Emmett and bay relationship timeline

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emmett and bay relationship timeline

There is My Heart (third relationship). Bemmett (Bay and Emmett), also known as Ebay (Emmett and Bay), is the romantic pairing between Bay Kennish and. As Daphne begins pursuing Emmett, she finds he is dating Bay. He designs a street-art timeline of their relationship to show her how much he still cares for. Months later, in an effort to win Bay back, Emmett paints their relationship in a timeline on a brick wall. Bay and Emmett meet and Emmett tells Bay that he is.

Bay, hurt, breaks up with him and leaves the prom in tears. It is clear that Emmett still has feelings for her. He designs a street-art timeline of their relationship to show her how much he still cares for her. When Bay sees the mural, she confronts him.

He asks if she saw the timeline and she just looks at him. He tells her to say something, she replies with asking him how can she move on when he does something like this. Emmett he tells her he doesn't want her to move on, and that they are bigger than his mistake. Bay says that he can't put the 'meant to be' card, when he tells her they are meant to be together.

She implies that she may still have feelings for him, however, she is still too hurt and cannot forgive him. Toby, upset about Simone's betrayal, treats Emmett coldly, pushing him down when touches his arm to attempt to apologize at the Kennish house. When Bay asks Emmett what happened he says he deserved it.

Daphne encourages him to pursue Robin, but Emmett rejects the idea, telling her that he has already found his perfect girl in Bay and is still waiting for her. Daphne tells him he can't wait forever. Toby and Emmett start anew, becoming friends again.

They agree to make music together, along with Toby's new friend Nikki. He picks up on her intention to leave and notifies the Kennishes. Once they find Bay, she realizes how much Emmett cares for her. Emmett tells Bay he will always find her.

The two nearly kiss, but they are interrupted by the headlights of John's car. At school, Emmett tells Bay he can't be friends with her anymore because it hurts too much to not be with her but Bay tells him she not ready yet. He says he's not going to wait any longer.

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Bay signs yes only to be stunned by Emmett who kisses her. He asks her if she is sure she is ready to move on. He then walks away nonchalantly Bay thinks that Emmet is lying and Emmett becomes frustrated, saying he is not going to wait around for a girl that doesn't even realize the guy she is dating isn't even into her.

Travis wants to throw a party Emmett says no and Travis tells him he needs to get over Bay. Emmett says no but Travis still invites some hearing girls he met at the carwash back to Emmett's house. The girls see a picture of Melody and ask who she is, Travis tells them she's Emmett's ex-girlfriend and that she's crazy.

Emmett is showing one of the girls some signs and Travis is making out with the other girl. Melody gets home early and is shocked to find them in such a situation.

One of the girls says 'oh my god, it's his ex-girlfriend' and they leave. Melody asks the boys what the girl said and they sign nothing. When she asks what was going on, Travis and Emmett tell her they were teaching the girls how to sign. Melody asks if the girls thought she was Emmett's girlfriend, Travis says no, they thought she was his ex-girlfriend.

Melody said she was flattered and horrified. In Departure of SummerEmmett comforts Bay when she comes to him crying after her break up with Ty. She asks him why guys cheat. Emmett asks if it was Ty and Bay tells him she and Ty broke up. She asks him why he cheated on her. He tells her he was dumb and wrong for what he did to her, and that it did not mean anything.

Bay says she thought she didn't understand because she had not had sex, but now she has and she still doesn't understand why people cheat. She says, "How can it not mean anything? Sex is a big deal. Emmett tells Bay that however bad she is feeling right now, Ty will feel infinitely worse when he figures out what he has lost. Emmett comforts her while she cries. Emmett comes closer and hugs Bay. In FountainEmmett realizes that Matthew is the Carlton vandal and is out in a tough position when he must decide what to do about it.

Bay is shocked when she realizes she's jealous and turns to Tank to help her. Emmett helps Bay take pictures for her art portfolio in return for her helping Emmett with and astronomy project. Emmett and Bay kiss whilst they are taking pictures. Bay kisses Emmett whilst talking about how Mandy isn't a real girl and they argue about their past relationship. Emmett tells Bay that the main problem in spite of his apologies, Bay keeps bringing up his one-night-stand with Simone. Bay then accidentally breaks Emmett's camera, frustrating him further.

Later, Bay apologizes to Emmett for pushing him and promises that she will never again bring up Simone. Emmett accepts her apology. In Have You Really the Courage? He then helps her take pictures of it, and build her project. Mandy is shown to be nothing more than a fake profile designed to set up by Matthew, a classmate wanting to get back at Emmett.

Emmett is subsequently beaten up. Realizing this, Bay rushes to find Emmett. After a heartfelt conversation, Bay and Emmett finally admit that they still love each other before sharing a kiss and proceeding to sleep together. After some initial apprehensions due to the two of them having unprotected sex, Bay reaffirms her commitment to Emmett and breaks things off with Tank.

