Divergent four and tris relationship poems

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divergent four and tris relationship poems

Four is Tris' instructor and they fall in love in the book (chap24). Will is one The words 'Tris' and 'Divergent' are in capital letters because they define who Beatrice Prior is. - RELATIONSHIP WEB. Picture . - SHORT POEM. Factions. The Divergent quotes below are all either spoken by Beatrice Prior / Tris or refer to . “According to Dauntless rules,” Four says, “one of you could also concede. Because in an alternate reality in Divergent, our favorite couple could have What would have happened if Tris and Tobias knew each other before they Follow Tris through initiation, sneaking around Dauntless to keep the relationship a.

And then Tobias left Beatrice for Dauntless, after they promised each other a forever. Beatrice picks Dauntless, determined to find Toby again, but as she finds herself falling deeper and deeper for her instructor, Four, what is she going to do?

Continue her search, or give in to love? They bump into each other one day on the street, and their friendship blossoms from there. I'm new to this site, and this is my first work of literature! Any criticism, good or bad, would be appreciated: But when Tobias transfers on his Choosing Day Beatrice is left to find herself and reconsider everything she was taught. When they meet again in a different life how will they reconnect?

After two years of torture she picks dauntless and she finally is free. A one-shot in which Tris and Tobias both stayed in Abnegation. T - English - Romance - Chapters: I'm hoping to stray from what others have written and breathe some new life into this story.

Tobias And Tris Quotes (11 quotes)

Let me know what you think! One certain girl does, though, and Tobias wants to feel the same thing she does. He wants to be care-free like the little blonde girl in the street. K - English - Chapters: For two years she has waited, alive but not living, missing a vital part of herself: He transferred to Dauntless and left her. But not before he left her with lasting words to hold onto: But when Tobias leaves for Dauntless to get away from his abusive father, what happens when Marcus turns his anger towards Beatrice?

How will she survive the next two years until she can get away? Or better yet, will she be able to? Please read, the story is A LOT better than the summary!

Tobias And Tris Quotes

I was one of these cases, along with my best friend Tobias. Our parents grew up together, so naturally we grew up together. We literally did everything together. We took our first steps together. Said our first words together, and we both were abused together. Rated T for violence Divergent Trilogy - Rated: It is also Tobias Eaton, my closest friends, Choosing Ceremony. I know he is going to leaving me.

Is Tobias a childhood memory she wishes to put behind her? They were inseparable, but then Tobias stops talking to Tris. She doesn't know what she did, and he won't tell her. Shes even more hurt when he transfers to Dauntless. Two years later, on her choosing day she chooses Dauntless, but what if she sees Tobias again? Will they both still be able to hide their feelings for each other?

Marcus knows that they were good friends, and is not happy. Beatrice receives the consequences. And will Tobias remember her? How can she get back her Toby? Secrets will be revealed! Both the main characters and extras are dressed in the appropriately hippy way.

Every faction has a particular style. For example, Amity dresses in warm, earthy tones, Abnegation dresses in all grey, and Candor dresses in black and white.

The film is a good example of how costumes can be used as a storytelling device. Overall, Insurgent is a fun watch.

divergent four and tris relationship poems

Watch as Tris gets a haircut and becomes even more empowered to fight to find the truth: Hollywood and Female Autonomy: Even though I can only speak on what the movie portrayed, what it showed was important, powerful, and something that should be talked about. First off, some backstory. Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, which all reflect different personality traits Selflessness, Honesty, Bravery, Intelligence, and Peacefulness, respectively.

The idea here is that you choose which faction you belong to based on your personality, and then you live and work there for the rest of your life. Since they defy categorization, Divergents are a threat to the tenuous social order between the factions and could potentially disrupt the peace, causing them to be feared and hunted by the Powers that Be. Now, right away, the movie shows Tris having total control over her future or as much control as one can have in a Big Brother type of society with her ability to choose her own faction, especially one as difficult as Dauntless.

Being in Dauntless proves a much more difficult task than she had anticipated, and she quickly finds herself in a dog-eat-dog society where initiates must improve or risk death or banishment.

Despite her fear of not making it through initiation and her fear that her divergent status will be discovered, Tris works hard and eventually becomes a success story among the new initiates of Dauntless.

Her determination to succeed comes solely from within herself as she strives to not be left behind. When it seems like she is going to be kicked out of Dauntless after losing a grueling fight, she runs and joins the rest of the group, prompting the hard-hearted initiate trainer to ask her who gave her permission to join them.

Tris is making her own choices in Dauntless and is not letting fear or totalitarian leadership control her. An even more stunning example of female agency, though, is seen with regards to Tris and her own body. Before she is rescued, she unmasks one of her attackers, and it turns out to be a close friend of hers.

That same friend comes to her later with tears in his eyes, begging for her forgiveness. Tris looks him straight in the eye and threatens him with death if he ever touches her again.

divergent four and tris relationship poems

Can you remember the last time that you saw a movie where a young woman was put in a victimizing situation and came out of it making it very clear, on no uncertain terms, that it was not to happen again because what happened to her body was her choice?

This is so surprising and important since Hollywood usually loves to glorify females in helpless situations rape scenes, assaults, murders, you name itand often no weight is given to the agency of the female in question. In a similar scenario, Tris is put through a fear simulator as a final test that will decide her future in Dauntless. In the simulator, you are presented with your worst fears, the final one being your deepest fear, and you are expected to conquer them.