Glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret relationship of birthdays

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glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret relationship of birthdays

In her hands, she held a formal invitation to Rachel Berry's birthday party the following weekend. But after she joined Glee (even though she did so to keep an eye on Finn!), she came to .. Would she spill the secret?. A Secret Relationship Unlike Any Other. Quinn Fabray was dating Rachel Berry. Okay, so she wasn't actually dating Rachel, not like some. Rachel has given up - no cares about her anyway. Warning: Scenes of Bullying , Violence, Suicide Attempt, Depression, and Language. was a foreign thing to one Rachel Barbra Berry, no, it wasn't a foreign thing at all. She had hoped that this year they'd be back for her birthday this year but it looked.

But after she joined Glee even though she did so to keep an eye on Finn! They'd had their moments; moments were it would have been obviously easy for Rachel to fight back for all those years she'd humiliated her. But the other girl hadn't, she'd stayed sweet and supportive, assured Quinn that she had a friend that she could definitely count on when everyone else turned their backs on her.

They weren't friends, but Quinn liked her and she trusted her. More so than Santana and Brittany, who might have been her friends since they were young, but who'd blatantly avoided her since the news of her pregnancy came out.

And though Rachel was slightly pushy and socially awkward, Quinn liked her, and she wanted her to be happy as well. That didn't mean she was going to push Finn straight into her arms, though. Not with that baby on the way. Finn gave her that wounded puppy-dog look she'd really come to despise lately. Do I look that stupid to you? Plus, you have about a hundred unfinished assignments and you need to get them written this weekend.

If you wanna get good grades and get out of this town, you need to work for it, Finn! I'm not gonna be stuck here forever, even if we have a child! He wasn't even going to fight her on this. She couldn't believe him. What sort of guy was he? Someone who'd just let his girlfriend walk all over him? What kind of father was he going to be? Quinn groaned and pushed her chair back, before stomping out of the room, her invitation tugged in one hand. She slumped down in her tiny make-shift bedroom in the guest room, before unfolding the paper once more.

It was obviously printed out from the computer, it had tiny flags and flowers on the edges and a picture of the entire Glee Club at the bottom. Rachel had signed the paper in her tiny handwriting. It said, Hi Quinn.

Due to abrasive pushing from my two gay fathers, I feel the need to announce that since the following Saturday is my birthday, you are hereby invited to a small gathering at my house. I have invited the entirety of Glee Club and the party shall begin at We will share a healthy meal before attempting to amuse ourselves with several different forms of entertainment. I do not expect any gift of any form, only your presence is requested, since my fathers are happy that I for the first time in my life am apart of a group of people whom I can invite to a birthday party.

A simple text telling her to be where and at which time would have sufficed, but Rachel never did anything halfway. Of course these formal invitations would be the only way for her to go. And if Quinn knew Rachel just a little bit which she did, admittedlythen she knew that the house would be decorated to perfection on Saturday.

She did have an appointment with her OB-GYN on Saturday, and she was going to drive there herself in Carole Hudson's car, since Finn was forced to spend his weekend in his room, catching up on school work, and Carole was going out to lunch with her friends. Her appointment with the OB-GYN was at eleven o'clock, and though it was cutting it short, Quinn thought that she'd be able to make it to the Berry household by twelve thirty.

And for some weird reason, she actually did want to attend this thing. She rarely got out these days; she couldn't very well go to any of Puck or Santana's parties, and none of her other friends even spoke to her anymore. And it'd be a good way for her to bond with the other members of Glee Club, because she was sure that most of them would be at Rachel's birthday party as well. So she told Rachel the next day at school.

She met her in the hallway before homeroom and said to her that she'd be there. Rachel's face lit up in utter and complete joy as she excitedly clapped her hands, before starting to go on and on about the different kinds of entertainment she'd have prepared for them to do. Quinn barely listened, but instead let her eyes wander to Santana and Brittany, who were next to the blonde's locker, talking to each other, their faces mere inches apart. Cutting Rachel off in the middle of her ramble, Quinn excused herself and hurried down the hallway to her two best friends.

Santana stood up straighter as she approached them. Santana's face lit up in pure evil joy, and Quinn wasn't sure if she was going to like this. But the ducks aren't here this time a year. Santana told me so. She could not believe they were going to blow Rachel off on her birthday — her actual birthday. Sure, Rachel probably wouldn't mind too much that the two of them weren't there, but it was still incredibly rude to tell someone you're attending something, then not show up — completely intentional.

