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Plot: It's been 10 years since Nam Soon ruined Heung Soo's dream of becoming a soccer player. Synopsis: Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin) is diagnosed with a terminal But he wasn't expecting that Go Nam Soon would decide to end his life. .. I have very strong, clear story goals, but they are tiny moments in time that . Soo). Love their relationship! Hahaha:) heung soo and nam soon is bff goals. Kim Woo Bin as Park Heung Soo & Lee Jong Suk as Go Nam. Their goal is graduation, not much else. “Park Heung-soo, what'll you do when Go Nam-soon transfers? .. And now that Nam-soon has his first shot at really mending that relationship beyond just righting wrongs, I can.

They agree to try and think of alternatives in the morning. The next day the students are starting to show the signs of all the academic pressure. Kang-joo calls Ha-kyung out to give her a chance to apologize, which you can imagine goes over as well as getting a porcupine to cuddle a balloon. Teacher Jo sits In-jae down to encourage her, knowing she feels let down by her students in the teaching evaluation. Teacher Jo asks ever so wisely: Avoid the enforcer till they graduate?

She remains defiant, so Yi-kyung reaches behind him and picks up a desk. Both Heung-soo and Nam-soon look up… but thankfully the teachers walk in just in time. In-jae orders him to put the desk down and takes Kyung-min out for a chat.

She asks her to be honest about what she wants, and Kyung-min is as bristly as ever, saying that what she wants is for In-jae to do nothing and to stop wasting her time in class. She has to do this all on her own. Kang-joo and Min-ki both agree to the debate competition, but neither is excited about it Min-ki is naturally bullied into it by Mom. But then the principal tells the teachers that they should send students who will go to Seoul U, who will put the award to better, or more prestigious use.

Before the teachers even have a chance to tell Kang-joo about the debate competition, she sees a notice posted for an internal competition where the winners will then be chosen to go compete.

Kang-joo pretends to be fine, but cries alone in the bathroom. In-jae and Se-chan are so busy that they forget to avoid Uhmforce, and he walks right into the office. He stops them mid-tip-toe like a pair of wayward teenagers. Nam-soon finds Kang-joo on her way out of the bathroom with teary eyes, and adorably tousles her hair like a little kid.

He gets a jab to the ribs for his trouble. Either Nam-soon or Heung-soo has to transfer. Oh no, why are you looking towards the door? Ack, Nam-soon is standing in the doorway, having brought the assignments to turn in. He looks over at In-jae and Se-chan with a stricken face.

'School 2013' Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo Opened Up to Each Other

Back to the office, where Nam-soon gets brought up to speed. He offers to transfer, and asks that they not tell Heung-soo about it.

But Kang-joo overhears the whole conversation from the hall. He sits alone up on the roof, letting out a long sigh as he takes in the view. Heung-soo complies in his surly way, and Nam-soon just shovels food into his mouth, barely holding back the river of tears. Arg, Go Nam-soon, why does everything you do break my heaaaaaaart? But he holds it together through lunch. Se-chan calls the boys out of class to go over their test results.

How is that even possible? Heung-soo does better—still terribly, but well enough that he could pass tests if he tried a little harder. That makes Nam-soon smile. He asks if Heung-soo could go to college, and Se-chan bursts that bubble right away.

Their goal is graduation, not much else. He throws down an entire ream of paper and tells them their punishment is to fill a sheet front and back for every single question they got wrong. Their twin looks of exasperation have become my favorite thing. Se-chan lets them suffer for about half a page, and then asks if they want an alternative way to fill their punishment.

They look up with crazy eyes of gimmeyespleaseohmygod. He takes them to the gym and twirls a basketball in front of them to embarrassing results. His offer is to count each point as a page, and the boys look at each other like they just won the lotto.

He says through tears that Jung-ho is a good guy. Yi-kyung says he understands, but it leaves Se-chan feeling unsettled about Jung-ho. They laugh and eat good-naturedly, when Ha-kyung walks in, perhaps wanting to make amends with Kang-joo. But she takes one look at them together and turns around.

School2013: Nam Soon & Heung Soo (AU/Crossover/HUMOR)

But he says that she can teach plenty with her level of abilities. At least some students have the grace to look abashed. After class, Ji-hoon stops In-jae to ask her whether she could step in again and appeal to Jung-ho, one more time.

She answers that this time Jung-ho has to make the decision for himself and come to school. She suggests that the friends try persuading him. But Ji-hoon sighs that they have no effect.

Even if he did want to come, Jung-ho needs an excuse—so what if she tries one more time? He and Yi-kyung will go with her to step in if needed. In any case, Jung-ho has no other friends aside from them. Se-chan is given the task of selecting two students to represent the school at an upcoming debate competition based on their essays. His choices are Kang-joo and Min-ki, who have differing responses: Who thought it was a good idea to make these two take a test offscreen for half the episode?

Se-chan collects their answer sheets and sends them along to study hall. She must be insisting he go, but he protests that none of his essays were written by him. AH, that explains his stricken expression whenever his papers are singled out. But Mom goes off on a tirade and he sighs heavily, defeated.

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Uhmforce pulls Se-chan aside and warns him about something in the school guidelines regarding violence. Whatever it is, Se-chan keeps this from In-jae, looking perturbed. Nam-soon seems willing to give Heung-soo his space, but when he sees Heung-soo heading for the gates and the team of gangsters heading in, he has to step in.

He calls Heung-soo with a trumped-up excuse that Uhmforce is looking for him, then heads out to face the gang.

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Nam-soon is grabbed by both arms the second he steps outside. Except… Heung-soo senses something wrong. So when Heung-soo heads back out, he catches a glimpse of Nam-soon being escorted into a van by the thugs. The two minions head to the pool hall, where Jung-ho is actually quite cutely excited to see Yi-kyung.

Ji-hoon passes along the message to pick up his cell phone, which Jung-ho dismisses in two seconds flat. He tries another tack, saying they should all graduate together, and Yi-kyung is being a whiny brat without Jung-ho around.

Plus, the students have quieted down in all their talk about jjang hierarchies. Before this bromance has a chance to heal, though, the gangsters return to the pool hall with their scapegoat in tow, ready for his beating. When instructed to call his buddy in to join him, Nam-soon puts down his bag and clenches his fists… and kneels.

The gang members all crowd around Nam-soon to get their kicks in while he just takes it, not fighting back. Jung-ho watches with a smirk on his face, though Ji-hoon shoots him a look. Jung-ho mutters at him in alarm—is he crazy? Jung-ho has no friends.

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Nam-soon barely has enough strength to keep upright, but he does muster the energy for a smile. After walking some way in silence, Heung-soo asks if Nam-soon took his beating for him. Will I be able to play soccer again? Heung-soo grabs his jacket. You should have just been there from the start.

You should have just stayed there. All I had besides soccer was you—and when soccer was gone and I wanted to die, you should have just been there, bastard. Finally she speaks up, saying that there was something she wanted to do in her last discussion class.