Drakken and shego relationship counseling

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drakken and shego relationship counseling

I was rewatching Kim Possible, and Drakken said, "Shego! Now is not the time to discuss the terms of our relationship!" And I thought that was a. Therapy. By: Ryan Phelan. My first KP fic! Dr. Drakken and Shego . If there is any hope for this relationship, you need to find a common. Shego is a villainess who works for Dr. Drakken as his sidekick. Shego's relationship with Dr. Drakken bordered on bizarre. .. a Mystical Monkey Powered idol known as the Tempus Simia, or "time monkey", and advice from her future self.

Nevertheless despite her dominant role and critical attitude towards him, Shego remained somewhat subordinate to Drakken as she would follow most his orders and helped him with his plans even the ones that were ridiculous with the exception of his idea to clone her.

Drakken has, on numerous occasions, expressed the desire for Shego to be more supportive in his endeavors, having used mind control devices to ensure her obedience and even replaced her as sidekick with the alien, Warmonga.

Despite their tumultuous past, Shego has repeatedly returned to Drakken to work for him. The two have demonstrated a certain amount of deranged fondness for the other, as Drakken even referred to her as a member of his "evil family". Shego seemed to legitimately care for Drakken, having saved his life several times. When Shego lost her powers to Aviarius, Drakken stormed his "nest" with a giant mech, intent on rescuing her.

While aboard Warhok's ship, she denied being Dr. Drakken's "battle mate", although the aliens commented she appeared to be in denial. While under the effects of the Moodulator, Shego fixated upon Dr.

drakken and shego relationship counseling

Drakken was made to endure the entire range of Shego's greatly exaggerated emotions, and appeared very uncomfortable while the Moodulater was set to love.

The Seniors Main article: Although Junior's laziness seriously tried her patience at first, he was a surprisingly quick study and Shego eventually admitted to enjoying teaching him.

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Likewise, Junior gained a deep respect for Shego, both as his teacher and a highly effective partner in crime. Evil Ron While under the influence of the Attitudinator, Ron Stoppable's evil persona was so impressive that Shego abandoned Drakken just so she could work with Ron.

She quickly found herself once again in the role of sidekick, as Evil Ron's ego would allow nothing less, and he had the technology to render her powers useless against him. But unlike her partnership with Dr. Drakken, the relationship with Evil Ron was that of fear, as he was able to keep her from constantly being sarcastic by threatening to dump her in a shark tank, genuinely scaring her into submission, something nobody else had ever been able to do.

Motor Ed Motor Ed's tendency to underestimate and belittle women constantly got him in trouble around Shego, who would not hesitate to blast him.

drakken and shego relationship counseling

But Motor Ed actually seemed to like Shego punishing him, so this only fueled his already obvious attraction to her. Shego put up with him only for as long as their current scheme demanded, or at least until he irritated her to the point where she could no longer stand it. Hank Perkins Frugal Lucre Shego's sole interest in Frugal Lucre was that he was incredibly annoying, and more importantly, that he was especially annoying to and fixated on Drakken.

She even coached him on on how best to get on Drakken's nerves, under the guise of telling him things that Drakken liked. Shego's plan to annoy Drakken by bringing Lucre aboard backfired somewhat, as Drakken decided to make Lucre his apprentice, although they still bickered fairly often.


Career Though Shego's career constantly involves her stealing various items and evading capture, she is one of the most recognized villains in the series. Numerous victims have been able to provide detailed descriptions of her, easily recalling either her glowing green hands or her overall beauty.

Several males have commented on how attractive they find her, which Shego occasionally uses to her advantage, both while on vacationor when in disguise. Despite being more evil than Drakken, Shego has a higher sense of morality than him, as she was completely against Drakken and Motor Ed's plan on stealing Felix's wheelchair for their Doovee and although she still went along with it she was still greatly displeased at how low Drakken went.

Family Team Go Her relationship with her brothers was less than stellar. It was not seen how well she got along with her youngest brothers, the Wego twins, but she showed open disdain for her two other brothers Mego and Hego. She apparently used to get along well enough with them to be part of Team Go, but Hego claimed that the more the team fought villainy, the more Shego liked the villainy.

While this was his explanation, Shego expressed that she just could not stand her brothers, or at least Hego and Mego. Between Mego's selfishness and Hego's Adam West Saturday morning cartoon approach to heroism, even Ron Stoppable admitted to being able to see why she would leave the team.

