Hailie mathers and eminem relationship with his daughters

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hailie mathers and eminem relationship with his daughters

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Scott has opened up about her relationship with her father and what she has in store for the future having graduated university. Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, rapper Eminem's daughter, is now old enough to We still knew about Hailie, though, because of the close relationship she has with . Eminem is famously protective of his daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers Alaina is Kim's sister Dawn's daughter from another relationship.

Doug Wintemute Even if you don't like Eminem's music, there's a good chance you know a lot about the man behind the music, Marshall Mathers. After all, he is one of the biggest-names in rap and one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. Eminem's been telling the world his story for decades, and people have listened. Over the years, fans have even grown to know about Eminem's family through his music. We've also learned about his biological daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers.

Yet, while plenty is known and shared about Hailie, little is known about Eminem's two other daughters, Whitney and Alaina. It's even possible that you're just now learning that Eminem had two other daughters. There are three of them.

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with his daughters

Though Alaina Marie Mathers, 25, and Whitney Scott Mathers, 16, don't get as much attention as Hailie in Eminem's music, they aren't totally absent from it either.

Still, the details of their lives aren't readily available, and there's a good reason for that. In fact, there are several good reasons why we don't hear a lot about them. It's kind of a long story YouTube While even casual fans know Hailie through Eminem's musicAlaina and Whitney are only known to a more exclusive group.

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with his daughters

One possible reason for this is that their stories are more complex. Alaina born Amanda is the daughter of Kim's twin sister, Dawn Scott. Due to Dawn's struggles with drugsEminem and Kim took Alaina in. Yeah, but he loves you, girl, and you better know it. Wow, guess you pretty much are, and Daddy's still here. Lainie, I'm talking to you too. Whitney Scott was born to Kim in when she was with Eric Hartter.

After all, Eminem began using Hailie in his lyrics very early on, before he ever adopted Alaina and before Whitney was even born. But Hailie's connection to Eminem's music goes deeper than that.

Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott Mathers, 23, is an Instagram sensation

After Eminem's first album, Infinite, flopped and he was fired from his cooking job, his fear of failing Hailie spurred him to new heights. If everything ended tomorrow, she's all that I have. This caring side of Eminem came through in his music and kept him from ever straying too far to the dark side. In many ways, Hailie became a usable device in his music — the light and love of his life. For his dedicated fans, Eminem could evoke very specific images and emotions through nothing more than Hailie's name.

Years later, he would simply tack Alaina and Whitney onto Hailie's function in his songs, combining them all into a three-headed metaphor. Eminem learned from his mistakes YouTube From the very beginning of his success, Eminem made Hailie a constant presence in his music. While her influence undoubtedly helped him thrive, there have been many drawbacks to sharing her with the public, drawbacks that might make him think twice before doing the same with his two newer daughters, Alaina and Whitney.

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with his daughters

In his song " Castle ," Eminem apologizes to Hailie by rapping, "I said your name but always tried to hide your face. This game is crazy. I wanted to claim my love for you but damn. I never knew it'd be like this. If I did, I wouldn't have done it.

You ain't asked for none of this s—. Now you're being punished? The rapper is so insistent that he keep his superstardom at bay in his children's lives that, when Hailie was named homecoming queen inhe watched quietly from a different room "because he didn't want to cause a scene," according to another parent.

Other rappers dissed Hailie YouTube Though it might seem like a stretch to suggest that Ja Rule had an impact on how Eminem goes about his work, it is plausible that the diss track " Loose Change " helped shape how much Eminem would involve Whitney and Alaina in his music moving forward. After all, this was the same year that Eminem adopted Alaina, and hearing Ja Rule publicly insult his daughter, Hailie, didn't go over lightly. In addition to a couple other diss tracks he made in response, Eminem addressed the feud and the Hailie insult in "Like Toy Soldiers" by rapping, "I heard him say Hailie's name on a song and I just lost it.

And she the prom queen. The king was fat, so congrats.

