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Date and place: Apeldoorn, 9th of February, Version: Final. Faculty of . I am looking back on a very instructive and successful period. Therefore. In particular, I gather, he said that back in the s he had made copious conceivably be elected an MP he said he looked forward to taking tea with .. Norbert's 90th birthday in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam, with many distin- .. relationship with Elias in the last 18 years of his life, I am sure that I can see. De Stentor, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. 'Dream I', 'White away and.

What he really needs is a reality check, being a douchebag should not boost your ego, landing a girl who you are worthy of should. Giving into his emotions of really liking you and wanting to be with you makes a fearful guy vulnerable. Strong men, however, will never react to fear and stay who they are regardless of their feelings for a woman. They also see committing to someone else as an opportunity to become a greater man, not a scared pussy.

This guy does not need a reminder of his lack of progression from anyone. What he fails to recognize is that by ruining things with someone who wants him regardless of his lifestyle, he stays stuck in that pattern that keeps him from moving forward in his life. Emotional Unavailability The emotionally unavailable guy has underlying issues that he refuses to deal with. Control Guys who need to control every aspect of their lives have trouble relinquishing any part of themselves to anyone that can possibly change who they are or what plans they have set in their mind for themselves.

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You start to feel it in your skin and you see it in the way that your eyes look when you stare in the mirror and you feel partially empty and thirsty for them all at once.

Then a few more weeks pass, then months, and then before you realize it, the emptiness fades and you start to feel normal again. You wonder how you ever let it get to that point. You feel happy and free. Then one night you go out with friends to a bar and you see him sitting there, drinking a beer and existing without you, and all at once everything rushes back. Then he touches you and you feel the craving taking over your body like an unwelcomed guest, or an old habit that never really went away.

You remember how you felt when you saw his name on your phone that night, and how you believed him when he told you everything would be okay. In her longer poems, Hirs constructs such atmospheres in no less sonorous ways. Her stammering may be constructed, most of all she seems to be out on an investigation.

And her investigations are a poetic adventure. Also for readers who are curious. Instead of merging splinters into a natural whole, she breaks unities down to sparkling shards.

What remains is often a stuttering, yet not that of a desperate poet who is not able to word the unsayable. Rather, Hirs tries joyfully to factorize the sayable.

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Her poetry is contructed through and through, while her starting point often is an experience of the senses, reminding of the Dutch poet Herman Gorter. She writes sensitive verses that ideosyncatically strive for a balance between romanticism and mathematics. In the first poem, the eyes set off into the morning like butterflies.

In subsequent lines, poppies and cornflowers bloom and dreams are compared with silkworms that go to meet a sun in love. What they spin, however, is not silk but language. As soon as you try to see what it says on the level of words and word groups, you get lost, but if you read the poem out loud a few times, a convincing whole emerges.

This Is What It’s Like To Be Addicted To A Back And Forth Relationship

The second series involves an intriguing process of dismantling and repeated assembly. The material is given by the opening poem. We are at once solid and fluid. The same holds for the poems, thorough constructions that are as ungraspable as water. See, just as you are seen.

Name, just as you are named. Create, just as you are created. And read like a creator: Within a poem, Hirs seems to be stacking different poems on top of each other, processing them, splicing them, mixing them, shaking them, letting them flow into one another.

And this is one single motion. However composed and constructed her poems may be: Her poems are blazing with exuberance, offering a large choice of possibilities. Technically, she achieves this word-stream effect by eliding the punctuation marks consistently every poem starts with a capital, surely a detail, but indicative of a striking meticulousness.

Ever since Apollinaire this technique is an old trick but it works. Sentences seem to form bridges across each other, to overcome one another, to be ahead of each other, to inflate one another.

This way poems appear that are chock full of anacolutha: My free interpretation is that in these poems, what is at stake is the leeway between the word and its meaning, between meaning and sensation.

In short, a very multifaceted poetry. A musical poetry, too.

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This stream of thoughts constitutes not so much a poem as a score, and this is borne out by the fact that you can order it on CD with the poet. The care of this project does not lead to a metropolitan cacophony as in L. Here we experience simplicity.