Heero and releana relationship

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One thing I am really enjoying about Iron Blooded Orphans is they aren't playing around when it comes to the tête-à-têtes concerning relationships and feelings. heero and relena relationship - Google Search. goldtale's DeviantArt gallery # goldtale #anime #gundamwing #heero #relena #duo Gundam. More information. DVD covers show the pilots in the order Heero, Duo then the others. Heero and Relena are the main characters, and the DVD's are not in 'pilot order' either.

While Odin handled the assassination, the child was sent to aid the colonial rebels who had clashed with the Specials. Taking an RPG, the boy attempted to destroy the communications tower operated by a then twelve year-old Lucrezia Noinbut Instructor Treize Khushrenada moved his Leo suit in the way, protecting Noin, but badly injuring himself.

Escaping, the boy found Odin fatally wounded. Before he died, Odin told the boy to live by his emotions, reminding him that it only takes one foolish person to change the world. After Odin died, the boy pressed the detonator to the explosives they had set inside the Alliance base, causing a fire that Septum put out by flooding the entire colony with its natural rain resources.

Left alone, the boy began wandering the colonies until he was discovered by Doctor J. Admiring the child's bearing, J offered him the chance to pilot a Gundam and free the colonies. His mentor's words ringing in his ears, the boy accepted. Though there is some doubt cast on whether this is the same boy or not, it seems highly likely. After planting the explosives in the daytime, he took the time to relax, planning on destroying the base that night.

While in a park, he met a young girl who was out walking her dog and befriended her. That night, when he triggered the explosives, a nearby Leo was knocked onto an apartment building, crushing it before it exploded.

Investigating the ruins, he found the girl's dog, dead. The direction leaves no doubt that the girl died as well. When he buried it, and possibly the girl, out of remorse, Dekim Barton ordered Doctor J to retrain the boy, saying that emotions, and especially "the humane feeling of kindness," would be a detriment and unnecessary for a "weapon. This incident left the boy with a great sense of self-loathing and remorse. It also explains why Heero, in the series, displays little to no emotion.

The Barton Foundation sent a hit team to assassinate him upon his arrival at one of the L1 colonies. Doctor J offered the boy three options: Aid the assassination; prevent the assassination; or ignore the whole thing.

The boy ended up choosing the second option and saved Darlian's life at least for the time being. Later, as the boy visited the makeshift grave he had made for the little girl, Doctor J informed him that they would indeed be carrying out Operation Meteor as Dekim decreed it which would have resulted in the deaths of numerous innocent people due to the plan's inclusion of dropping an entire colony onto Earth. Once more, the boy was given three options: Go along with the genocidal plan; kill J and run away; or change the plan altogether.

On April 7, A. As he prepared to depart, Doctor J decided to give him a codename. Picking one appropriate for the mission, J dubbed the young pilot "Heero Yuy," and sent the boy to Earth to free the colonies as his namesake had once intended. Operation Meteor Heero shreds Relena's invitation.

heero and releana relationship

As the Wing Gundam entered Earth's atmosphere, Heero spotted a civilian shuttle in his path, which carried Vice Foreign Minister Darlian and his foster daughter Relena. While contemplating whether or not to destroy the shuttle, Heero was interrupted by an Alliance patrol squadron, led by OZ's ace pilot Zechs Merquise.

Even with Wing's incredible flight capabilities, Zechs managed to grapple the Gundam with his Leo in free-fall and subsequently vacate his machine, sending both mobile suits smashing and sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Washing up on the beach, Heero's unconscious body was found by Relena and, in an attempt to kill himself, pounded his chest detonator triggering the flight suit's built-in suicide bomb. However, the saltwater damaged the explosive which caused only his detonator to fire, knocking Heero over. Nevertheless, the fizzled detonation gave him a momentary distraction to escape from both Relena and the medics arriving shortly thereafter, hijacking the ambulance and driving away with it.

Heero later enrolled as a student at Saint Gabriel Academy, as a cover for his activities; coincidentally, Relena was attending the same school. When Relena gave Heero a written invitation to her birthday party, he tore the invitation and threatened to kill her. Heero is held captive by the Alliance.

Heero later planned to destroy the sunken Wing Gundam, in order to prevent OZ from getting their hands on it. He broke into an Alliance naval base and prepared several torpedoes to destroy his Gundam.

heero and releana relationship

Well, it shows he thinks she strong, but he knows he's stronger or something like that. The look they shared when Heero got off the airplane. I like the look Relena gave Heero too.

It looked like 'So you're finally gonna kill me right? I doubt it, yet I'm so in love with you look' LOL!!!!!! Heero said more than ten words. Heero actually saved her life!!!!! He doesn't wanna kill her people Me, I wish that Heero would of got Relena out of the car, then let the plane hit Dorothy.

I hate Dorothy sooooooo much, not as much as Trieze, but hey Relena said the two closest people to her were Noin and Heero. She asked if she could sit down next to him. She also asked him to not leave without telling her first. When he thought he was going to die, he thought of Relena. He saw Relena being shot by a beam cannon.

Then he yelled her name He was thinking of Relena again. You can't really see it.

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Heero told Zechs he was an obstruction to the path he chose. He said Relena again. Heero said "Relena I'm gonna stop you. He doesn't know himself very well huh? She senses Heero and Looks up. They exchange that Heero, Relena thing again. And he couldn't watch himself kill her. He was gonna let Relena do her thing from now on. Let's see what you can do. Sally said Heero changed. Anyone guess who changed him.

Come on you're smart! Heero said Relena was the only one who could stop Libra's cannon. Yes, he was talking about Relena.

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She said Heero's name for the thousandth time. Dorothy was saying something bad about Heero. Relena told her in a very P. She has confidence in his abilities. She saw Heero's face in front of that mobile doll. She said she wanted to see Heero. Is she okay, when will I see her again.

There goes that Heero, Relena name calling thing again. She also put her hand to her heart when she said Heero's name. Heero called Relena Amazing!!!!!!! She called him amazingOh yeah, and Quatre said that's not the only reason he went over there.

Heero went over there to get her. No one asked him to might I add. She was so happy to see him when he came for her.

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Heero said that she was staying put. He also said that he was going to protect her NOT kill her! Wow what a switch! He told her to get down and cover her head because Peacemillion was going to crash into them. Then he covered her to protect her from debris. Next time, they're changing in the same room, but his arm is bandaged. They exchanged that glance. HE pulled HER close, almost kissed her, he smiled at her, told her he was fighting for her, smiled at her again, told her goodbye, and she cried when he left.

They're my second fav. She tried to go after Heero. Wow does she care. Know what he said? Life is cheap, especially my life. She doesn't want either to die, especially Heero. Heero didn't kill Zechs because: Awww He said Sayonara Relena. Heero passes right past her. A Teddy Bear and a b-day card. What did the card say? Bet it was Happy Birthday. Then she tore it up in his face. Can we say flashback? Heheh, guess what I found out? When Duo and Heero went to go find Relena, they started a conversation.

Just watch in the dub. Although they dub terribly, I'm sure something like that's gonna be there. Charcters who know Heero and Relena are in love: Relena asked Heero if he could come live with her. The only reason he declined was because he thought it was too much to ask. After that flash back yes it was a flashbackhe said he had an empty feeling. After that conversation flashback. Probably because there was no more war, but that's not exactly true. It was a conversation with Relena.

Probably feels empty without her. He said he sometimes found his humanity in temoil. Then he said "But after I found her She influenced him NOT Duo!!! In issue 4, Heero said that he would like to protect Relena and her pacifist world.