Hatsue and kabuto relationship goals

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hatsue and kabuto relationship goals

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The others opted to challenge her when Tsunade ordered them to leave her be. She walked as far as the stairs when she came upon a familiar face, Uchiha Itachi, and the frustration bubbling up in the pit of her stomach disintegrated. She had forgotten he was scheduled to appear at the facility, summoned by Orochimaru to further test his dead human-turning-demon theories, like she had forgotten the last time she had seen him.

She had heard of him attempting to see Sasuke at the facility, but Sasuke never wanted to see him, still determined to believe his brother had sold them out the day they had been captured. Itachi's eyes fell to her arm. She felt the damage slowly beginning to repair itself.

The news here spreads fast. They shared a terse smile and aligned their pace as they begun to walk together even though it had seemed as though he should have gone towards Orochimaru's office up the next flight of stairs.

What do you think? Shouldn't I go on and be free? You are capable of things that are foreign to Sasuke, so your presence here is not entirely useless. If it hadn't been for Sasuke selling himself and two other demons out and Kabuto's interest in my salvation, I would still be down there hibernating until someone remembered and dug me out.

Other demons, no matter how strong, sought out the mizuchi for their wish-granting abilities. Your race singularly governed the skies and you brought balance to Otherworld as its reapers. Every other creature that dwelled in Otherworld is of your creation. She didn't know any history of Otherworld apart from being an Unwanted demon that would be extinct if she and Sasuke died. They were old names despite the Kikushita family gaining prominence as a political one after several of her family members served in office up until her father refused to continue the legacy.

Honestly speaking, Hatsue might have wanted the opportunity to exploit her father's political influence if he had and a little selfish part of her had resented him taking the businessman route.

She wondered if scandal hadn't tarnished their name and if he had obeyed his father and gone on to become a member of Diet, would she have been working all those part-time jobs to support the household and sisters with her parents or would she still have had to work for the sake of gaining experience? She wondered if they would have kept their amassed fortune and that large house with the huge backyard.

More importantly, would she be here? Instead, everyone opted to leave with the hope the demon race they chased out no longer existed in the Human World," he finished. Only after watching him leave did she realize she forgot to ask how the story tied in with his argument that she was still relevant to the facility despite their efforts to get rid of her.

Hatsue didn't return to Block C. As soon as she made her way towards it, more uncomfortable than she had ever been before, she was redirected to a new room in an area called Section E of the West Wing, Room 3. It was a spacious place limited to two windows overlooking the rowan-infested courtyard and the main building with a small bathroom complete with a shower, sink, and toilet.

There was a cushioned bench at the end of the large bed that looked too good to only be hers. She stared at the neatly arranged sheets and pillows before going up to the bed, reaching to touch the liquid soft fabrics and feathered cushions. She looked around the entire room, searching for the surveillance system. Once she was certain she discovered everything, she started to think of ways to deactivate them, but everything she thought up felt too hard to accomplish, so she decided to wait.

When Sasuke showed up, she would make him do it because she planned to sleep without everyone watching her do it. The door opened and Naruto was pushed inside. He stared at her in exasperation when the entrance shut noisily and the lock clicked. I thought I was either going to get Hinata or—who am I kidding?

I was expecting Sasuke. Sasuke, Ino, and the Namazu are together in the bigger room. We need to get into that big room. You are going to start by ruining the surveillance system, she told him. My back has been killing me. I called dibs on the bed.

He winced when she rested her palm against his scalp. After a while, she grew accustomed to the ache. A lot of energy is pouring out of it. Most of it is bad. Hinata, Ino, and Kiba's families all went up there and as far as they know, they probably won't be coming back out like Jiraiya.

I think the namazu does too…he just doesn't want to say anything because he's been captured. Didn't she have a conversation with a different explanation a while ago? It's an inheritance thing that skipped a lot of generations to get to you. All the bad energy from the seam was like a catalyst for you to make the transition. It should have hit you quicker, but I think our Equilibrium bond suppressed it.

She had been so terrified. The bond didn't do anything. There were so many mutants surfacing after that, so they blamed you both. The technician spent around two hours removing the entire system to take it with him for extensive repairs and they were finally left alone with the promise to be moved as soon as sunrise.

They were guaranteed seventeen hours of privacy, which left them staring at one another awkwardly. Naruto tried keeping his eyes off her by staring at the schedules brought to them.

Some of these are ridiculous. Why do we only get a five minute shower? She still didn't understand the short shower and it remained a reason the demurses hated her. They liked to stay on schedule.

He's really good with schedules. This is shitty service. That had been the day she started to abide by the schedules. Of course, she had a number of mishaps throughout the years, and each more embarrassing that the last. The blond woman leaned in, smiling from ear to ear. I mean, you haven't been with him in like forever. At the same time, she thought it was rich coming from Ino when the last thing she remembered her doing was having a doomsday meeting with Sakura in a restaurant at the sight of her and the fact that she needed to stay away from Naruto.

It only helped to make her anxiety worse. She definitely could see how stupid that sentence sounded put together and regretted uttering it all the way back to her room. Hatsue was nervously scratching her stomach raw as she sat in the middle of the comfortable mattress reminding herself to breathe every few seconds.

