neji's death, Kurama, with Hinata's aid. But there's a problem; Hinata's overprotective cousin, Hyuga Neji. KibaHina with NejiHina brother-sister relationship and some NejiTen. Neji and Hinata are considered genetic half siblings no? think about it Due to there . In A Close Relation To U. Examples Include Cousin, Brother, Father, Mother, . they would be aware of the problems and necessities and would ensure a.

The justification for Naruto's ignorance of Hinata's feelings and what his relationship with sakura was were really badly handled, too. It says a lot that the best part of the movie was the credits montage. Hinata needed to be the main heroine. Sakura legitimately could've been a side character with no big losses considering her relationship with Sasuke had almost as much development as Naruhina did.

Something that doesn't run on a time limit like a movie does. Current progress with my unpublished Fic: No Chrom, but Rosalina? FlameHAZE89 3 years ago 68 guedesbrawl posted The only problem with Naruhina is that the Last exists.

Hinata finds herself teased about her feelings by her teammates Shino and Kiba during the animated series, but they never actually help her work up the courage to interact with Naruto. Naruto The Movie who tries to get Naruto and Hinata to stop dancing around their feelings for one another.

Naruto Uzumaki's Relationships

Sakura encourages Hinata to finish and give Naruto a scarf she has been knitting for him. It takes the duo a long time to reach the same emotional point. Because Naruto has the nine-tail fox bound inside his body, there are times where his power actually comes from the demon that tried to destroy the village when he was a baby.

hinata and neji relationship problems

During the fight with Pain though, Naruto allowed the nine-tail fox to take over his body for one very specific reason: When Naruto became pinned during his fight with Pain, Hinata took over for him, trying to protect her friend from the villain even though Naruto told her to run.

Pain sent one of his rods through Hinata, leaving her severely injured and unable to keep up the fight. So angry at seeing Hinata in such bad shape, Naruto embraced his rage and allowed the demon inside him to come out. It led to the demon nearly destroying the entire village in the fight. The devastation he caused left him guilt ridden, though that was short lived as he was more relieved that he was able to save Hinata.

The anime also did their own take on the same arc.

Naruto Uzumaki's Relationships | Narutopedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He spends much of the first series with a crush on his friend Sakura while Hinata admires him from afar. In Naruto Shippuden, however, he calls her beautiful for the first time. During the anime, Hinata convinces her team to take on a new mission. They aid Naruto in his quest to find a bikochu beetle. The special insect will help track down their missing friend Sasuke.

[ANIME] Pervert Neji, Innocent Lee Get Trouble - Hinata Gets Mad!

The mission itself is a difficult task for the group. Hinata spends time on her own training in order to be able to master a skill that would save them later. She chooses to spend her time away from the boys training in a waterfall. He sees her training in a dance-like fashion amongst the water, and he recounts to the team later how beautiful the mysterious girl was.

She might smile to herself once in a while, but to openly laugh is rare.

Neji and Hinata

Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc Neji and Hinata being friendly to each other There are also several moments that show the two of them passing by each other in the Hyuga compound.

In one of them, as Hinata runs on the compound's hall, she bumps into Neji. Both of them are extremely surprised by the encounter, as they are still tense towards each other after their match. Hinata spins and avoids him with an agility that impresses Neji, as he remains still and stares after her, while Hinata timidly excuses herself and keeps running further.

They found Hinata badly injured and Neji quickly started looking for a medical ninja, using his byakugan.

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  • Neji and Hinata are considered genetic half siblings.
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Later, Sakura treats Hinata and Neji questions why would Hinata do such a reckless act, as to try fighting Pain alone. Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation Arc The Second Division: They can be seen smiling to each other. Neji and Hinata protecting each other During the war, they are seem together fighting side-by-side against Zetsu's army, protecting each other's back as well.

Neji showed extreme concern for her safety on the battlefield, and he seemed desperate when Hinata was hit by the enemy and he couldn't save her before discovering that it was in fact another Zetsu clone.

hinata and neji relationship problems

Climax Arc Neji and Hinata looking at each other, as Neji dies Neji and Hinata, together with Hinata's father, Hiashi, get to the front line of the battlefield to protect Naruto. One of the Juubi's attack could not be avoided and Hinata put herself in front of him to protect him, but then Neji intercepted the attack sacrificing his own life to protect both Hinata and Naruto.

Hinata openly cried upon hearing Neji's final words and passing away.

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Hinata remembers Neji In the war, while Hinata was fighting one of the Juubi's mini-clones performing the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, she got stumbled after executing only thirty-two strikes believing that she wouldn't be able to finish the attack. She then recalled Neji's instructions and got confidence and determination to complete the technique.

During the transfer of Naruto's memories and emotions, Hinata is shown to react to the flashback of Neji's death.

hinata and neji relationship problems