Engin akyurek and beren saat relationship 2011

Beren Saat Beautiful and Successful Turkish Actress

engin akyurek and beren saat relationship 2011

Beren Saat has been in relationships with Levent Semerci ( - ), Bülent in Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem (), Engin Akyürek in Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?. May 16, at AM And now Love Claims Among Beren Saat and Engin Akyürek are in agenda! news were in year but in that term, the two sides did not accept the news because they already have relationships with someone. In , Engin Akyurek starred in romantic role in the series Engin Akyurek with Beren Saat photo. Engin Akyurek and Beren Saat singing photo.

She did not want to be part of a competition show since there were so many of them out there, and none of them seemed assuring. Efe did not accept and took her to the first eliminations in Ankara. She passed and was called to attend the eliminations in Istanbul. Beren was chosen to be part of the show and spent four months in an acting camp where Efe did not leave her side and supported her in every way. Efe was a 19 year-old young man who wanted nothing more than making his sweetheart happy.

One would not expect such an act from a guy at his age. Efe was not wrong. Beren Saat earned second place in the competition and took notice by everyone. Short after the competition was over, Beren moved back to Ankara to only come back to Istanbul when the right opportunity comes to her door.

Until then, Efe and Beren went back to their regular lives, to their usual selves.

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One nightnot different than any other, after Efe and Beren spent time together, Efe dropped her home. She came home and went to sleep, but couple hours later, she woke up to a phone call that was about to change her life forever. She told her that Efe was in a serious car accident, and they were all in Gazi Hospital. He could not make it the hospital and passed away in the ambulance. But the most spectacular success to Beren Saat came after a series of Ask-i memnu, received one of the highest ratings among the critics and the audience, and her character Bihter was warmly received by many fans of the series, which Beren immediately became one of the most Turkey's most popular actresses.

The actress has received for this role, the most prestigious award for acting and talent, "Golden Butterfly".

engin akyurek and beren saat relationship 2011

Beren partner on the show was no less famous Turkish actor - Kivanc Tatlitug. After this successful series on the Beren fell down numerous offers from the most famous Turkish directors and in the wake of its grand success, the young actress accepts the offer and take off in the next series, Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? It's the story of a simple village girl who became a victim of rape. The series also had a big hit among viewers and Beren again was very well received in the circles of their admirers.

Engin Akyurek: popular Turkish actor - biography, photos

The world premiere took place at the International Film Festival in Toronto. The name of the show speaks for itself: The heroine gets it later when she gets hold of a diary of her father, who died in prison.

Since then, she lives only for revenge. Beren enjoys singing and even became a performer of the soundtrack to the TV series in - Guz Sancisi, also appeared in commercials Tofita, Rexona, Patos. Private Life of Beren Saat Beren personal life was full of relationships and divorce.

engin akyurek and beren saat relationship 2011