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Check out 16 people who slept with Green Lantern! Though they had their share of problems, when she was killed, Guy Gardner When it comes to Hal Jordan, his longest relationship has been with Carol Ferris, who first. Character» Hal Jordan appears in issues. Arisia is cool and hot, but Carol's Star Sapphire act is a much more compelling plot Hal may not be my favorite Green Lantern, but I don't want him to be a pedophile. one another, but can't get a grasp of how to approach their confused relationship. Was she his ex-girlfriend? In this iteration, Yes. This Star Sapphire is the Carol Ferris version and her relationship both as Carol and when.

This Star Sapphire is the Carol Ferris version and her relationship both as Carol and when inhabited by the Star Sapphire personality is erm In the DCAU DC Comics has featured a series of women to bear the name Star Sapphire, each of whom is a mortal woman chosen by the Zamarons, the immortal female counterparts of the Guardians of the Universe, to be their queen and wield the crystal weapon.

The Star Sapphires are thus a sort of inversion of the Green Lantern Corps, who are chosen by the also-immortal Guardians. According to the producers of the series, the animated Star Sapphire is based on Ferris.

Wikia Wikipedia has more In her role as Star Sapphire, Ferris has been active as both a supervillain and, more recently, as a superhero. As Ferris Aircraft's Vice President, Carol Ferris, the only child of aerospace mogul Carl Ferris and his wife Christine, hired Hal Jordan and quickly found herself attracted to the fearless test pilot, who was secretly the superhero Green Lantern.

With her physical body now as an adult woman, Hal was free to pursue her, and did. The two of them had a very physical relationship until she lost her ring and the stress led him to turn on her.

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They finally broke up and have stayed friends, but never got back together, even though it was revealed that her tragic death was only temporary. When they raced to stop the Joker from blowing up bombs all over Las Vegas, Stewart admitted he had fallen for her. Even though she resisted because they were different species, Hawkgirl eventually gave in. Hawkgirl and John Stewart seemed happy, but that all changed when the series finale revealed she had been sent from her home planet of Thanagar to weaken Earth for invasion.

Even though she tried to make up for it by changing sides, the League no longer trusted her and that included Stewart. Born with her power of the Starheart as part of her body, Jade could create green constructs without a ring or lantern. Jade and Kyle Rayner made a hot couple until she lost her power, leaving her devastated until she was able to join the Green Lantern Corps. During a battle, her power of the Starheart was restored by Kyle using his power as Ion, but she ended her relationship with Rayner when they returned to Earth.

Her death later on was devastating to him, though it did give him back his all-powerful Ion energies for a time. She was often partnered with her friend Fire whose flame powers and hot temper meshed well with her quiet and shy personality. Hal kept John Stewart Katma's husband from killing Carol, straining their friendship in the process.

In the third Green Lantern series, the nature of the Predator entity was retconned as being a parasite creature from the planet Maltus and that the entity had corrupted Carol and was responsible for making her murder Katma. The Green Lantern Corps purged Carol of the entity, saving her life in the process. But her time under the creature's control, along with the destruction of Coast City and the discovery that her father had faked her mother's death putting her into a mental institution, which she escaped from after Coast City was destroyedcaused Carol to reject a distraught Hal Jordan.

Instead, Carol opted to stay with her mother and find her own path. However, Carol would not be gone from the world of super-heroism for long. She became the administrator of Extreme Justice 's Mount Thunder facility. Furthermore, it was revealed that Star Sapphire was not Carol transformed as had previously been believed, but some sort of energy-based being who inhabited Carol's body.

Shortly after giving birth to their child, Neron appeared and offered to purge her of these two entities. Carol agreed, and then watched as the now separate entities Predator and Star Sapphire were killed by Neron, who departed with their baby in his arms.

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Extreme Justice Ultimately though, the events of Infinite Crisis effectively wiped out the above-mentioned stories. Blackest Night 1 established that in an untold story, Carol became free of the Star Sapphire persona sometime before Katma Tui's death. However, the Sapphire had found a new, unnamed host, and that it was this new Star Sapphire that murdered Katma Tui.

Furthermore, much of the Predator's backstory was changed as "the Predator" was re-introduced as one of the manifestations in the emotional spectrum; the living embodiment of love. The entity was held by the Zamarons on their home world [7] until freed during Sinestro 's liberation of his Yellow Lanterns during the — " Blackest Night " storyline. He makes himself visible and tells Carol he is going to help her, but that she will not remember his visit.