Later, Bay experiences the loss of Angelo, her biological father and expresses regret that she did not spend more time with him. After Angelo's cause of death is discovered, it is feared that she may share the same biological trait that lead to Angelo's brain aneurysm. Ending season 3, and starting season 4, Bay is on probation after taking the fall for Daphne when she vandalized her mom's Regina Vasquez worksite out of anger. Due to this, Bay and Emmett's plan to move to L.

While Emmett leaves for L. Bay starts her community service. However, after giving a convicted criminal on probation a sandwich that had heroine in it, she is given another 90 days and house arrest. Emmett notices Bay and they look at each other for a moment before he asks Daphne who she is.

Daphne tells Emmett that Bay is 'Me. After they leave, Bay smiles to herself. The two first officially meet when Emmett appears on the Kennish lawn to escort Daphne to Carlton on the back of his motorcycle. This clearly appeals to Bay's adventurous side and she jealously confronts her parents about letting their biological daughter ride on the back of a stranger's bike while she Bay is on restriction following an arrest for underage drinking.

First Kiss Bay asks Emmett to help her edit a photo that may have clues to where her Dad is. He continues to help Bay find her father, and the two become closer. Eventually, Daphne confronts Emmett and demands to know what is going on with him and Bay. He insists that nothing was going on, but at the end of the episode, he meets Bay at her school.

He signs "I like you" before sharing a kiss with her and walking away. Bay is shown to be clearly stunned, but also happy.

She also disapproves because she believes Bay will never get to know him the way a Deaf girl would. Later in the episode she finds a shirt of Emmett's with a blood stain on it in the trash. She then gets mad at Emmett demanding to know what happened. Emmett lies about what he and Bay were doing the other night illegal street art and says that he cut himself on a sprinkler playing football at his friends house.

Then, when Melody and Emmett go to Bay and Daphne's birthday party, she notices that Bay's badly cut hand making her realize Emmett got hurt spending time with her.

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She gets frustrated at Emmett for lying to her and demands that he tell her the truth. Emmett says he won't because he knows how his mom feels about Bay because she is hearing.

emmett and bay relationship timeline

Melody continues to disapprove of Bay. But after Bay tells Melody about Emmett planning to drop out of school, Melody finally realizes that Bay cares for him and gives her approval. In contrast, both Emmett's father Cameron and Cameron's girlfriend Olivia in season 1 seem to have taken a shine to the relationship even from the very beginning.

Bay thinks that Olivia is a bad influence on Emmett after she gives him alcohol and explains this to Cameron causing him to give custody to Melody. Bay's parents John and Kathryn were originally scared of Emmett believing he is a "bad boy", and doesn't want Bay or Daphne around him.

After getting to know him a bit better as he and Bay are dating they begin to like him. As Daphne's mom, Regina thinks very highly of Emmett and trusts him completely with both girls. Though, Regina confided with John and Kathryn that during her alcoholism, she was very reluctant to letting Daphne ride on his motorcycle.

And even after allowing it, she still secretly followed him. After a while, however, she saw that Emmett is a good driver. When Emmett tells Melody that he cheated on Bay she tells him he'll have to live with what he did but it was up to him whether he told Bay or not. Memorable Talks Daphne's admission to liking Emmett causes problems for the couple, but Emmett begins to realize that there would be complications to the relationship with or without Daphne's interference.

He realizes he would never feel comfortable around Bay's hearing friends and family, which leads to them having a huge fight. Later, Emmett comes to Buckner Hall and tells her that she was never Deaf or hearing to him she was "just Bay" and while it would be easier if she were Deaf, but he tells her he doesn't want Deaf Bay he speaks to her for the first time, saying, "I just want you.

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As Emmett is ordering food the person working asks him what he wants and Emmett doesn't understand him, so Bay orders for him. Plus later in the episode an angry guy approaches Emmett and starts yelling at him, and Bay tells the guy that Emmett is deaf making him seem weak.

They later have a talk about Bay's actions which has to be interpreted by Daphne and Emmett explains that signing is the way he sees the world and if others have to adjust to that so be it. He's different and it's ok. Emmett is furious that he has to sell his bike in order to pay for the fine he got putting Bay's art on a billboard for her birthday. He begins distancing himself from Bay, which worries her.

She convinces him to come with her to the school. Bay asks Emmett who he is mad at and he explains that, sometimes he really hates hearing people. Bay responds with "But listen, nobody is better at hating the world than I am. I've had 16 years of practice at it. It's a lot more fun being angry at it together than alone.

Bay tells Emmett she's a "vegetable" mis-signing virgin to which Emmett reveals he is not but he won't "peel and tell".

This kinda scares Bay a bit. Later Bay asks Emmett to come to dinner to meet Angelo but Emmett can't. But Emmett invites Bay to stay over that night. Bay asks if he means "stay over, stay over". Emmett replies that he wants to if she does, and they makes plans. When Bay comes over after dinner she is really mad at her parents for being mean to Angelo and Emmett takes her parents' side.

