Hawkwind friends and relationship

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hawkwind friends and relationship

Nik Turner turns to me and says 'Do you know my good friend Genesis . is quite long and details your relationship with Cleopatra Records. The Hawkwind, Friends and Relations series of albums was released in the early s containing live and studio performances by Hawkwind and related. The saddest moment of our friendship was the death of Jason [Stuart], Hawkwind's keyboard player [from a brain haemorrhage, in ].

hawkwind friends and relationship

Where this new strain had come from was a mystery for a while. Somewhere insomething happened on the UK Hawkwind fan site. Known amongst themselves as Hawknerds, the site began to show some troubling signs. Beheadings, Hangings, stonings were all mentioned.

HAWKWIND Friends & Relations Vol. 3 reviews

What the hell were these people talking about? But moderators either tacitly or actively approved of this misbehavior.

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Posts by current members of the band fueled the fires and opinions got very heated. A strong cadre of members were increasingly vociferous about their opinions of Nik Turner.

And in sharing these opinions, they were not shy.

hawkwind friends and relationship

Like a child in a divorce, they were told to take sides, and poisoned by…. You like Nik Turner?


You are banned from the site. Did you have your own site? When faced with logic or asked questions logically-they descended into name calling, attacks and bans.

This happened on the UK site where many US fans questioning the double cancellation were just muted and sent away.

hawkwind friends and relationship

They orchestrated a concerted effort to suppress and censor any information on the internet about the Hawkwind failed tour, and shifted all blame on Nik, by any means possible. Why would they say this? Why would they intentionally divide a fan base that was such a global family?

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Hawkwind had a tour of America booked in fall Three days before the tour was to commence, they canceled the whole thing. Dave Brock had been stricken ill over stress by the fact that Nik was suing to use the Hawkwind name in America, and was unable to tour. Whether this was the idea of Nik or Cleopatra Records is to be determined. But given this excuse, people were sad and regrouped. Online,the complaints were solidified. Ignoring the fact that all US and Canadian fans know the difference, and would attend both bands no matter what, the claim of a single Hawkwind was a rallying cry to many UK fans.

A larger problem developed in the spring. When mentioning visas and airfare, the explanation gets into a twilight zone of logic. People started to doubt this story, and by proxy, the October story. Was there something else out there that kept them from coming?

Certainly not a real excuse. Another troubling question was: Were Hawkwind legally prevented from coming to North America by the legal kerfuffle? Yet this was to change. No longer the bleeps and bloops of rudimentary audio generators, wah wah peddles and ring modulators: Hawkwind were straying into the dubious realms of symphonic prog rock. No longer the glaze-eyed riffing, the furious headlong rush toward an unknown destination; the song boldly signposts that Hawkwind have reached new heights of compositional sophistication.

The music and personal duality within the band was clearly something Dave Brock was aware of, remarking of Lemmy in a rather bitchy Melody Maker interview from Likes to pose a lot. Simon House is the complete opposite, man. A very quiet boy. With the cursory influences of composers such as Stockhausen, along with a smattering of popular psychedelia, their core sound is arguably born out of the interconnected influences of their penchant for onstage improvisation, the peculiar personalities in each constituent member, and their enthusiastic drug use.

By however, these elements were beginning to crystallise and become more separate.

hawkwind friends and relationship

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hawkwind friends and relationship

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