Daya and bennett relationship memes

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daya and bennett relationship memes

Daya and Bennett have very different ideas recently spoke to the pair they offered radically different opinions regarding the morality of their characters' relationship. Which is a meme now by the way, which is great. He helps check in Piper and Daya on their first days. He and Daya soon begin a romantic relationship and, while performing oral sex, Daya finds out that Bennett . See more ideas about Daya and bennett, TV Series and Bustle. Daya and John ❤ #OITNB Daya And Bennett, Tv Show Quotes, Orange. Daya And Bennett Tv .. Pin for Later: Orange Is the New Black: A Relationship Update on the Main .

On top of that, CO John Bennett has not appeared on the show for an entire three seasons now and fans are not happy. Orange Is the New Black. In it, we learn that he's new to Litchfield as a Correctional Officer.

daya and bennett relationship memes

He helps check in Piper and Daya on their first days. He and Daya soon begin a romantic relationship and, while performing oral sex, Daya finds out that Bennett has an artificial leg.

Bennett used to be a soldier in the army; he lost one of his legs in Afghanistan. Later in the season, Daya gets pregnant with Bennett's baby.

daya and bennett relationship memes

To cover it up, she has sex with one of the other COs George 'Pornstache' Mendez and says that he raped her and the baby is his so that Bennett isn't fired. This works and Mendez is suspended from his position. However, in Season 2, Mendez returns and Bennett struggles to deal with the pressure of having a baby in prison.

daya and bennett relationship memes

Mendez is then arrested and fired. However, Bennett confesses to Caputo that the baby is his soon afterwards and Caputo makes him keep it a secret. Daya is looking for someone to stand up and claim her child. Does this mean she now respects Pornstache?

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And I think that's where she's a little disappointed in Bennett, because she feels like [Pornstache is] man enough to take on the consequences no matter what the outcome is.

He will stand up for our family, and I think that's what she's looking for. That sense of protection, that sense of "I will be here no matter what. At the same time, she's in love with Bennett, but she's so angry at him and so disappointed. She's very frustrating this season. Even myself playing her I'm like, "Girl you are all over the place. Just the part where he's trying to bring the spinach for a good purpose.

Which is a meme now by the way, which is great. That shows a level of interest and responsibility and caring. She looks at it like, "No I want a ring instead. How is a ring going to benefit us?

I've had this conversation recently. You know, I consider myself chivalrous to some degree. But generally I'm also a realist and I think the things I offer as Matt are more important than what that stuff signifies.

daya and bennett relationship memes

I think Pornstache is an example of a guy who's willing to do "the most chivalrous thing," which is declare the baby's his and go to prison. But he's also emotionally and psychologically the most screwed up person in the prison in some ways. And in that way, that sort of highlights for me a lot of times in real life how empty chivalry can be, because it doesn't mean anything if the real emotional connection and vulnerability and openness aren't actually there. In the eyes of the law, yeah.

I think as an actor, you do your best to justify the decisions your character makes, and I think things like the nice, sweet music that they play around our love scenes help beat the audience into that.

daya and bennett relationship memes

But I think that's sort of the beauty of it too. That in watching it, you're almost able to forgive these people for what is highly illegal and non-consensual sex so that it hits you once the reality sets in too because you're realizing — Polanco: I have a problem with the non-consensual. That's a conflict that you find as an actor because you're looking at it and you're judging your character.

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But you're also judging the situation because it's like, she's as responsible as he is. So, it's really consensual. It's not a Pornstache situation where she was kind of forced to do it. There was an attraction. I guess that's the romance part of me. There's a human attraction regardless of whether he's a guard and I'm an inmate.

And I think it would have been there in Litchfield or outside of Litchfield.

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