After they argue Emmett says that he doesn't want to fight and Bay responds that if he thinks they are sleeping together tonight, then he is higher than his dad.

emmett and bay relationship timeline

Bay becomes very worried about Emmett when he starts talking about dropping out of high school and getting his G. This starts a major battle between Emmett's parents. Melody asks Bay to speak on her behalf during the custody hearing, which Emmett wants Bay to stay away from.

He explains to Bay that she is his island in a sea of divorce and he needs her to stay out of it. She promises she will, but after she discovers that Olivia is selling weed from Cameron's garage, she changes her mind.

She goes to see Cameron behind his back and convinces him that living with him is not in the best interest for Emmett. When Emmett finds out, he is livid. Bay tells Emmett that she did it because she cares for him. However, Emmett doesn't listen and ends up having meaningless sex with Toby's girlfriend, Simone. Emmett returns and apologizes for yelling at Bay. He says he doesn't want to lose Bay and asks that for his birthday that it just be a mellow evening with each other. Bay is puzzled by his sudden change in behavior, but makes none of it.

She and Daphne decide that for Emmett's birthday they create a movie. Emmett and Bay have a lot of fun until Simone arrives. Bay notices something is up when they are making out and one minute Emmett is there and the next he isn't. He lies and says it's nothing. Bay tells him that they got through the deaf-hearing thing, the Ty thing and the custody battle, and said that they love each other.

What else is there left to get through? And to just tell her, she can handle it but they can't keep going back and forth anymore. Are they together or not? He says that he is with her. At Prom, Daphne finds out that Emmett cheated on Bay and confronts him, to which he denies that he did. He then decides its time to come clean and tell Bay. He pulls her outside and tells her the truth and that it didn't mean anything.

Heartbroken, Bay breaks up with Emmett and leaves. Bay returns home from her trip still heartbroken. While Bay was gone, Emmett created a mural of all of the important thing that happened in their relationship and created a map for Bay to find it. After Bay sees the mural, she breaks up with her current boyfriend, Alex Rainford, and texts Emmett to meet her at their spot. Emmett arrives hoping that this would get their relationship back on track. Bay tells Emmett that he ruined them and any relationship they are ever going to have.

Emmett believes that they are bigger than his one mistake. He is deeply sorry about his mistake. Bay then tells him that she knows that he is sorry, but he can't simply fix it with words. He tells her he will wait until he knows how to fix this. Emmett is worried about Bay and tells John that he thinks Bay might run away. John and him go and find Bay. Once he gets there Bay says that she's glad he found her to which Emmett responds that he will always come find her.

Emmett really wants to be with Bay again and asks her why they aren't together anymore. Bay has been going through so much with going to a new school and everything else that she just needs a friend right now. Emmett doesn't want to be friends, he wants more which she can't give him, so he walks away. During Emmett's best man speech he mentions that when you find that person hold on tight or they might slip away meaning Bay and his relationship. Later that night Bay shows up at Emmett's house and asks her why people cheat.

Sex means something and she just doesn't get it. Emmett tells her "however bad she is feeling right now, Ty is going to feel way worse once he figures out what he's lost". Bay and Emmett return to school. Bay apologizes to Emmett for coming to him about Ty's cheating. She says 'I cant keep coming to you crying about other guys, its not cool. Emmett, in return asks that she comes to a lunar meteor shower with him for a school project.

Later in the day Emmett comes over to take the pictures and Bay learns hes dating a girl Mandy over the internet. At the lunar meteor shower, she gets too jealous and kisses him making Emmett enraged. She makes up for it by getting him NASA quality pictures of the stars. After finding out that Ty didn't cheat on her she begins to question her relationship with Tank.

Emmett tells her that because Ty is gone he can be however she imagines him to be, Tank may not be perfect but he is here. Bay begins to worry about Emmett's new girlfriend Mandy. She voices her concerns with Emmett and he gets really mad at her. She does some digging into Mandy and finds out that she doesn't exist it's actually Matthew. She goes looking for Emmett and finds him beat up in the woods. Emmett is embarrassed that he couldn't have seen this sooner.

He is worried that Matthew is going to tell everyone about this and ruin him. Bay tells Emmett that everyone loves him. He asks her, "You too?

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Bay then mentions that he came here for some other girl. Emmett tells Bay that he was trying to create what they had and feel for each other but that he won't find that feeling with anyone else. She tells him that he knows she loves him and never stopped.

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Bay is very upset with the fact that she cheated on Tank the one thing she swore she'd never do and Emmett should understand that. After looking at old pictures of their relationship she texts Emmett to meet her. They talk about how much of a mess they are both in but that what happened was amazing and right. They don't know what's ahead but will figure it out together. After going to Emmett's dad housewarming party which his dad got married and Emmett found out his step-mother is pregnant Emmett asks Bay what he should do.

Bay tells him that he need to tell his dad how he feels. Emmett tells Bay that things would be a lot harder without her. She tells him that he will always have her. He responds that seeing and being with her is the best part of everyday. Emmett helps Bay look for Angelo's mother's phone number and he instead finds Angelo's will.

He and Bay go through it and it states that in this situation he wants them to pull the plug.