The pregnant girl stomped her foot. Don't you think that that's just kinda mean? And who wants to spend their Saturday celebrating Treasure Tail's 16th birthday? It's gonna be completely lame. Just because I'm in Glee Club now, doesn't mean it wanna huddle together after hours and sing karaoke together. She was not equipped to handle this. Not with her hormones and the entirely too sad reality that she really did have nothing better to do than attend Rachel's 16th birthday. But it's not like she'd deliberately try to hurt the diva the way Santana and Brittany were obviously trying to do if she'd had better things to do.

She just wished that she had better plans and could tell Rachel a firm 'no' beforehand. Turning around to face the two cheerleaders, Quinn placed her hands on her hips.

As a matter of fact, I am going, S. She knew that Finn, Santana and Brittany weren't going to attend, but she felt pretty certain that the rest of the club would show up to celebrate Rachel — even Puck.

He never said no to free food, and it might be kind of nice to hang out with him without Finn's presence lingering nearby as it always did at school. She took a seat next to Finn in class and tuned him out, much like she'd done Rachel in the hallway. Sure, the diva had said that she didn't expect a present of any sort, but that was what you did at birthday parties, wasn't it? She wanted to give Rachel something.

A new outfit entirely seemed like a pretty good idea to Quinn, but the problem was that she really didn't have any money. After her parents cut her off, she lived off of Finn and his mother and she felt really guilty about not bringing anything to the table. But how was she supposed to get money? No one wanted to hire a pregnant teenager with no experience.

And whatever Finn made at the lousy job he got, it went straight to doctor's bills and vitamins.

She didn't have any kind of money to spend on a birthday gift for Rachel. She'd have to come up with something that wouldn't cost her anything.

Plus, it'd be nice if the gift was actually something Rachel liked see, being pregnant really did make her consider other people more often! But what did Rachel like despite the obvious factors of Broadway and music? Quinn didn't know any Broadway, but she did know music. Maybe Rachel would be delighted to receive a gift consisting of music? The blonde girl smiled to herself. If the rest of the club was on-board, finding Rachel's present was going to be easy.

And if they weren't on-board, she'd just sing it herself, damnit. The former HBIC pulled her cell phone out beneath the table and quickly sent texts to the remaining seven members of Glee Club, asking them whether or not they had any plans for Rachel on her birthday.

Feeling truly satisfied with her work and her ideas, Quinn thought that she'd done a very good deed today. If Rachel had never had a birthday party before, she was going to make sure that the first one she had was a good one.

Man, she was so late! Rachel's birthday party had started two hours ago, and Quinn felt so bad. Not only for showing up late, but for not texting an excuse or apology. Under normal circumstances, she would have, but things had been hectic at her appointment and everything was delayed an hour and a half. And she felt bad, because once she finally arrived at the Berry household, the party would be started, and the others would have eaten, and she was very hungry right now.

She figured Rachel wouldn't mind if she snuck into the kitchen to get something out of the fridge. Heck, her fathers would probably make something for her. If they were anything like Rachel, they'd be the two kindest parents alive. And they'd have to be like Rachel, because why else would Rachel be like Rachel? Pausing at a red light, Quinn hoped that the others hadn't done the birthday song without her.

It had been her idea and she wanted to be a part of it. Kurt had been thrilled to hear about the idea, though he'd also assured her that he'd give Rachel a gift card to the mall, and he'd personally take her and upgrade her wardrobe — which really. No one would mind. Those animal sweaters and all that argyle?

Quinn was done with it. She'd been done with it since third grade. It was time Rachel got over it too. Though the blonde had to admit, that if anyone at McKinley could wear animal sweaters and somehow rock 'em?

It would be Rachel Berry. Puck had also been weirdly supported when she'd asked him to practise the song on his guitar for them. Before she talked to him, he'd even planned on going to the party, so it wasn't even like she had to force him to do it.

Though he never hid the fact that he found Rachel slightly annoying, he also hadn't ever hidden the fact that he found her hot. Which Quinn could, admittedly, agree he was kinda right about. Quinn turned the car and smiled to herself when she finally drove down the correct street.

It was a typical neighbourhood in Lima — every street looked the same, though this was the richer part of town. Not as rich as she'd been before her parents disowned her, but definitely richer than where she was staying with Finn now.

Quinn had never thought as Rachel as another of those rich girls, simply because she didn't act like it. But of course — her gay fathers were wealthy. When the pregnant girl drove up in front of what — she assumed — was the right house, she furrowed her brow in confusion.