It was implied that even though Shego was a villainess, she still cared about her brothers. Both Kim and Drakken commented on how incredibly easy it was for Kim to take the power staff that had stolen Team Go's superpowers from Shego.

Drakken deduced that Shego secretly wanted to lose and that she did not have it in her to actually betray her brothers in such a manner. He shared this with her directly, and the result was Drakken hanging by the feet of the giant robot that they were flying. She was occasionally willing to work with Kim if necessary, such as when she helped her defeat Warmonga, Warhok, and even earlier against Aviarius. They would also have brief chats as they fought, usually banter in regards to the situation at hand, but other times saw the fights actually stopping.

For instance, in "The Big Job", Shego could not find a parking space during a robbery and Kim had the same problem. After Ron stopped by to comment on his lack of success in finding such, they stopped fighting for a moment to comment on the lack of parking in the city before returning to fighting. Shego holds a desire to defeat Kim in battle, a desire which borders on mania.

drakken and shego relationship counseling

Shego has uncharacteristically thrown caution to the wind, attacking both the alien Amazon Warmonga and a Dr. Drakken possessed by the evil spirit Black Eye Brown, when each were on the verge of destroying the crime fighting cheerleader. In both incidents, Shego insisted the right to finish Kim was hers and hers alone. But, for two people so adamantly set on destroying each other, they never actually did any serious damage; despite the fact that we know they could kill each other if they tried.

Surprisingly, Shego is not immune to Kim's puppy-dog pout, as Kim used it on her in Graduation in order to ask her and Drakken to clean up the mess, to which she reluctantly agreed. In fact, while most people try to insist against Kim when she uses it "not the puppy-dog pout! Love Interest Shego has demonstrated a habit of picking up muscular males with deep tans at resorts.

She briefly showed interest in Martin Smarty, although this had more to do with him being one of the five wealthiest men on the planet, than an emotional connection. During her time as Miss Go, she has shown an interest in Steve Barkin. Neither of these relationships held her interest for long, although she seemed somewhat touched when Barkin visited her at the lair, until he started singing for her.

In the last episode there was some hinting that Shego and Dr. Drakken do some-what have feelings for one-another. This is probably because they had been working together for so long. Shego's superpower, her 'Go Team Glow', was the ability to generate bright green energy with her hands. This energy could be used to heat or melt anything she touched with varying levels of effectiveness, or fired as a direct energy beam.

These ranged from precision shots to explosive impacts roughly on par with modern grenades. Shego could greatly enhance her natural strength, and was capable of delivering energy strikes powerful enough to rend steel.

However, after heavy usage Shego would begin to tire, as seen during an early brawl between her and Kim Possible while raiding a military facility. You're constantly being thwarted by a cheerleader! That is so last century. Why do you think that is? This gives her time to escape and defeat him! You'd think he'd have learned his lesson by now, but nooo!

drakken and shego relationship counseling

And you should see him when he loses! Drakken, how does that make you feel? Do it right now. Jensen watched as Dr. Drakken and Shego sat quietly, deep in thought. After a full minute he spoke. Drakken, why don't you go first. After ten minutes, he spoke up. Drakken bathes somewhat regularly. That's not very common in a weirdo with an abnormally high IQ. Shego, however, is aware of the health problems caused by overexposure to the sun and wisely stays as pale as a ghost.

Let's talk about your health for a minute," Shego snarled, balling her fists. Drakken, you be Shego and Shego, you be Dr. She puffed up her chest. I'm a genius yet I always have to steal something or kidnap someone to make my plans work.

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Now go steal that chip! I'm too important to put my butt on the line, so I'll just let you take all the risks while I yell at you!

I'm not smart enough to take over the world so I just criticize my brilliant, misunderstood boss! I think we should save the fairy tales for story time at the old folk's home! You blame all of your problems on each other and have nothing positive to say! If there is any hope for this relationship, you need to find a common ground! Can you do that? Take over the world!

drakken and shego relationship counseling

So let's get to it and sort out our New World Order later! Drakken stood up and went to the door. In fact, I might even pay for this session! Send the bill to the evil lair at the top of Craggle Cliffs.

Marin recommended you," Dr. Well, thanks for coming by, and good luck," Dr. Jensen quickly crossed the room and opened the door.