Hayden christensen and natalie portman relationship

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hayden christensen and natalie portman relationship

Hayden Christensen has been keeping a low profile since he attended a Star Natalie Portman · Eva Longoria · Sienna Miller · Rachel Bilson. So you thought Natalie Portman was just another Hollywood actress? . Ewan [ McGregor] and Hayden [Christensen] and Jake [Lloyd] on the. Hayden Christensen was rumored to be with Natalie Portman - - Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman were rumored to be a couple after they.

Just the subject matter in general—journalism.

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You have to earn that. Which is in a lot of ways what this story is about—honesty, ethics, and whether we can believe what other people tell us.

It was, how does someone get to the point of being driven to do this? Do you see something larger at work here, though?


Not just in journalism necessarily, but in other professions as well? I think the underlying moral of the story is that this behavior exists, in everything from journalism to athletics. Tell me what crossed your mind when, eight months after Shattered Glass finished shooting, the Jayson Blair scandal broke.

Do you see any similarities between Stephen and Jayson? They were both people who obviously sought the spotlight.

hayden christensen and natalie portman relationship

Do you look at journalists different now than you used to? I still have a great respect for journalists, which is why I was enticed by his story in the first place.

In fact, one of the strengths of Shattered Glass is that what Glass did, and why he did it, is juxtaposed with the novelty of the profession. You and I are both in our 20s, as Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair were when they made up their stories. Is this a generational trend, in which the desire for fame supersedes the process to achievement for a lot of younger people? Yeah, I think a part of it is fueled by a desire for fame and success. Trying to get yourself a level of recognition has become more of a priority for people in their 20s nowadays.

Are you more cynical now when it comes to the news? I try to get a feel for how much of his own bias a journalist instills into his story. In much the same way an actor decides to play a character, a certain amount of projection on the part of writer is inevitable.

Journalism is just the art of capturing behavior.

hayden christensen and natalie portman relationship

They are similar lines of work: Both rely on observation. I think that was why I could relate to Stephen—it made me think, I might not know much about journalism, but I can still understand how his story evolved and what was behind those misdeeds. It made me feel like this story was universal.

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In journalism, one knows where to look for the truth. In terms of Stephen, we sought his involvement, but he wanted nothing to do with the film. In general, though, I think I do approach acting with some of the same integrity as a good journalist. What do you think about the fact that Glass is a lawyer now, and has even been offered a writing assignment from a magazine?

It blows me away that anyone would trust him to report again.

hayden christensen and natalie portman relationship

Would you ever hire him as your lawyer? Were you wary of glorifying him or turning him into a sympathetic figure? I was afraid of glorifying him, but I was also afraid of villainizing him. Let me ask you about another aspect of my profession—celebrity journalism, of which you are increasingly a subject. According to PopSugar, he later talked about their relationship, saying: Back in when Portman's highly explicit rap was featured on Saturday Night Live, fans couldn't pick up their jaws off the floor fast enough as no one expected the usually quiet and modest Portman to bust out with some heavy verses.

Talking to Us Weekly at the time, Samberg said: She loves filthy rap.

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Most tabloids agree that they must have had a relationship of some kind. He isn't that much older than her, but he is clearly he type. She appears to have had a bit of a mid's crisis as not only did her relationship with Garcia end, but she is then also rumored to have hooked up with Andy Samberg, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal.

We know for a fact that Jake and Natalie did have a fling though. Albeit short, E Online has reported that they dated for a brief time. Although they would have undoubtedly made an amazing Hollywood power couple, the relationship didn't work out for reasons that they never revealed, but it may very well have been to scheduling difficulties, which typically happens to A-list actors.

On the bright side, they have remained friends for over a decade already, even with Gyllenhaal recently poking fun at Portman while presenting her with the Desert Palm Achievement Award: Unlike some of her other relationships, there are quite a few telling pictures of this one, so it definitely did happen.

Even by the end of their relationship, a source had told the Sun that the couple had been quite handsy at a bar: They were all over each other all night. They did not care who saw, they had eyes only for themselves.

hayden christensen and natalie portman relationship

However, just two years later, he met actress Dolores Fonzi and intheir son was born. Given that Bernal is just a couple of years older than Portman, it's possible that they simply weren't in the same mind-frame yet.