Sure, there were small flags paving the way from the street up the path to the front porch steps, but there were no cars around. Except for what she assumed was her two fathers' cars. She couldn't see Puck's truck anywhere on this street, and not Kurt's or Mike's cars either. This confused the hell out of her. She parked the car against the curb nonetheless, and got out, grabbing her purse and huddling herself in her coat for the thirty second walk to the front door. There was snow everywhere, but it was removed from the pavement and the path, which she was thankful for.

Her tiny ballet flats wouldn't have made it two seconds in a pile of snow. Quinn scurried up to the front door and hurriedly poked the doorbell a couple of times. She couldn't wait to get inside. Hopefully Rachel had taken the cold weather into account and made them all some hot cocoa even if it would damage their vocal chords.

Quinn hoped that the diva figured that her own birthday would be an exception to her normal very extensive diet. When the front door opened, Quinn came face to face with a short man with glasses. This must be Rachel's Jewish father. She knew her other father was much taller and more buff, and she was quite happy that he hadn't opened the door to greet her.

The tiny man in front of her smiled at her. He tentatively took it and she took that as a sign to continue. I'm in Glee Club with Ru — with Rachel. I'm here for her birthday party? Looking around the place, she realised that it was oddly quiet.

Did I miss the entire party? This was the guy who scared off potential boyfriends, Quinn was sure of it. But she shook his hand nonetheless and introduced herself. Though he seemed somewhat happy, Quinn could tell from the look on Leroy's face, that something wasn't completely right. Quinn glanced towards the entrance, not knowing whether or not she dared to go in there.

She looked back to the couple in front of her and shifted awkwardly on her feet. No one showed up? Why — but how? Quinn felt her insides tighten as the sad reality settled in her head.

Rachel had been waiting for two hours for her guests, and no one had come. Quinn certainly didn't understand why because everyone but Finn had said that they wanted to attend, and she thought that that was just downright shitty of everyone. She didn't wanna have it, Leroy, she told us she didn't. And I just pushed and pushed and pushed her! And now our baby is sitting in there, heartbroken that her so-called friends treated her like this!

She smiled weakly at Leroy who tried to sustain Hiram's sobbing, and Quinn turned around to get the hell out of there. But instead of going for the front door to get to her car and get home, she did the only thing she could possibly do in this situation if she wanted to live with herself.

The Quinn she was before she got pregnant would have found this situation absolutely hilarious, but she wasn't that person anymore — far from. The only thing she could do in this situation was to go and find Rachel.

She knew that Rachel probably would have preferred if Tina or Artie or even Kurt or Mercedes had showed up, but she was as best as Rachel was going to get it. At least Rachel would know that someone actually cared that it was her birthday. Quinn didn't really care that much, but she knew it must suck to be stuck with your two parents on your 16th birthday.

And she wasn't going to let their team get away with this.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret relationship of birthdays

Not after everything Rachel had done for them. She was the reason they'd gotten as far as they had. She was the reason they were good enough to compete in Sectionals in a few weeks — and she was the sole reason that they were going to win and continue to Regionals. And it wasn't fair for them to treat her this way. It was inexcusable, and Quinn had a feeling that her pregnancy hormones would be taken to good use on Monday morning when she told them all off. The blonde girl made her way through the house, glancing into every room she passed, hoping to find the brunette diva in one of them, and finally, by the end of the hallway, she stepped right into a huge living room.

It was decorated beautifully.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret relationship of birthdays

There were balloons, flags and the radio was playing softly in the background. And by the decorated table that held drinks and candy in small bowls, sat Rachel, a party had slightly crooked on her head. She had her head in her hands, and Quinn could see small tear stains on her cheeks.

She was fingering a tiny flag, waving it back and forth, while mumbling the chorus to Happy Birthday to You beneath her breath. She looked so sad, it broke Quinn's heart. Stepping fully into the room, Quinn cradled her tiny baby bump again and cleared her throat. The diva's head immediately shot up, and as soon as their eyes met, Rachel's face lit up in that gorgeous smile she usually only wore when she was singing.

Her brown eyes looked confused for a second, before she pushed her chair back and stood up, rubbing her cheeks rapidly. Quinn crossed the floor and stopped in front of her, on the other side of the table.

She didn't know what to say, so what came out was pretty stupid. I know Finn couldn't come, he told me so. But Santana and Brittany said they'd be here, instead they went to the library and informed everyone via Facebook that they had, and I quote, nothing fucking better to do, especially not attend RuPaul's birthday party.

She never thought she'd face the day, but she felt hurt on behalf of Rachel. Not even in the pitying kind of way. She was truly hurt on her behalf. Rachel really didn't have many friends, did she? The singer offered her a weak smile. Their hate for me. No one likes me, Quinn.

