Hiei and kurama relationship

The Relationship Between Hiei And Mukuro: What I

hiei and kurama relationship

Hiei and Kurama were to be in a relationship in the first drafts of the series. However, due to set-backs from his previous works, Yoshihiro Togashi, author of Yu Yu Hakusho, decided for them to be just close friends. Yu Yu Hakusho facts. The Relationship Between Hiei And Mukuro: What I Saw To be Kurama is Hiei's best friend, however Mukuro is like his mirror image, his twin. Kurama's original manga color scheme was black hair and a blue in the first drafts of the series, Hiei and Kurama were to be in a relationship.

Togashi came up Kazuma's name by combining the names of two professional baseball players. Coincidentally, a few baseball references were used in the series as well for Kuwabara. The manga version of the Genkai Tournament had Kuwabara wear street clothes, with a baseball jersey, as opposed to the anime where he wore his school uniform. Also Kuwabara had used his sword as a baseball bat on two occasions.

However, in the English dubs of both movies, he always addresses Yusuke by his given name. In almost every battle he has participated in, Hiei has lost his shirt either by his own choice or it being destroyed by his opponents. The only times this didn't happen were during his battles with Makintaro, Kuro momtaro, Bui and Sensui.

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Makes you wonder where he's getting all his shirts from, considering he's a loner. Hiei is the only character of the main 4 to never resort to using his life energy in a match.

Hiei and Kurama - A couple?

Hiei was only meant to be a starter villain but he was so popular that he became a main character. In the Japanese version, George the Ogre's name is spelled Jorge, as his initials on his paper thin disguise is J.

hiei and kurama relationship

In the Japanese dub, Karasu had a tendency to use English words when speaking. When talking to Kurama for the first time he specifically says "treatment" and "cool". It is well known from a religious point of view that these two realms are completely different. Before he took up the role of Bui, Mignogna the voice actor had already voiced Ura Urashima of Team Uraotogi, but with a different voice.

On an interesting note. Each of the mythological creatures the Four Saint Beasts are based on Turtle, Tiger, Dragon, Phoenix interestingly symbolize the personalities of each of the Saint Beasts opponents. Kurama being wise and intelligent like the turtle, Kuwabara being brave and determined like the tiger, Hiei calm but deadly like the Dragon and Yusuke being passionate and having a habit of coming back stronger every time he dies like the Phoenix.

Even more interesting is that Yusuke's energy took the form of a Phoenix and Hiei's best attack being in the shape of a dragon. Jin is a likely parody of the wind affinity djinns, or genies of Middle Eastern mythology. Gama bears a strong resemblance to a witch doctor, his demon powers even resembling those of Voodoo magic or various other tribal witchcrafts.

Raizen's name translates to "Lightning Buddhism", a likely reference to how he can fast for centuries without eating impurities, having a whole army of monks and being as strong and as swift as lightning.

Togashi based many of his characters in his second hit manga, HunterXHunter, off of the characters from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Sensui and his successor Yusuke on an interesting view are complete opposites in every possible sense from their views to their actions. Struggling against each other is like struggling against themselves. When Mukuro told Hiei not to make it his purpose in life to defeat her because that would be sad, she meant that making it his purpose in life to defeat and destroy his past and himself would be sad.

Hiei's Past (Part 1)

When Hiei said he would never fight her again, he meant that he had made peace with himself and would no longer fight against himself again. They were both content at the end of the battle because through making peace with each other in that fight, they were making peace with themselves. What they said to each other was what they were saying to themselves.

They were each being the inner voices for each other. They were only saying to each other what the other was thinking about themselves in their heart of hearts but were never able to admit to themselves.

By doing so, they forced themselves to face their deepest fears and insecurities through each other. They really are just like another part of each other.

To love each other romantically would be practically selfcest, in a way.

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And since neither of them love themselves, they cannot love each other in that way anyway. They can just hold each other and be with each other and be a shoulder to lean on and gradually make peace with themselves through each other. And then maybe, they could look for love, but elsewhere. Not together, because they are each other. Mukuro is like his twin in life. People also like to reference that one particular OVA and claim that Mukuro has romantic feelings for Hiei because of how she is acting and what she said and that Hiei has romantic feelings for her because he entrusted her with his Hiruseki stone.

Let me remind you of one thing: Yukina did so first.

hiei and kurama relationship

She also trusted that it would be safe with him. Or that he cares for her in any less platonic a manner. Considering their similarities, interactions, and respective ages, her taking on a more mentor-esque role in his life definitely makes more sense than anything romantic. Many mentors tend to choose students who they see themselves in.

This is because they are searching for someone to inherit their knowledge, wisdom, and holdings. Mukuro was drawn towards Hiei because of their similarities.