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flirt with dirt rf events

Sustainability Report: Flirt with Dirt Date: June 3, Event company: RF Events, Ann Arbor MI Location: Lakeshore Park, Novi MI. Jun. 9, Flirt With Dirt. Novi, MI Provided by RF Events. 5K 10K. Link to 5K Results · Link to 10K Results. Novi, MI Provided by RF. RunMoreEarnMore. TrailSeries. 1; 2; 3; 4. Running Fit | RF Events | Volunteer | Contact Us | Staff Login. Designed by RocketTheme. ↑ Top.

Do I have your attention? Shirts to all entrants and medals to all finishers. That said, I continue to appreciate the honest simplicity of our sport, especially while watching the Tour De France, where a lead rider can lose precious time to mechanical failure, and where one rider has a technical advantage over another due to better equipment.

Relying only on our own body and mind, and with minimal equipment, our efforts are clearly rewarded. Get out and enjoy the heck out of today's miserable run, Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is enjoying 60 minutes of sweat After a 30 minute run!

And then a smile crossed my face. The pain and fatigue felt the days after we complete a hard workout or race plays a part in the personal satisfaction we get as runners who take our bodies to the limit.

flirt with dirt rf events

Pain and fatigue proves to us that we gave it our all and left nothing back. We were honest with ourselves and know that we dug deep, mentally and physically. When we take ourselves to the crumbling edge we gain insight into who we are and who we might be and each time we move the edge out a bit. The world is full of people just existing, many in a couch potato haze.

As runners, we know what it feels like to be totally ragged and spent by our own fruition, we know what it feels like to be fully alive and firing on all cylinders.

Take it to the limit, one more time, Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who can't wait to wake up in pain again, hopefully soon.

Run Flirt - Run Flirt

Our Inaugural Oberun 5K is sold out When the run goes bad, we need to remember that running is what we do for fun; it's what we do to escape stress. Yes, I go back to this theme often Because I need to hear it.

flirt with dirt rf events

When we lace up our shoes and race or just head out the door for the daily run, we have already won, we are experiencing the gift, we are living our passion. However the run goes is part of the adventure. With the right attitude, our ugly run might be the most memorable, perhaps a learning experience or one that leaves us with a story to tell. No matter how much your run sucks, it's nothing compared to how much not running sucks, Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who has had a streak of crappy runs, runs that still add miles to my log and totals that make me smile.

Running, cheese, chocolate and WINE Check out all the details here! Today we hit a dilemma On hot event days in the past it looks to be toasty Saturday for our Canton Liberty Fest Run we passed out ice water soaked, non-recyclable rags at the aid stations.

After a bit of brainstorming today on keeping sustainable, we dug out some leftover cotton race shirts from the past and cut them into 1, rags! We should be able to pass them out, pick them up and wash them to cool down future runners! Run cool and sustainably, Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who loves extremes, so needless to say, I'm diggin' this heatwave running!

We could use a few extra hands at the race Saturday to help keep the runners cool. That said, this week, 2 people unsubscribed for the same reason "I am currently injured and will res-subscribe when I'm running again. There are plenty of days where it is a challenge to write my "get out the door" ideas as I myself am gimping on the sidelines, so I get it at some level And today is one of those days! I often write about the days when the motivation to get out the door for a run is just not there.

2018 Flirt With Dirt

On the flip side, when you are faced with a glorious running day and can't run due to injury, sympathy is in order, and because we are all runners, empathy also. Perhaps I should start each week's run mail with, "If you are healthy and thinking of skipping the run today, READ this! Join them Saturday, June 17th in Milford, MI for this clinic that will cover training plans, gear, race strategies and more! Not quite ready for Half? Join us for the 5K, 5 Mile. The Head Goat is off in the swamp so I thought I'd hop in and help you get your butt out the door.

I put off picking my fall and summer races but the time has come. Add to that, hats, mitts, some traction control for the shoes, head lamp and reflective vest. Did I mention its always dark The winter gear is just trickling in at Running Fit. A fun time to shop for the few but essential pieces of the winter puzzle.

We have some serious tech clothing geeks on staff that love to tell you what they wear and will steer you right. Bring on what ever; well be ready to run. Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner and tired Goat April 9, - The spring race season is truly upon us!

Yo run gang, The spring race season is truly upon us, for those of you that slogged through the winter miles, its time to reap for the rest of us, its time get out and jiggle the fat! Last weekend Mars attacked and the earthlings showed up in force, over 3, Green Planet runners hit the streets, a Martian Invasion of Races Record.

Thanks for choosing Martian, and for all of your positive comments! Saturdays Meteor 10K was stacked with the best running talent seen in Michigan in a while.

As for the womens race, picture this, a Check out the results at www. As for Saturdays 5 mile Road Ends Trail Run, we dont have an entry limit so if you miss the cut on the long runs, come and join us for this very serious 5 mile run. Wow, I ask for tips on how to get motivated to do core strengthening and you came through big time. I have not had time to sift through the mountain of emails but promise to put the info online by weeks end.

Ive read many and its already making a difference. Strength, flexibility and six pack abs are coming our way! Go to the menus on the left, click on training, then click on motivation Get out the door Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner Yo dirt runners, South Eastern Michigan is blessed with a ton of great parks and great trails to run on.

We need your help to keep them that way.

Well be havin a weed pickin' festival of garlic mustard and a pre slaughter run! Click here for more information. June 3, - Packing my run gear today took all of 10 seconds!

Yo Run Gang, Packing my run gear today took all of 10 seconds, as apposed to a winter morning where I go through every scenario of what I might need and end up packing a bag that looks like Im leaving for vacation.

I love the simplicity of summer running, a minimal bag with shoes, socks, shorts and top. I also love the minimal laundry. One of lifes simple pleasures just got simpler! On a less simple note, Im sure many of you are type As, who have a hard time with the speed limit, saying no to anything and not doing everything to excess Yet, we are attracted to a sport where patience is required at every turn.

Patience needed while slowly building up our weekly mileage, while tapering for a race, while recovering from a race, while holding back the pace during the beginning of a race, while dealing with injuries and the list goes on.