They all tolerate me because I'm the only way we can win at Sectionals. But they didn't wanna come. If they didn't wanna come, why didn't they just say so? I wouldn't have wasted my breath trying to do this! She didn't know what came over her, because up until a few hours ago, she would have been sure that she did, but right this moment, she was beginning to realise that there was a lot more to Rachel Berry than what just meets the eye.

I wanted to come. Quinn felt a genuine smile coming to her face. They had been rare since she found out that she was pregnant, and it was very surprising for her to realise that Rachel was the one to put it on her face. You still wanna celebrate your birthday? What did you have in mind for us to do?

A Secret Relationship Unlike Any Other Chapter 1, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

I'm obligated to buy you dinner. Nice to meet you bye. Quinn had science with Kate when a Jew fro walked in handing flowers to Kate. Then he left and another kid came in handing her flowers, and another, and another till she couldn't see out the door. Quinn listened as Rachel's voice came over the P. If Kate out there in loudspeaker land my number is She swallowed her jelousy.

Suddenly Rachel snatches Quinn's book and acts likes she's reading as she bumps into Kate. Quinn huffed and followed Brittney and Santana who were following Rachel. Quinn growled remembering how Rachel used to leave her sweet flowers and notes in her locker or in her pocket.

Brittney and Santana dropped their jaws. Rachel actually forgot she was there. Quinn hadn't spoken to Rachel since the night of that party. I uhh gotta go. You see I like this girl, but she doesn't even know I exist. Get in the game! Rachel head butted the ball to her team mate.

Then yelled out "Ball! Rachel grinned then kicked the ball up and then jumped up kicking it in the goal. Every one cheered but Quinn. She stood still watching Rachel get lifted up and praised. Quinn went home earlier and snuggled with and old titians sweater Rachel had let her use. The smell had long since faded but it made Quinn feel safe.

But this girl Kate reminded Rachel so much od Quinn the only thing was the highth, and proably much more. But Rachel actually wanted to try. So when Rachel asked Kate what kind of drink she wanted the blonde replied with "What do you think I want? And don't be wrong. It was hard at first getting through to Kate but when Rachel said she was taking in all the jealous stares at her dating the most popular girl in school.

And she made sure and didn't say prettiest since she knew that would be Quinn. Soon they were in front of the fire laughing and eating smores. She even gave Kate her jacket. Quinn sat beside Santana as she showed Brittney how to roast a marshmellow.

It hurt Quinn know Rachel was actually trying with this girl. A girl who just wants to hurt her. Quinn gasped she knew Rachel was taking her where Rachel had only taken one girl too. Where not eating here? I thought we'd do take-out. Christina gasped "No effin way! I never had bee on the boat! Has anybody else been on the boat? Christina gasped "I remember now!

Rachel had a heart? Quinn crushed her to the point of no return. Beth looked down then back up "Guys should we keep doing this? I mean-" "Um yes! When do you cue the dolphins" Kate blushed. Right" Rachel looked down smilling. I haven't felt this way since Qu I really thought she was the one.

We had always talked about marriage and kids and you know Till one day I say we should tell her parents, and she freaked. A week later she tells me she can't do this anymore.

She knew Rachel was still all about Quinn. No wonder the girl had been going from girl to girl. She just wanted Quinn Fabray out of her head. I think I always will. But Quinn made her decsion. She doesn't want me, and I need to get over it. Rachel shurgged "I don't know. But enough about that. Lets talk about you. But the next day the three heartbreakers noticed it. After they had shoed sheer jealousy they saw the look.

And Kate was actually thinking of stopping but when Maxie showed a video of Rachel tellling Puck she wasn't whipped and said she was going to be scoring some goals in the bedroom tonight.

Kate ended up humlihating Rachel but Rachel ended up turning the embarassment into something cool. Look you don't get it I was humliated trying to get your attention, and I'm not working this hard just so I can get some action. We do that with each other you know like 'guy talk'" "So you act like a pig so you don't sound whipped?

Look I haven't been in a relationship since Quinn okay. She was my first everything, and I'm trying so hard here Kate. But I'm out of plays. I wanna be with you.

Rachel took off her senior ring slipping it on Kate's finger. Rachel stood up on the table bringing Kate up "I'm whipped! And that made her remember how Quinn hurt her and if she went through with this then their might be chance Rachel would never want an exclusive relationship again.

Kate wasn't in love with Rachel. She knew Rachel belonged to Quinn. I can see it. Soon the three girls were agueing over who gets Rachel till Kate snapped at them telling them their either obssesed with destroying Rachel or obessed with dating her. But Kate knew she just needed to get Quinn and Rachel back together.