Glee rachel and brody relationship help

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glee rachel and brody relationship help

Glee never ceases to surprise me with its ability to go from the ridiculous to Brody & Rachel: Marina & The Diamonds' “How To Be A Heartbreaker” . I know it is a horrible relationship and HE LIE TO HER (remember the Santana could have gone Lima Heights Adjacent on Brody without Finn's help. Finn and Rachel were Glee's flagship couple but they never got the happy ending that fans expected. The main relationship between Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry took center stage. 17 He Does Not Support Her At NYADA This is ultimately what pushes her more towards Brody, and away from Finn. Rachel finally discovered the truth about her boyfriend Brody on the latest out that he was a male prostitute, she broke off their relationship.

Cassandra asks Rachel to show her what she prepared. Cassandra sits down, looking unsatisfied, but watches anyways. I Did It AgainRachel singing the solo while the others dance. A lot of sexy moves are included, tables used too. Cassandra continually watches unimpressed and a bit jealous. At the end of the performance, Rachel asks what Cassandra thinks and if she's ready to learn the tango.

Cassa ndra sharply replies, "Yeah, you can memorize the routine, so what?

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Cassandra says that Brody was incredible, Rachel was instead, "okay. When Cassandra tells Rachel the levels that are appropriate for Rachel's sex appeal, Rachel bursts out. Of all of us!

glee rachel and brody relationship help

Cassandra is speechless at this point, her devilish smile, wiped from her face. She orders for Rachel to get out of her class; and Rachel, shocked, storms out, Brody following her. Cassandra says "I'm working. Rachel says she felt like Cassandra was picking on her for no reason. Cassandra tells Rachel to stop talking. You lost it and you lashed out. Same as I did ten years ago.

Except, all it took for you to snap was a little honest feedback and excuse me, dance class. And you expect to make it on broadway? Where all there is is scrutiny and judgement? And what if someone taped you a little earlier? And posted it on the internet? You'd never get cast You have one chance You screw it up You're that crazy actress And why would anybody want to work with you?

Rachel looks disappointed and regretful as Cassandra lectures her. Rachel says Miss July was good and Cassandra said that she was great and asks Rachel to come closer. I want them to be ready While she says this, Rachel assists her as she does a few stretches. Cassandra says Rachel is not ready yet and if she had a choice, Cassandra wouldn't let Rachel back in class because she doesn't believe in second chances and she knows they don't exist.

Unfortunately for Cassandra, the school policy said that Rachel gets a warning. Rachel gives an expression of relief. Handwash all of them. Rachel nods, as she is dismissed, Cassandra calling her "Schwimmer" again and telling Rachel not to forget the hamper on the way out. It seems Cassandra and Rachel's relationship has lightened up a bit. During their walk down the line, they talk about Rachel's off-Broadway audition, and Cassandra can't help, but overhear as her other students dance.

After Rachel and Brody finish, Cassandra interrupts them and tells her that she is not tough enough. She tells her about her rough audition for the director, but Rachel insists she's ready for the opportunity. Rachel even tries to convince Cassandra to audition for one of the roles, to get her back in the game. When she wants more info, Kurt and Rachel give them a short backstory of how their exes are involved, but they still have several friends in it. When they tell her while she works out on the bar that it's on the coming weekend, Cassandra motivates them to go, telling them that it would be a great way to get closure something Kurt is needing morefor fun, Grease, friends, or high school.

When Rachel brings up the lack of money, Cassandra offers her JetBlue frequent flyer miles that she can't use after her Bloody Mary panic attack at 30 feet, resulting in the hospitalization of three flight attendants. She ends saying that she doesn't care what she does, but she's going to regret missing it.

During the dance, Cassandra sings about flirting with guys, already hinting she is attracted to Brody. At the end, they kiss on the piano. After Rachel has a breakdown from the musical, she runs to the washroom and calls Brody, but is caught off guard when Cassandra picks up.

When she asks for Brody, Cassandra tells her he's in the shower, and is unavailable. When Rachel doesn't quite understand, Cassandra immediately rubs it in her face, telling her how she spent the time with him and that he ended up at her place where she slept with him. Then she begins to insult Rachel directly, telling her that she needed a reality check and that she never left the game.

Cassandra continued for a couple of words until Rachel hung up on her. Glease When Rachel is explaining why she is angry at Brody for sleeping with Cassandra, she mentions that the two of them are mortal enemies. He later tells her that he is interested in her. At first, Rachel does not want to be with him, since she still sees herself as in a relationship with Finn.

She later decides to go on a date with Brody anyway, but they are interrupted by Finn. While Rachel is in the process of letting go of Finn, Brody sleeps with Rachel's arch-nemesis Cassandramaking Rachel very angry. They make up, however, and start spending more time together. Episodes Rachel and Brody meet for the first time when Brody leaves the shower completely nude while Rachel is in the bathroom at the same time.

