Deadshot and harley relationship test

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deadshot and harley relationship test

Harley had an attraction to him, because Deadshot was a very strict leader to Harley is highly upset- you know there relationship is's just something. Deadshot is really good with guns, Captain Boomerang is pretty good with boomerangs, . with Deadshot at this point, and that's the extent with her relationship to any of them. Luckily, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Amanda Waller are . trust them one fucking bit so why would she stay to "Test the team"?. Will Smith sheds light on 'Suicide Squad's love triangle with Deadshot, Harley, and the Joker, a complicated set of relationships that mimics the.

True False If there's one thing Harley proves, is that sexuality isn't black and white. We are all aware of Harley's toxic relationship with the Clown Prince of Crime, and her much healthier, romantic friendship with Poison Ivy, and her longtime crush on Wonder Woman.

If you thought you felt some tension between Harley and Deadshot in Suicide Squad, you were right. The two characters have a physical relationship in the comics.

How many other DC characters has Harley been with sexually? Question 6 Harley Quinn is originally from the Bronx. Harley moved to "nearby" Gotham City for college and wound up keeping Gotham has her home base, especially since meeting Mistah J. When she eventually breaks out on her own, Harley goes back home for a while, and we get to see her various escapades in NYC in her own comic series.

deadshot and harley relationship test

Question 7 Harley made her first appearance in Batman: True False Harley Quinn has had an interesting background when it comes to her character development. Of course, like many comic book characters, her story has changed numerous times throughout the years. However, she's such a new character—she was created in the s—because Batman writers never wanted the Joker to have a love interest.

Allowing someone to love the Clown Prince of Crime makes him a more empathetic and human, which are qualities the Joker lacks. But there's just something about Harley. As soon as fans caught a glimpse of the Brooklyn broad in that skintight jumpsuit, they fell in love with her too. Question 8 The Joker eventually married Harley.

True False The Joker is a complete and total sociopath, which Harley is very much aware of. However, despite his ability to truly love and care for another human being besides himself and Batmanin his sick, twisted way, he does actually love Harley.

It's not the love that is seen in a healthy relationship, but he does what he can for a criminally insane clown. Fans have seen Joker push Harley out of windows, throw her to wild animals, even launch her to space on a rocket. Despite this, we've also seen him risk his life to win her back and break down crying in Harley's lap.

Question 9 Harley has a daughter with the Joker. True False We know that Joker has never really been able to commit to his adoring Clown Princess, so it would be hard to imagine them with a family—even though that's really all Harley ever wanted.

In Suicide Squad, we see her have a fantasy of them in a very normal life, with a home, clean skin, and a few rugrats roaming around. However, has much as she wants the picture-perfect "normal" life with her Puddin' she knows it's unattainable for them. As Harley says, "Normal is a setting on the dryer. True False Harley Quinn's creators were unaware that she would become a major character. Originally, Harley was only supposed to be a background character—just a member of Joker's gang of loyal misfits.

However, audiences fell head over heels with the loving lunatic, who seemed to be much more than just a misunderstood henchwoman. She became an ongoing character in Batman: The Animated Series and then she began appearing in the comics shortly after. No other character has jumped from TV to comics like Harley has.

deadshot and harley relationship test

Question 11 Harley's character was based off of Carol Burnett. True False Obviously Harley's creators were inspired by the Harlequin character from back in the day, but one of her creators, Paul Dini, was very good friends with a comedic actress.

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He swears she inspired the infamous Batman villainess. Dini witnessed the actress do a skit, where "She was in a fantasy sequence where they were all playing, like, nursery rhyme characters," explained Dini. And I was thinking, 'Hey that's kind of cool, you know? Let's go with that kind of feel.

deadshot and harley relationship test

True False Kevin Smith is an accomplished director, actor, author, screenwriter, producer, and comedian. Smith became well known in the film business after the success of his low-budget film Clerks. The New Jersey comic book geek married actress Jennifer Schwalbach, and apparently she really loves him because she let him name their daughter, born inafter one of his favorite comic characters. Question 13 She isn't good with weapons. True False Harleen earned a scholarship to Gotham City University because she was a straight A student and prominent gymnast -- she trained ever since childhood.

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And since Red Tool basically has the personality of Deadpool, that means his craziness is intense even for Harley Quinn. Harley first meets Red Tool when he begins stalking her and he decides to abduct her to introduce himself.

Red Tool moves extremely fast, so from there he quickly moves on to wanting to marry Harley, even surprising her with a fully set up wedding. Initially Harley just views Red Tool as a nuisance, but she does eventually get used to him enough to view him as a friend. So to her going on a date with Bruce is like going on a date with an entirely different person.

And in this story Harley definitely wanted that date, even to the point of being willing to pay over a million dollars for it. Bruce is auctioning off a date with himself for charity, and a lot of women turn out for it.

Having heard of the event in advance, Harley decides she wants that date and proceeds to get the necessary funds through robbery. Harley wins the auction, rescues Bruce from being kidnapped, and then the two of them grab dinner. Despite how different they are, they both seem to enjoy themselves and end the night with a kiss.

A lot of people have questioned why a trained psychiatrist would so easily fall for a psychopath like the Joker when attempting to treat him, and it turns out the answer to that question might be that Harley isn't as well-trained as we have been led to believe. One interpretation shows that she went to school, but she may not have gotten an education out of it.

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The panel above shows Harley at first stepping into the office of either one of her professors or perhaps even the dean of the school. His first death was a sacrificial play to take down Regulus, the leader of the terrorist organization known as Basilisk. He was given a full funeral, only to be revived a few issues later. His second death was at the hands of the new Squad member, the Unknown Soldier.

deadshot and harley relationship test

Deadshot also has a doppelganger on the Marvel side in the Daredevil villain Bullseye. Both characters are incredibly accurate with nearly any weapon, but Bullseye has a somewhat more lethal history, able to utilize nearly any object as a perfectly accurate, deadly projectile.

In Amalgam comics continuity, Deadeye finds himself facing off against other character combinations such as Dare Slade Murdockand Catsai Elektra Kyle. The two characters have even faced off on multiple occasions, with Deathstroke winning some, and Deadshot winning others.