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A page for describing Characters: Detective Conan The Black Organization. Main Character Index | Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo |Main Characters | Core . So what kind of "relationship" could this have been? herself, they might have only trusted another high-ranking member like Gin with it. ship, Gin and Vermouth mostly trusted one another, but Gin's trust Gin and Vermouth are or were in a sexual relationship with one.

Elena gave this impression to Agasa and others. Like her husband, Ai has never known them, but after meeting Conan's loving mother Yukiko she becomes bothered by the fact that her own parents both had an extremely unflattering reputation.

Elena was known as "Hell's Angel" in the Organization and appeared cold and unapproachable even to Agasa. Turns out she was also a warm and caring mother: Before she died, she recorded 20 tapes for Ai, one for each of her first 20 birthdays, so that Elena could be close to her daughter on her way to adulthood.

Elena's eyes are not visible beneath her reflecting glasses. File finally reveals her face clearly. Elena had this reputation even within an Organization full of unrepentant killers.

To Ai and Akemi as she is dead, especially to the former who never met her. Since Elena had married her Japanese husband, she took his last name as well. And even before marrying Atsushi, she had a Japanese parent, meaning she likely had one at birth. She and Atsushi died long before the present story. In the few pictures we have seen of Elena, she sports these.

What Elena actually was, as seen in both the tapes and Amuro's flashbacks about her, where she doesn't berate him for picking up fights with other kids, and tends to his bruises gently instead.

Sharon Vineyard

Software Development Tequila Voiced by: Chandler EN A large intimidating operative working in computer science. He was unintentionally killed shortly after his introduction Dropped a Bridge on Him: Got killed by a bomb by mistake. His accent is so recognizable even by other characters than Conan. Wore a black fedora. Would Hurt a Child: When Conan pretended he dropped a 10 yen coin that had fallen beneath Tequila's shoe and really tried to stick a transmitter and bug on the sole of his shoe, Conan was hit hard by Tequila for annoying him.

This shows Tequila has an impatient personality and isn't afraid to hit young children. Unlike her colleagues, she prefers to work on her own agenda. However, her most recent activities have shown her willingly working along side Bourbon. She appears to be exceptionally skilled at impersonation, having successfully pretended the personae of Dr. After the events of her story arc, she gains a soft-spot for Shinichi; believing that he is the real Silver Bullet, and not Akai, that will eventually destroy the Black Organization.

Her known aliases are: For a yet unexplained reason, Vermouth doesn't seem to age, and looks exactly the same as she did twenty years ago. When asked, she has proven evasive about the subject. She is certainly not immune to harm, however; she's faced immobilizing injuries, and the fact she could bleed served as proof that her youthful appearance was not a disguise.

For a supposedly American character, her Gratuitous English can get quite horrible. Attending Your Own Funeral: In a flashback, Chris Vineyard is shown giving the eulogy at her mother, Sharon Vineyard's, funeral. They're both the exact same person. Because You Were Nice to Me: The Bus Came Back: After being missing for a while, she reappears in One kid even lampshades this in an episode.

After he meets Vermouth, he is questioned by Conan, and replies that it was a woman who kept on repeating the word "horse" uma. Dark and Troubled Past: If her "No angel has ever smiled upon me. Shown to have one, with a picture of pre-Apotoxin Haibara tacked on the dartboard with a giant "X" drawn over her face.

More like 'hated nickname'. The FBI has coded her 'Rotten Apple', because she was an award-winning actress in a play called the 'Golden Apple', but due to her shady, murderous background she's considered 'rotten on the inside'.

She does not take it well when she's told this. Emphasis on the "enigmatic" part. This especially applies because of the unusual amount of interest Vermouth has in Shinichi, as well as the fact she is clearly not always working in the Organization's best interest, and has some sort of hidden agenda.

Even Evil Has Loved Ones: This stems from both of them saving her life in New York two years agoeven though Vermouth in disguised was going to kill them. Even Evil Has Standards: Although the mysterious and beautiful criminal Vermouth has killed many people, she will not kill the protagonist, or his love interest; this probably has to do with the fact that they saved her life a year ago, and Conan is the son of Vermouth's friend Yukiko Kudo.

Things get really interesting when Ran sneaks in the trunk of Jodie's car and tries to stop Vermouth; her mook immediately starts shooting, but Vermouth yells at him and tells him to stop shooting. As Ran protects Haibara, whom Vermouth hatesVermouth shoots around her, and tries to get her to release Haibara.

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Both were longtime friends with Vermouth in disguise who studied under the now-deceased Toichi Kuroba and are renowned for being great actresses and disguise artists. She and Yukiko are also known to be quite good-looking and playful, the latter which is an annoyance to some.

With that being said, I think it is a strong possibility that Gin and Shiho were in a romantic relationship. Gin clearly knows Shiho's personality very well since he can anticipate her movements and he can also identify her from a single strand of hair without question. Now wake up from your dream Shouldnt we celebrate our reunion with your favorite color scarlet There are also multiple times where Gin imagines Shiho naked, most recent being the Jet-black Mysyery Train Manga This leads me to believe that they had an intimate relationship.

Gin waiting for Sherry to emerge from the chimeny instead of killing her right away was because Gin thought it would be "more beautiful", along with various dialog this scene is made into the stereotypical senario of a lover waiting for another in poor weather. Gin also comments that the uniform and glasses are unsuitable for her implying that there is something else he recognizes her in more suitable to wear. With so much unknown about Shiho's time spent in the orginzation, I strongly believe that this theory is true.

With that being said do you think Gosho will explore this topic again?