Doris day and rock hudson relationship

Grab A Tissue — Doris Day Remembers Her Final Goodbye To Rock Hudson / Queerty

doris day and rock hudson relationship

In , a starstruck Rock Hudson, then just a year-old fledgling actor, couldn' t believe his luck when he Rock and Judy with Doris Day. I'd always wanted to write about beefcake heartthrob Rock Hudson caught between his virginal on-screen "wife" Doris Day and his accepting. While filming Giant, Hudson became lovers with co-stars James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. Rock Hudson In Pillow Talk with Doris Day.

The secrets Rock Hudson took to his grave revealed in shocking new book |

Now a new book lifts the lid on Hudson's hedonistic life, revealing the love child he tragically ignored and how he considered his death his "shining hour" by facing his illness with courage and grace. Biographer Darwin Porter, coauthor of Rock Hudson: Even when he was an established star he would still give sexual favours to studio chiefs if it would win him a coveted role.

doris day and rock hudson relationship

In fact he was bisexual until late in life especially if it would further his career. Rock loved women and he loved sex. The actor, who had been abandoned by his own father at the age of seven, was 19 when he dropped a girlfriend off at her house in his hometown of Winnetka, Illinois, and was promptly seduced by her year-old mother.

Years later he received a letter from that woman, Martha Blair, disclosing their night of passion had produced her son Richard. It could wreck her life, maybe the kid's too. Yet in his dying days Hudson confessed: Maybe brought him here to live with me.

Rock Hudson

I always wanted to have a son, someone to carry on my legacy. He bedded Marilyn Monroe when both were rising stars.

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After skinny-dipping in Malibu, Hudson found: One night I was raving about how gorgeous she was, she went to her bedroom and emerged as Minnie Mouse. She did celebrity impressions for him and they sang together.

doris day and rock hudson relationship

The couple were re-united again in the smash movie Lover Come Back featuring the catchy title tune by Frank de Vol which beautifully complimented the movie's playful Oscar nominated script and screenplay.

Doris again played the independent career woman whilst Rock caused mischief as another cad.

doris day and rock hudson relationship

The story revolved around two characters who worked for rival Madison Avenue advertising companies. A battle eventually began over a non-existent product and a whole lot of laughs followed.

Send Me No Flowerstheir final movie inmay have featured a title song penned by pop maestros Burt Bacharach and Hal David but it received a luke-warm response at a time when a sexual revolution was beckoning leaving the slap-stick "sexless" comedies very much out in the cold.

In it, Rock plays a hypochondriac who mistakenly thought he was on his death bed and so began the quest to find his wife the perfect replacement husband. Although after these three pictures they were never destined to re-unite again on the big screen they did collaborate for television.

doris day and rock hudson relationship

It was then years later after bowing out from mainstream entertainment that she agreed in to return to television in a new series for the Christian Broadcast Network, Doris Day's Best Friends. Doris grasped this opportunity to call on many of her old friends for support including dear Rock who was to be featured on the debut show and press conference launch.

Doris Day On Rock Hudson's AIDS Diagnosis |

A long awaited reunion of the golden couple took place but it shockingly revealed something which Doris was not prepared for as Rock arrived looking physically ill and a mere shadow of his former self.

Rock, whose real life had been masqueraded by his strong heterosexual roles on film was in real life a gay man who was now dying from what was then a unfathomable new virus called AIDS. She asked me if I would speak to him and move him to a guest cottage or property. Immediately after the taping Rock headed for treatment, boarding a plane for Paris in which he collapsed.

doris day and rock hudson relationship

Two months later he died at the age of