He reaches into Carol and pulls out the Star Sapphire gem, which causes Star Sapphire herself to re-emerge it appeared she was previously killed by Neron, but somehow a part of her survived in Carol. The Spectre detains Star Sapphire and puts her back into the gem. He hands the gem to Carol and lets her finish the job, which she does essentially finally killing the Star Sapphire persona that would take control of herand starts feeling much better.

Rebirth 6, Hal and Carol finally come to terms with their relationship. In Northern California at Ferris Aircraft, Carol Ferris is reminiscing over her former life when a mysterious power revitalises and reforms the abandoned, condemned fields. Hal Jordan, using his powers as the Spectre, appears. She asks Hal whether he remembers anything from when he was the Spectre. Hal says he remembers it as if he were watching it from the outside. How Spectre thinks, and who he talked to beyond this life, Hal cannot recall.

Hal apologizes for everything Carol had to go through. Carol says she survived and that she is not going to sell the airbase.

She says that if Hal can rebuild his life, so can she, and that she is going to do so with her husband, Gil. Carol says that she can use a good pilot. Hal says that he appreciates the offer, but he has other plans. Return[ edit ] The Star Sapphire crystal briefly possesses Carol, before detecting that Hal Jordan had feelings for his fellow pilot, Jillian "Cowgirl" Pearlmanand leaves Carol's body.

She is seen wearing her original Star Sapphire costume, reciting the Corps' oath along with various other members of the Star Sapphires. Tales of the Corps miniseries sheds light on the exchange between Carol and the violet ring sent to her.

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The ring reveals that all those chosen to wield the violet light must accept it willingly this appears to overcome the controlling aspect of the violet light.

The ring tells Carol that she has a hole in her heart but Carol continues to deny it. The ring tells Carol that she has continually put aside her own happiness for the benefit of others.

Because she is capable of doing this, Carol could become the most powerful Star Sapphire in the universe and that the Zamarons recognized this and sent her the ring with the intention of having Carol lead the entire Star Sapphire army into battle alongside the Green Lantern Corps.

Carol still refuses to accept the ring, but the ring shows her a vision of the War of Light and indicates that Hal Jordan will not survive and tells her that by accepting the ring, she can save him. Still having feelings for Hal, Carol accepts and is called back to Zamaron by Queen Aga'po where Carol's army awaits to defend the planet from the approaching Sinestro Corps.

Then she takes on Sinestro who says that he has never held ill will toward Carol and wonders why she is doing this for a man who has never truly given his heart toward her.

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The two engage in a fight and are equally matched until Carol attempts to encase him in one of the brainwashing crystals that the Zamarons use to "recruit" new followers. Sinestro lashes out after witnessing a vision of Arin Sur, his former love, blasting Carol across the battlefield where she was subdued by two other Yellow Lanterns and Sinestro himself. However, before he could capitalise on the advantage, the Black Lanterns invade, led by Amon Surshocking both Carol and Sinestro.

The group escapes Zamaron moments before Black Lantern rings reanimated the bodies of the two beings whose love fueled the Star Sapphire's central power battery, devastating the planet in the process. For some reason, the loss of the Star Sapphire's power source did not seem to affect Carol's powers. Eventually, she deputizes Wonder Woman as a temporary Star Sapphire, due to her great ability to feel love, thus undoing Nekron's control of the Amazon. In an attempt to stop the Spectre, Hal releases Parallax's essence, deciding to join with him again to fight back.

Carol tries to stop Hal, but he refuses to be swayed. Carol kisses Hal, telling him "I love you", before Hal allows Parallax to possess him. She frees him from the Predator by kissing him.

After that, Carol and Hal are taken to Zamaron. The Queen gives her life to sustain the central power battery and gives her title to Carol Ferris. As she started an invasion on Zamaron with her manhawks, they are approached by Carol and the Predator. She then tells Hawkman the reason is that the couple have a great love, a greater love then she and Hal Jordan could ever have.

Guy Gardner later uses Carol's ring along with Atrocitus 's Red Lantern ring in order to remove Parallax from the central power battery. After Krona is killed by Hal, she reclaims the violet ring of the Zamarons. When Hal is stripped of his ring, she returns with him to Earth.

Carol offers Hal a job at Ferris Aircraft, but not as a pilot because of insurance issues.

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