Hailie Mathers Opens Up About Relationship With Dad Eminem: ‘We Are Very Close’ | Music Times

I think your daughter just became a rat. Indirectly, Eminem put his Hailie in the line of fire by including her in his music.

News spoke with a rep for Eminem who said the account was a fake. She has a boyfriend In October ofHailie Mathers resurfaced on Instagram, and while her account remains unverified as of this writing, no one has come forward to dispute it like they did with the phony Twitter accounts in the past. So, assuming this is actually the real Hailie Scott's Instagram accountit has left fans with a few takeaways.

First, Hailie seems to have a boyfriend. On December 28th,she posted the above pic of herself with her strapping as yet unnamed beau with the caption, "Couldn't have asked for a better 21st birthday celebration or a better guy to have by my side. But there's also another love in Hailie's life… She has an adorable dog Since her Instagram debut, Hailie has posted a grand total of 22 times.

Her two most recent posts, as of this writing, are from March 23, when she celebrated National Puppy Day by sharing four photos of her adorable puppy, Lottie. The first post was a slideshow featuring the above pic and three more with the caption, "Happy nationalpuppyday from the sassiest pup around. In a graduation edition of her high school's newsletter, Hailie stated that her career plans were to go into psychology or entrepreneurship.

What you don't know about Hailie Mathers

Not long after starting college, she found her way to sorority row, where she's now a sister in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. She grew up in a profanity-free house As amazing as this is going to sound, the rapper who once put his daughter on a track about killing her mother and dumping her body in the ocean also maintained a "no swearing" policy in his house.

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During his interview on 60 Minuteswhen asked about whether he feels a responsibility for his music having a negative impact on kids, Eminem said, "I feel like it's your job to parent them. If you're the parent, be a parent.

Eminem's daughter is an Instagram star with M followers

You know what I mean? Like, I don't cuss. But this is music, this is my art, this is what I do. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly got blackballed for saying she was hot Rapper Machine Gun Kelly found himself forever on the outs with one of his heroes when he tweeted an ill-advised comment about a thenyear-old Hailie. During an interview on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning also via VibeKelly said, "Pictures of [Hailie] had came out, and I'm like, what, 20 years old, 21 at the time?

I said 'She's beautiful, but all respect due. Is there a year age gap where I'm a creep for that? I was 21, dawg.

Eminem cries for her daughter (Hailie Jade)

Certain people took it, and ran with it and hyped it up. Certain places, you won't even hear Machine Gun Kelly on. Certain things won't even happen. Look, a friend of mine said it best yesterday. They said 'Why do you care? You came into the industry blackballed. You already came in with everyone hating you. The bottom line is: After all, just a quick listen to some of his earlier work reveals he's a guy who tends to hold grudges.

Eminem credits his success to her Though Eminem has since become more apprehensive about talking about daughter Hailie Mathers in interviews, there was a time that he spoke about her a lot. In a Rolling Stone interview, the "Stan" rapper opened up about how difficult his tumultuous relationship with Kim had been on Hailie. He also said that he was an extremely attentive father, claiming, "In school, when they have plays, field trips, all that stuff, I don't miss them, even if I gotta deal with the craziness.

And the teachers are really good about telling the kids, 'When Hailie's dad comes in, he's Hailie's dad, Mr. It was reading month or something. She's always the driving force for me to like stay busy, stay focused and always been my number one reason for fear of failure.

I can't fail, I can't fail, because if I do, then… I can't be a failure. I can't have her grow up and not be able to say her dad succeeded… Truth is, she's all I got in this world, like really. If anything ended tomorrow, she's all that I have," he continued.

Mum's the word It's likely we will continue to know as little about Hailie Mathers in the future as we do now. In all his interviews, Eminem is hesitant to discuss his children or personal life. But we can possibly expect college graduation photos in the coming years. Until then, we know one thing's for sure — Daddy will be there watching and willing to give a helping hand, even with complicated homework he can't understand.

He told Rolling Stone Magazine the key to good parenting has been "just being there. If there's anything important going on, regardless of what it is, I'm there.