Naruto lounge across the mattress in front of her, elbow propped up to hold his head up, and yawning. Stop scratching," he berated. Hatsue excitedly slipped under the blankets. She felt the mattress shift and her body moving with it until Naruto's shadow fell across hers and her heart panicked. He dropped down beside her, arm wound around her over the thick blankets.

He buried his nose into her hair and she felt a chill as he dispelled a breath that danced down her nape.

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Even though, for a moment, it felt like Equilibrium, it wasn't. When he kissed the back of her head, she winced in pain. Increasing discomfort assaulted her as she came to in the middle of the night. Naruto was wrapped around her like a boa constrictor on a branch and he managed to strip her of all the blankets that had kept her from feeling the aches of their broken bond. He was mumbling under his breath against her ear, nonsense mostly, but what she did understand came with a name.

It was hers…and he showered it with compliments. She pried his arm off her and carefully rolled him off her body, taking in several deep breaths before she felt better.

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She glanced at him, sleeping soundly, and she pulled his arm away from his body to rest her head on his chest. He grumbled in complaint, but didn't stir. She dragged the blankets over both of them and wrapped an arm around him.

She acclimated to the pain in time to catch another wave of sleep. Sometime later, she woke again to half of Naruto's weight on her. She came to terms with the fact that she wouldn't be sleeping well that night and resigned herself to it. Ino approached her the following morning with a teasing grin and an arsenal of potent comments meant to embarrass her for the rest of her life.

Back to your corner. Once it subsided, she accompanied Hatsue to a seat on the other side of the large room. After a small breakfast, everyone was escorted into a different room—Block G—with higher ceilings and doubly reinforced walls with technology fueled by dragon blood magic. Hinata was quick to join them, leaving the men to be suspicious in their own corner as they all waited for the dread she felt coming.

Do you know how ridiculous that schedule is? Five minute showers, can you believe it? It's like a crack in the surface. Ino was a Sage specialized in Equilibrium bonds.

Tsunade would have an absolute field day. I would have actually listened to you," Hatsue admitted. He tried to smother me throughout the night. You act as if I enjoy dying. It's unpleasant all the time and it's never not messy.

hatsue and kabuto relationship goals

The last time I died, I had a stick of iron running through my chest. I literally bled out completely before dying. And then, I was stuffed into a freezer where I proceeded to stay dead. You're not immortal yet! Everyone else knows," Naruto informed her. I figured out a way to get us out, Sasuke begun. At her incredulous expression and mental scoff, he grimaced before proceeding to elaborate. Oh, that's a relief.

So, what's this genius plan? Naruto told you about the issue with the Otherworld seam, right? Hatsue looked at Naruto as the surrounding group started up a conversation to camouflage their secret exchange. He may have mentioned it, she replied casually. Whether we raise the issue or not won't matter with the amount of data Ino's family collected about the activity going on at the seam.

Whole families of ancient demons have lost their protection to the seam. We lost the protection placed on us and ended up here. Hundreds of mutants emerged from it as hundreds of pureblooded demons have been captured because of it. I honestly don't see what the problem is or how this fits into your genius plan to escape, Hatsue remarked.

Stay quiet and listen. Sasuke didn't need to strangle her. He was doing it just fine with all that negativity he kept putting out. The reason the seam is a problem is because it was opened and every year since you came into your demon inheritance, it has continued opening until it began affecting life for all the demon families that had escaped it, Sasuke surmised. Have you any idea why demons left Otherworld?

Hatsue's conversation with Itachi came to mind. He mentioned learning that Otherworld was uninhabitable. It's a dead world. Hatsue decided not to explore her feelings about that morsel of information. Sasuke and Naruto nodded. How does this fit into your master plan? If we bring attention to the fact that in a matter of months the seam will open completely and kill us all, the facility might think us capable of putting an end to this. You know, suicide mission was not in the job description, so I'm going to respectfully decline.

Ino, Hinata, and Kiba's family were all fighting to stop it from happening. The fact that they aren't back and the world is still ending means something happened to them,' Naruto started. There will be restraints, but it won't be something we can't get rid of down the road. But this involves actually going in there and saving the world and the last time I checked, I was a coward.

So this heroism stuff is really putting me out. Hatsue rubbed her arms in exaggeration. But let's say we do go on this magical excursion to stop Otherworld from dragging Humanworld to extinction and it doesn't work out. What if the world ends anyways? You are the only medium kitsune-class demons can use to form a communication network.

I'm going to start charging monthly fees if you want to use me as a telephone service. Sasuke folded his arms over his chest as Hatsue stared up at him determined to decline the mission as a whole. If she was going to die and they were going to be free, she would do it with her family.

I will pay you a hundred grand. Naruto faced him, incredulous. Hatsue clasped her together, happily joining in the conversation. Why would you give her that kind of money? Hatsue is the linchpin in our survival. The doors swished open. Orochimaru and Kabuto came in flanked by the usual oni mutants. She didn't like the way Orochimaru surveyed the crop of demons in front of him before gesturing to a female oni demon carrying a metal case.

