Farhan akhtar and javed relationship

Shabana Azmi- Farhan and Zoya Akhtar

farhan akhtar and javed relationship

READ: Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar celebrate 30th wedding anniversary. Who do The relationship with Farhan is that, between two men. Javed Akhtar's Marriage - Javed And Honey With Zoya And Farhan In The . but the fact that Javed and Shabana's relationship was out in the. The man of multiple talents, Farhan Akhtar comes from a family of filmi intellectuals -- his father Javed Akhtar is a noted former screenplay writer.

Shabana Azmi- Farhan and Zoya Akhtar

The film was directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The role played by him was that of Aditya, lead singer of the rock band "Magik".

He sang five songs for the soundtrack album. Gaurav Malani of The Economic Times wrote that the film seemed to be "clearly designed by Farhan Akhar as his own acting debut and he doesn't let himself down. Lending voice to all his songs helps him to get into his character with effortless ease.

farhan akhtar and javed relationship

One could certainly overlook the lisp in his dialogue delivery. However, it did not create an impact at the box office and turned out to be an "average" grosser. It was released on 30 January Akhtar whose understated performance holds together this far-ranging, cameo-filled film.

He manages to remain sympathetic even while wreaking romantic havoc.

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Due to several delays, it was released in mid It was written and directed by Anand Surapur, and accepted by Akhtar after he described its script as "very powerful", while emphasising that it "touches upon weaknesses and confusions in all human beings. He played Karthik, an introvert character, [79] starring alongside Deepika Padukone for the first time.

farhan akhtar and javed relationship

Perhaps it's his innate filmmaker instinct. He was also credited as the dialogue writer for the film. He plays the role of Milkha Singh. For his role, he had to undergo a training phase at the gym and study the character of Milkha Singh by researching his body language. It was a sequel to Pyaar Ke Side Effects It was his first action role as an actor, and for which he went through intense physical training and put on eight kilograms of weight.

He reprised his role of Aditya Shroff, the lead singer of his band. The film was about a prison escape drama planned by a group of prisoners who also form a music band and was inspired by a real incident.

Akhtar appeared as one of the nine judges in the beauty pageant Femina Miss India Men Against Rape and Discrimination[ edit ] Main article: The idea came to the mind of Akhtar when in AugustPallavi Purkayastha, a lawyer by profession, was sexually assaulted and then killed by her home watchman. When her movie was stalled for seven years, I was very worried. I have seen her heart break and that's why I want this film to do well and her career to take off.

I was worried for Farhan before he started his career. He would sit in his room all the time. So I gave him an ultimatum and told him to start doing something and not sit at home all the time.

So Farhan got a job in an ad agency. After three years, he told me he was ready with a script and wanted to direct.

Flashback Friday: When Farhan Akhtar revealed how his parents' separation affected him | PINKVILLA

I never thought he would do that. I started working from the age of two and a half, so my kids have seen my films. Javed is a writer and lyricist, so Zoya and Farhan imbibed in them all the good elements of this profession.

farhan akhtar and javed relationship

As a child, Zoya was very sensible but I would have a hard time with Farhan. He was a brat.

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Zoya would select her toys and come out. But Farhan could never make a decision and never come out of the shop. I would literally have to drag him out!

I would let Zoya go for late night parties but never allowed Farhan because I could trust Zoya to do certain things and come home by 10pm but if I asked Farhan to come home at 10pm, he would come home at 4am! So I never allowed him to go.

farhan akhtar and javed relationship

There would be tension in the house.