Dragon and horse relationship

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dragon and horse relationship

As in most relationships, compromise and understanding helps improve the horse-dragon compatibility. They have some similarities that go nicely together. The Dragon and Horse are two of the most enterprising signs in the Chinese zodiac. Each is filled with initiative and drive and when the two come together, the. Horse and Dragon Compatibility in Love & Friendship. Strong and Weakness side of Relationships according to Chinese Zodiac Astrology.

dragon and horse relationship

Names Horse and Dragon Compatibility The Horse and the Dragon can have lots of fun together and make an active, stimulating match. These two meet on both a social and a mental level; they share the same high energy and love of good times.

Neither sign likes to settle down for long, though this is a bit more of a chronic problem for the Horse than for the Dragon. Still, these two can keep one another stimulated, happy and fulfilled far longer than other pairings with either sign might.

As a Horse, you love life.

dragon and horse relationship

Your boundless energy and enthusiasm are contagious. You are always ready to dive right in, without too much of a thought for details. Your optimism and energy inspire others to work with you, and you are a social person who delights in parties and travel. Horses work hard when the fires of enthusiasm are lit, but sometimes those fires go out prematurely, and then you have a hard time seeing a project or relationship through until the end.

You could say the Dragons are powerful, but it would probably be more accurate to say that Dragons are power. A Dragon walks into the room and commands it.

On the other hand, the dragon would apply their stamina to guarantee that this romantic escape with Dragon Horse in bed lasts for the entire night. There is a sense of independence that is deep within Dragon and Horse compatibility.

Both of them define success in different ways. In as much as this might appear as being selfish, both lovers appreciate the freedom they have in their relationship.

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They are contented with the fact that they would be telling their own success stories in life. Truly, this is an optimistic way of reminding yourself that Dragon Horse marriage can succeed in life. Another reason why Dragon Horse love compatibility stands a chance of succeeding is the mere fact that lovers know the right buttons to push to earn smiles from each other. Dragon Horse sexuality constantly moves at the same wavelength. It is for this reason that they find each other as the most understanding partner that they have ever been with before.

Negative Traits An area that would raise a red flag in Dragon Horse compatibility would be the sheer fact that they concentrate too much on their individual successes. The horse man would put their priorities first before thinking about their dragon lover. This is what the dragon would be doing. The egos that they have deep within them makes them quite stubborn for each other.

dragon and horse relationship

If they are going to make things work, a lot of compromise is needed from both sides. Both of them will have to understand each other for this pairing to thrive.

Dragon-Horse Compatibility

The bossy nature of the dragon might end up having a negative impact on Dragon Horse compatibility. The horse is an impulsive lover. This means that there are certain decisions that they might make and could in the end annoy the dragon. The dragon would show their anger by pushing the horse lover around. This is a bad thing to do as it shows a sign of disrespect to the horse. Therefore, the best way of handling such a situation would be to talk things over with the horse.

Explaining to them your likes and dislikes will guarantee that they understand you perfectly. The horse should also communicate this to the dragon. From this communicative aspect, something good can be nurtured from these two passionate lovers in this Dragon Horse sexuality.

Dragon Man and Horse Woman Love Compatibility

Test your sexual compatibility. Assuming that the dragon is the man in Dragon Horse marriage, they would also have to deal with their flirtatious nature. Keeping their lady friends closer would only annoy the dragon woman. This could be another source of intense arguments in this relationship. Mutual respect for each other ensures that you live together in harmony.

Why would the horse lover get flirty when they know too well that this is a behaviour that gets the dragon worked up? Certainly, the best they can do is to show love and respect to the dragon.