Naruto, connect me to Ino. Not a second later, did his confirmation echo back in her head. Ino, make yourself scarce. You don't want whatever is in that syringe. When the doors slid shut, she was pulled aside from the group by Kabuto as an oni mutant led everyone else through a door off the side of Block G that would lead to the protected room where they would be able to see what ensued below.

Hatsue opened her mouth to demand answers, when her arms were seized. She tried to pull her arms from the vise-like hold of the female oni and looked to Kabuto in outrage as he calmly procured a bottle of strange liquid. He glimpsed at the four holding her. Her actions brought her pain from every bone the mutants broke in the hope of subjugating her, the pain doubled with the flow of their amusement.

Even then, she refused to open her mouth to drink until in a fit of impatience, Kabuto ordered for her jaw to be dislocated and she finally fell, aching all over and humiliated. The cold liquid slid down her throat, leaving behind a blaze of ice in its wake that took immediate hold of her.

She stared up at the threatening faces above her hazily; the concoction dulled her senses before spreading across her muscles to freeze them. She couldn't see past a certain distance or feel anything other than the sleek ground moving underneath her back as her body was dragged as far from Block G as possible. Hatsue clung to consciousness, hoping to stay awake long enough to come to some form of understanding.

She followed it to find Sakura looking upon the mutants and Kabuto in disgust. She didn't know how anything worked around in the facility. She probably thought she knew exactly what kind of environment she was entering, perhaps believing she would be able to stomach the horrible treatment the demons were going to endure. Hatsue felt a twinge of regret mixed in the maelstrom of emotions in Sakura. Their new geneticist never thought through how difficult it would be to watch her classmates be treated like monsters, broken for the pursuit of knowledge.

Hatsue noticed another figure standing beside the pink-haired geneticist. Staring blankly at her, he stood, Sasuke's brother, another scientist employed by the facility. She spoke to him yesterday. Except, that exchange felt as if it had happened forever ago and she knew the drug finally entered her bloodstream because fighting off the sleep was turning into an impossible battle.

Sakura said something in rebuttal, but the words came to her ears as a horde of gibberish. Too much inscrutable yammering. Hatsue never thought she would see the day when Haruno Sakura was standing up for her. Not after she overheard that conversation she had had with Ino that inevitably led to her return into the facility. She thought she was the dragon to this woman's princess in the tower. That is all," Kabuto replied. She wanted to speak out against the experiment occurring in Block G.

A test of strength? Had they not seen enough when she stole away all of Naruto's excess energy? It had been poison.

hatsue and kabuto relationship goals

That was what Sasuke would be expecting if he wasn't careful about his life-snatching ability. She found herself restless and worried and thought it impossible to sleep. A loud cracking sound reached her ears, like a whip hitting its target and snapping back, followed by a surge of energy. And suddenly, Hatsue was running. She was racing down a staircase. Her contracting muscles were throbbing with every step. She carried her body's weight as if it were foreign.

She felt strange, but she pushed that thought from her mind in her haste. Hatsue almost ran straight for Kabuto, who froze in shock. Glancing over his shoulder, she spotted the four mutants that had finished holding her body down earlier and between them she saw her broken body being dragged up the staircase. She stared back at everyone that looked up to her as if she were a vengeful ghost brandishing her scythe to kill them all.

She didn't understand exactly what was happening, but she kept the information to herself. He set the example for the others who unceremoniously dropped her body so it slid like a hunk of dead meat down two stairs. Kugimiya and Hino's roles are subverted as, respectively, Kagura and her homicidal brother Kamui in Gintama And then they have a weird one when both of them voice the male and female forms of Phantasos. Masakazu Morita and Fumiko Orikasa often play as friends or even love interests.

Speaking of Morita, he is also often cast with Junichi Suwabe. This doesn't stop fans from pairing their SEED Destiny characters, though, despite the fact they never even met on screen. Also noted that Fukuyama's side is usually backed by a character played by Hikaru Midorikawa Li Xingke and Judas, respectively.

A case of working together between Fukuyama and Midorikawa minus Wakamoto can also be seen in Gravionwhereas Fukuyama is Touga, while Midorikawa is Raven. While we're on the subject of Wakamoto Norio, expect George Nakata not to be too far behind.

Also, not so much of a relation, but Nakata voiced Dracula in Castlevania: Judgmentreplacing Wakamoto, his usual voice. And back to Midorikawa and Fukuyama: Marth and Royanyone?

Back to Fukuyama and Wakamoto, one-shot example: Final Fantasy where they play the following: Onion KnightChaos, Firionand Cloud. Not that they do this often, but Toshiyuki Morikawa and Yuko Mizutani are famously known for their relationship as Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning. Overall, this just made Morikawa's reaction towards Mizutani's death in all around heart-breaking Some of the Rival Schools cast is actually a revisit from GaoGaiGar.

Miki Narahashi plays an Eagleland character in both series Swan and Tiffany as well. Gundam 00 revisits and reverses the Kingdom Hearts main cast.