Drayden and iris relationship

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drayden and iris relationship

However the person that Iris was trying to avoid - Drayden - was there as There is something weird about the relationship between the two, with things that the. Iris is a young girl who is one of Ash's travelling companions in the Unova region. does like how he evaluates the relationship between a Trainer and their Pokémon. However, Iris and Excadrill lost their th battle against Drayden, who. Starter Pokemon, Axew. Relationship, Crush on Daniel Iris might have a past that involves Drayden as Mal states that he still talks about her. She attended.

When I come back, I promise you we'll have some battles, but not now, okay kids? Iris looked around for Drayden. She had not seen him around so she figured he must've went back to their place already.

drayden and iris relationship

A few familiar faces passed her by and waved at her. She waves back and sends them an assuring smile to let them know she's okay so they didn't have to worry. That smile turned quickly into a frown as she looked back to see some girl with Lance.

A pit of jealousy flew over her as she seen the girl touching all over his arms. He obviously had a muscle shirt on to show them off.

He was resisting her but she kept touching him and even tried to sneak a kiss in. She turned around quickly to meet Iris' maroon colored eyes with her turquoise ones. A smirk came across her face as she took off her yellow hat. Iris and Georgia were long term enemies.

drayden and iris relationship

She always used to bully Iris back at the Opelucid Academy. Iris used to be so shy and timid but now she's grown up and grown more confident. She couldn't step up to Georgia when she was younger. She was too scared to but now she could and she was glad that she could because she was tired of being picked on. It made her happy when he defended her. You're kidding me, right? She's the most beautiful girl on this planet.

No need to be jealous. Why would I be jealous of a pathetic loser who peed her pants in front of the whole gym class? I already told you. She was so terrified she'd peed her pants. A wild Druddigon, which is the one she owns now, saved her and Axew by using its Flamethrower attack.

Ever since then, she's never let Druddigon forget rid of that move because it saved her life. She thought of it that way too.

Iris (Total Drama: Black and White)

He loved to listen to her stories about attending the academy. Even if she was always alone, she always made a way to entertain herself and her partner. Then at one point Lance moved to Unova from Johto and attended the academy as well.

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When Lance and Clair came, they immediately clicked with Iris, both having special bonds with her. If that Druddigon saved you, can it save you from defeat? I challenge you to a Dragon Duel. One part of her immediately dropped its confidence once she had challenged her.

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But she didn't want Georgia to know that. She had bullied her enough. I just don't feel like battling. Or are you still afraid of me, Iris? She was afraid of Georgia.

drayden and iris relationship

She was bigger and taller than her and could push her around anytime she pleased. It was bad but when she traveled with her posse it was worse.

Sometimes Iris didn't want to go to school because of them. It's between me and Little Miss Champion over here. Lance held onto her shoulders, trying to calm her down.

She gritted her teeth once again and her nails dug into the palm of her hand. Another person Iris let get under her skin. She just couldn't win. She was provoking her and it was working completely. Are you sure you want to do this? Iris nodded and said nothing with her eyes focused on Georgia's. Lance stepped back and let her battle. He knew it wasn't right for her to do but he couldn't stop her.

drayden and iris relationship

He knew how much she had wanted to shut this girl up. So she let her battling do the talking. All she is is a gym leader. When had she become a Gym Leader? Clair and Drayden knew but Iris and Lance clearly didn't. By Drayden resigning, he was required to turn the gym over to the next in charge, or the highest ranked student at the Opelucid Academy. Lance was in Iris' graduating class but he was also a Champion. It couldn't have been given to Clair because in her graduating class, she was the highest ranked and they shipped her to Blackthorn City to take over that gym.

Or are you going to run home and cry like to Drayden you always do?

drayden and iris relationship

She might be the new gym leader but there was no way he was letting her trash Iris and think iy was okay. She got Iris there. Do you really hate Iris that bad that you want to beat her at everything?

You are far from a rival. You aren't a rival. She needed to catch a break. He wiped her tears away, "Let's go. She didn't say anything as she turned to leave with Lance, following Drayden. Are you the gym leader? At their place, Iris lay there in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She was supposed to be getting rest but she just couldn't sleep.

All she could think about was her encounter with Georgia earlier and what she had said. She was just done with that girl. She really couldn't stand it when she let her get to her like that. Iris felt the bed get heavier and she turned around to see Clair sitting there. She sat up, slowly and made eye contact with her. She said nothing and then grabbed the covers, climbing in beside the younger girl.

They always used to have sleepovers like this. Clair felt that Iris really needed one just to get her mind off of things. She always finds a way to make me look like a loser and embarrass me. I'm just done with this. She gave me wedgies and dunked my head in toilets.

All of those horrible things. She just made a way to make my life so bad at the academy. Before you and Lance came, I really considered leaving.

What is Iris and Drayden's relationship?

If I witnessed any of this I would've immediately helped you. I got lost because Georgia was our group leader and I had to use the bathroom and she left me alone She is quite similar to Misty but seems to be more energetic.

She has the dream of becoming the greatest Dragon Master and believes that dragons are good. This has shown in Crisis at Ferroseed Research! Skills Iris is an excellent vine swinger which shows that she's very athletic. She can also fish and is a great battler. She can also sense where they are located as well. Relationships Cilan It is obviously observed that Iris treats him with more respect than any other characters in the anime and sees him as a great friend to have around.

They have their ups and downs but they're pretty good friends despite the teasing they do to each other. One day, a Drilbur took Iris' friend Patrat's home. For ten days, Iris kept challenging the Drilbur, but Iris continued losing to it.

On the tenth try, she was able to fight, but Drilbur almost fell from the top of a cliff. Iris, close up They entered the tournament of the Dragon Village and won. During the final battle, Drilbur evolved into Excadrill. However, Iris and Excadrill lost their th battle against Drayden, who secretly nodded to the Elder. Iris is a wild girl that Ash met while traveling in the Unova region. She is bold and adventurous.

She appeared to be a wild child and had been seen swinging from vines in the forests to get from place to place. She also seemed to have very good reflexes in avoiding attacks. Like Misty at the start of their journey, Ash is in the dark that Iris may or may not be a Gym Leader. Also, like Misty, Iris thought Ash was a little kid but helped him out since he doesn't know a lot about the Unova region.

She also told Ash and Cilan of how she obtained her Excadrill: Younger Iris In Movie Time! Iris cheered on for Ash in his Gym Battle with Elesa. Then she and Ash had some fun in Nimbasa City visiting all the attractions. Iris also met Champion Alderhad the opportunity to befriend some Deino that belonged to other trainers, and she also dressed as a shrine maiden to summon Landorus.

She visited her hometown and helped her friend tame her Hydreigonafter which she was challenged by Draydenbut was defeated. In Jostling for the Junior Cup! Her first round was against her rivalGeorgia.

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Iris used Dragonite and Georgia used Beartic. Despite Dragonite not listening to her, Iris defeats Georgia and advances to the quarter-finals. In the 2nd round, she battled Dawn.