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They have a chat and realize that they have a few things in common. When Rachel is nervous because she has to sing a song in front of the entire university, Brody encourages her so that her rendition of New York State of Mind goes well. Brody is the only one clapping when Rachel finishes her performance, but Carmen Tibideaux is also impressed. Sometime later, while Rachel is looking at a picture of FinnBrody interferes and tells her that her relationship is doomed, like when he broke up with his girlfriend six weeks after he came to NYADA.

Rachel says that she and Finn won't end up like that for she won't turn her back on him. Brody says that nobody says she should, but tells her she shouldn't dwell in the past and should look on shaping her future because she moved to New York and became this new and improved girl. Brody then takes her iPhone and snaps a picture of both of them and tells her to remember what he says. He then offers to walk her to class. The New Rachel Brody is working out on a park bench in New York when Rachel comes by him to ask him to help her with a "sexy" assignment after Cassandra July tells her that she is not "sexy enough" to dance the tango.

The two put on a very sexual performance of Britney Spears ' Oops! Brody comes to Rachel's defense by saying that she was great, but Cassandra claims that Brody was great and Rachel was "just okay", claiming that "Maria von Trapp, Willie Loman, and Shrek" were roles more suited for Rachel.

This angers Rachel and she tells Cassandra off, which gets her kicked out of the class. When Rachel is painting a heart around Finn's name back in her and Kurt 's new apartment, Brody stops by the loft to give her orchids and to reveal his feelings for her. However, just as he is about to kiss her, she pushes him away and he realizes that she is still in love with Finn. Brody tells her he'll respect her boundaries, but affirms that even when they are together during class, he will still be thinking about kissing her.

Later, during the Everytime montage, as Rachel dances with a boy instructed by Cassandra, Brody is seen outside the room, smiling and happy as Rachel gets to participate in class again.

Also, Rachel is seen painting over Finn's name, implying that she is ready to move on. Brody compliments her on her new makeover and reveals that he had a makeover, claiming that he was a "scrawny kid with a bad haircut and a unibrow". Brody once again tells Rachel that he likes her, which makes her smile bashfully.

They both sing while dancing around New York, taking pictures with Rachel's phone before ending up back in the NYADA dance studio where Brody tells her that she is amazing. Impulsively, Rachel asks him to come over so she can cook dinner for him. Later, Rachel is cooking dinner, but burns it accidentally. When Brody arrives, they have a pizza dinner instead, laughing at Rachel's shocking cooking skills. Their talk eventually comes to what they were like when they were young and secrets they haven't told anyone.

When Rachel mentions Finn, Brody reiterates that they are just friends, however a few seconds later, they are seen making out. A knock comes at the door, making Rachel laugh as she tells Brody that it's probably Kurt, forgetting his keys again. Rachel then opens the door revealing Finn standing there.

glee rachel and brody relationship help

Brody stands up and Finn looks at Rachel then Brody with sadness in his eyes and the episode ends. However, Rachel insists that they are just friends.

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Later, when Rachel and Finn go on a double date with Kurt and Blaine at the karaoke bar, CallbacksBrody runs into the foursome, providing an awkward situation. Finn then insists that Rachel and Brody should sing a duet together on the karaoke, to which they are hesitant, but ultimately agree.

After the date, Rachel admits that she and Brody kissed.

glee rachel and brody relationship help

She thought Finn wanted her to move on after their break-up, but this still upsets Finn leading them to sing Don't Speak. The Break-Up Cassandra starts off Dance by inviting upperclassmen, including Brody, to assist her in her class, and Brody and Rachel immediately pair off together. Rachel is excited to see him and informs him on her decision to audition for The Glass Menagerie. Cassandra interrupts their conversation and that ends their interaction for the episode, but not before Rachel makes arrangements with Brody to help her with her audition.

Rachel, instead of working with Brody as planned, leaves to see the McKinley High School production of Grease that is being directed by Finn and starring Blaine, with Kurt, at the encouragement of Cassandra. After getting emotional during the Grease production, Rachel calls Brody's phone which Cassandra answers and cruelly informs Rachel of her and Brody's affair and berates Rachel for being naive about Brody and her audition leaving Rachel devastated. Rachel chooses to leave McKinley, but not before being confronted by Finn who assumes she was crying over Brody.

Glease Rachel is in her dance class when Brody walks in taking Cassandra's place. Rachel then starts packing her stuff and tries to leave. When Brody confronts her, he sense the anger she's having. Rachel tells him that she is angry with the hook-up he had with Cassandra, but he defends himself saying he came onto her and that it was her who walked away from their plans for another guy.

He then grabs her for foxtrot partners. During the dance, Brody gives Rachel a reality check. He tells her that they are now adults and that involves making adult choices, and that he made herself unavailable and that people can't be mind readers. She fires back telling him that you don't need to be a mind reader to now that they are mortal enemies. However, Brody doesn't want to risk the friendship the two have developed and tells her that it won't happen again, which Rachel accepts.

He then changes topics entirely, asking if she is going back to Ohio for Thanksgiving.

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Rachel tells him about her plans with Kurt, and he finds that slightly depressing knowing her cooking. He tells her that he can't afford to go home, and invites himself over, but also offering to cook for them.

Rachel appears caught off-guard for a second, but then agrees to his request with a warm smile.