Garen and katarina relationship trust

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garen and katarina relationship trust

Do you really trust machinery to decide love for you? 2) Garen and Katarina have fought many times and found they are So far, there's quite a bit of evidence supporting the POTENTIAL of a romantic relationship, but no. The romance between the Might of Demacia and the Sinister Blade is a very popular one! It's a very hinted relationship and is generally. Garen strapped on his armor as Katarina tied her black cloak He did every movement slowly so she knew he wasn't going to betray her trust.

She snatched them, happy to feel the familiarity of the handles. Garen noticed how much they meant to her: She took a deep breath and looked at Garen to say thank you, but the words never left her mouth. Never once had he given that a thought before leaving for a battle or a mission. But the reality of what the two warriors were about to do crashed down upon him as he realized that she was right.

That was when he realized he could never kill Katarina Du Couteau. The two leaned towards eachother, finally realizing that they would accept whatever feelings came their way. It was quite possibly their last night in the city, and Garen couldn't help but agree with her when she asked to make the most of it. Her fingers slowly and quietly laced through his, bringing him closer to her.

The touch of those fingers without them wanting to kill him in some way made Garen shiver with delight. Without another word, Garen led her back into his room. It wasn't long after when he closed the doors that his hands were grabbing into her red hair and his lips on hers. Katarina kissed him back, lacing her fingers through his brown hair.

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The enticement the two got out of their actions was almost intoxicating. After all, it would be a miracle if both of them returned alive. Garen hungrily pressed against her lips, this time not wanting anything but passion in return. And Katarina delivered that passion. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing her with such passion, Katarina couldn't help but felt her heart race. This mirrored their encounter in the shower, except both of them weren't trying to kill one another.

Instead, it was something so much deeper than the urge to kill. Garen's body lowered her onto his Egyptian cotton sheets, and they fell against the soft fabric. It caressed their armored bodies as they moved against one another, feeling the cold metal on their skin. Garen's breath caught as he ran his fingers up her soft curves, just like he'd done no less than twenty-four hours ago.

Katarina's breath quickened as he did so. After they fell to the floor, she quickly unstrapped his chest plates, revealing the chain vest underneath and running her fingers over the cold element. Garen was surprised at how much she wanted him. He didn't think of her as the one to go back on her city-state. But, she had misjudged him as well.

Without another questioning thought, he untied the cloak around her neck and shrugged it off of her, and it served as a blanket beneath them. His lips pressed against her neck, her chin, her collarbone, until she was practically gasping for air. The woman was snuggled against Garen's chest, pressing her face into his muscles.

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Garen's head was leaned against her red hair, his lips pressing against the strands. A cold draft ran over their bare skin as he stroked her shoulders, luring her into a peaceful slumber. A part of Garen didn't want to wake her: The other part of him was scolding himself over and over for doing what he just did… but his mind was at peace when he realized no one would know.

It was their little secret: Katarina's skin was smooth and soft, tickled with scars and scrapes from her previous battles. As images from the experience ran through Garen's mind, he attempted to memorize where every single one was located. About halfway through their passionate love making, he knew in his heart that if the two ever returned from this mission, then he would most definitely look into getting her Demacian citizenship, if she wanted to become a permanent part of his life.

She shifted and yawned as she turned over to face him. However, with precision, she ended up locating the house of Crownguard. It could have been the golden etching on their last name on the doorframe or that a cute little blonde girl waltzed in that looked increasingly like Garen. Katarina smiled to herself: She looked around for an entrance that was less revealing, and finally, her eyes landed on a gate to the back of the manor.

Quietly, and making sure no one was watching her, she took care to blend in with the little shadows she could find that were stationed around the house. Her nimble fingers opened the gate without a sound, and left it open just in case she needed to make a quick escape. As she slid quietly through the bushes of roses, marigolds, and lilies, Katarina noticed a figure on top of the balcony she was diagonal too. With a quick glance, and then a stare, she realized that the person standing atop the balcony was indeed Garen Crownguard.

A smile flitted on her lips as she spotted a vine leading straight up to his room. With ease, she pulled herself up to the side of the balcony and swung around, aiming to hit Garen right in the tendon of his neck. But, he caught her boot, to her surprise, and swung her down on his balcony.

She landed with a hard thud, much like she did the first time they sparred. Katarina's emerald eyes glared at him as she jumped up, blades in hand. Without a word, she charged at him. Garen, unarmed, blocked her every blow with his muscular arms, dancing out of her way and landing hard on the ground beside his door.

Katarina threw a blade at him, in which he ducked, and it lodged itself into his bed comforter behind him. With a scowl, he charged towards her, picking up her little body and slamming her against the railing of his balcony. In order to not attract any unwanted attention, he put his hand over her mouth while his other hand was holding her tiny wrists behind her back. His blue orbs stared hardly into hers as her chest fell heavily up and down. Garen never broke his gaze, but secretly, he was amused that he beat her in a spar without a weapon.

Katarina tried to bite the skin of his hand, but Garen grinned in return. Katarina's eyes wandered behind her to see her body hanging halfway off the ceramic. The drop would surely injure her, if not kill her. Her emerald eyes showed determination as she tried to push herself back off the railing, but she just hit Garen's large chest, and he pushed her farther out every time she tried to push herself in.

But, it was nowhere near romantic. There was an essence between them: Katarina trying to do job and Garen attempting to stop her. Garen cracked a smile. Garen pressed harder against her lips, forcing her emerald eyes to widen, but he was determined to find out why she was here… on his balcony.

With fear, she looked up into his bright blue eyes. Katarina didn't move as he pulled up, patiently waiting for him to let her go. Studying her, Garen knew that if he let her go, she would be on him again, with blades in hand, taking out her fury for what he just threatened her with. So, he kept her on the edge of the balcony until he was sure she was giving up her struggle.

Katarina's red hair blew across his hand and between them as a gust of wind attacked them.

Thunder roared in the distance. It truly was quite the stormy night. She stared at Garen quizzically, for sure thinking that he would have killed her when he had the chance. But instead, he had pulled her up and saved her life. Maybe she misjudged Demacians… "Follow me," he ordered and pulled her into his room, out of the rain. Quickly, she did, wondering if this was all part of a major plan to kill her.

None-the-less, she took that chance as Garen closed the balcony doors and gestured toward the chair next to his bed. She was taught not to give information out, especially to the person who she was trying to kill… even though he just beat her in a spar. Garen looked at her hardly, questioning if he should have let her drop off the balcony.

If worse came to worse, he could always hall her right out the doors and threaten her again, but he wasn't that evil. Instead, he was taught patience and understood that little things like this could take hours for Noxians to spit out. It was comfortable and she was exhausted.

garen and katarina relationship trust

It took all she had not to fall asleep. She bit her lip, knowing he wasn't joking. After all, he was The Might of Demacia. What are you doing!? It was full of humor, but neither of them laughed.

Katarina pounded on Garen's back as he carried out onto the balcony. The drops of rain hit her face as she struggled. She looked over her shoulder to the ground below the balcony. This was not how she wanted to die… "Okay! Just put me down! Garen stopped in his tracks.

garen and katarina relationship trust

His breath lingered softly as chills ran through her body. She shuddered as she nodded. He lowered her back down to the balcony and by that time, her red hair was wet and sticking to her face and his as well. Garen stared into her creamy white face, somehow thinking she was lying. He wouldn't be surprised if she was. The rain dribbled down the side of his face, giving it a damp look, with his hair plastered down to his face.

The whole time, Katarina couldn't stop thinking how damn handsome he was