Hamish and andy relationship insurance

hamish and andy relationship insurance

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee formed a comedy duo in and today host the 4- 7pm drive-time slot on radio 2DayFM. Their television. Australia calls up with stories on when they've kept some insurance for when the whole thing falls apart - We're looking at you K-'I'm trying to palm off a sex. PICTURED: The Hamish and Andy True Story segment that was so disgusting it was The episode that almost didn't air: Andy Lee and Hamish. . Cars Plummeting In ValueSmart Car Coverage - Auto Insurance Quotes Liev Schreiber will reconcile' - more than two years after ending their relationship.

All this, from a few Facebook shout-outs. Last year, Blake and Lee asked fans to share their most "surprising, funny or amazing" stories. Most assumed they were auditioning for a radio segment. Instead, they'll star in a prime-time Channel Nine show.

With the added thrill of seeing Kat Stewart, Rob Sitch and other big names act out their tales. Craig McLachlan, right, guest stars in True Story. To make True Story work, Blake and Lee begin each interview in a state of wilful ignorance.

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Not out of laziness — but to ensure their responses, on camera, are fresh. Maybe we won't ask them the right question. Primary teacher Emidio Boto, centre, reveals how an year-old rorted his unique punishment system. Nine "The temptation was definitely there; to [research] each story beforehand. We're building sets and employing an office full of people. Of course you want to check you're not doing it all for nothing! The cost of already knowing is a loss of authenticity.

Nine Channel Nine would be rapt if we spent all their money making 10 elaborate home videos. By keeping secrets off air, they elicit genuine reactions from each other while broadcasting.

Extending this approach to strangers, however, requires skill. And a few trusted researchers. Fortunately, Blake and Lee go way back with Tim Bartley the series' executive producer and Ryan Shelton co-creator, writer and producer. Nine "Even if no one watches the people who participate will end up with a great home video," Lee says.

hamish and andy relationship insurance

Yet it's almost certain they'll draw a big audience. They made it to the Daintree five-and-a-half days after leaving Melbourne and, on their breakdown-plagued return, the RACV offered to fly them home. Four years on, they can still make the story funny, and it's easy to imagine tow-truck drivers responding to their improbable quest.

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With low expectations and no venue costs, they could hardly lose. The first night we got 49 so we thought, well, tomorrow night we only need We were on for five nights. The next night there were 60 or 70, thenthen and then people.

It was just word of mouth," Lee says. It's not clear at what point they realised they could make a career out of comedy and certainly neither came from a performing family. Lee's parents were primary school teachers and Blake's father was a farmer and his mother worked in PR. But starting young, as they did, they had nothing to lose and certainly no careers to jeopardise.

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And with the "why not? As Lee tells it: In FebruaryRadio Karate won an "Antenna" for best comedy program at the inaugural national community television awards. One month later, it looked as though their careers were made when they were given a national comedy program with Channel 7. A group of comedy writers, including I'm Spartacus's Guy Rundle, had seen Radio Karate and recognised the pair's potential. They began work with Channel 7 on the day Lee finished his last exam at Melbourne Uni.

Unfortunately, The Hamish and Andy Show, which aired on Channel 7 in Marchwas a ratings disaster, with reviewers acknowledging their talent but describing the show as "poorly structured". It was axed after only two weeks. Lee says its demise was no surprise.

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And then it became The Hamish and Andy Show. Everyone says, 'Oh, you must have been devastated when it ended', but we weren't. In earlyin a now-firming pattern of "work hard, win prize, become noticed", they won yet another award and received yet another high-level approach.

They had made a short mockumentary called The Greystoneabout a couple who failed to read the fine print on a housing purchase and ended up buying an open display home, which won the Melbourne Comedy Festival Short Film competition and was spotted by Rove McManus. Do you want to come in and talk? The "talk" led to small spots on Rove Live while McManus's company, Roving Enterprises, helped them develop Real Stories, their mock current affairs show that aired last year on Channel Real Stories was a "passion project" that took over their lives.

They were also filling in at Fox FM on breakfast radio; once they'd finished their shift, they'd go and edit Real Stories. It was like keeping balls in the air at once. That Lee was anointed Cleo's Bachelor of the Year mid year but finished the summer dating Gale didn't hurt their profile either, although Lee is now facing the frustration of getting more publicity as a man about town than for his work. He lamented at the time of his Cleo crowning that he and Blake had slaved over Real Stories and their radio program but no one cared.

I've done absolutely nothing for this, but somehow it's more of a story than two years of work. Roving Enterprises and Austereo both had a similar philosophy: Fox FM gave them three summers of preparation, filling in for holidaying stars, and then removed Judith Lucy for them.

Lucy turned her sacking into a successful stage show filled with lurid tales of mad management ideas for tasteless stunts. Lee is diplomatic about the episode, managing a deft two-step to affirm Lucy, while still acknowledging Fox management's support.

Every day, we go 'We want to do this' and they say 'How can we make it happen? But when other year-olds are at the St Kilda Festival, so are they. When U2 comes to town they, like many of their listeners, go and see them. Blake shares a house with two friends in St Kilda and Lee shares with a mate, "Horgs", in the city. Their friends and lives all provide radio fodder.

Lee's housemate comes in for a regular slagging for his "issues" with hygiene; Lee's mother rings in to castigate her son for things she regards as "not clever".

hamish and andy relationship insurance

Blake's relationship with year-old girlfriend Anna Jennings-Edquist provides a lot of on-air reflections of the "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" variety. This collegiate and familial air that Blake and Lee cultivate on The Hamish and Andy Show might be a counterbalance to the exposure they face every day.

That's a slightly bigger risk to run, just for your own mental well-being. They are regular guests on the popular ABC program Spicks and Specks and host Adam Hills says they are now part of the show's "extended family". Thirty-six-year-old Hills says his generation was the first to realise that comedy could be a viable career but Blake and Lee are a generation younger again and have managed to build a broader-based career much earlier.

We asked him, and the nature of youth is to be fearless, so he just said yes. Not only was that news, Hamish had bet on him winning at He'd put on a few large.