David and solomon relationship

David and Solomon

david and solomon relationship

Solomon wished to imitate his father David in every sense; his own real .. Press, ) discusses at length the relation between experience and behaviour. Saul, David and Solomon were the first 3 kings of Israel. differed greatly in their characters, achievements and most importantly their relationships with God. Solomon is Davids second son with Bathseba (the woman David committed adultery with) How are solomon and David related in their relationship to God?.

Tyre was the greatest economic center in the ancient world. This city had a vast amount of wealth from many goods that it traded with other empires and kingdoms. King David knew about the Phoenicians, and he knew that he could rely on them to purchase the materials that he needed to build the temple. King Hiram of Tyre had sent skilled craftsmen to build King David a house or fortress 1 Chronicles King Hiram sided with King David out of the treaty that they had signed together 2 Samuel 5: King Hiram probably established this treaty out of fear since he realized that God was with King David.

He also was trying to keep good diplomatic relations with the Israeli King since he knew that his nation was going to be a good investment during his time in power.

Tyre prospered financially from their business relations with Israel since they purchased wood, gold, purple dye, linen, iron and brass.

Hiram of Phoenicia Allies with David

King Hiram also sent King David many skilled craftsmen and servants to aid him in the construction process of the temple. The belief in gods was of extreme importance to people who lived in the ancient world. The Phoenicians chief deity was Baal, and the Israelis believed in God. The New Testament scarcely mentions long life once, but eternal life, or its real meaning spiritual life, is mentioned many times.

Natural health and long life in the Old Covenant are pictures of spiritual life and health in the new. In the natural realm, life and health are the foundations of all other blessings.

You cannot enjoy food, drink, possessions, entertainments or anything else after you die, or if your body is wracked with pain. So it is also in the spiritual realm.

King David - King Solomon - Relationships

Unless you have spiritual life and health you cannot hope for further spiritual blessings. Wisdom Why did Solomon ask God for wisdom? He had come to the throne as the young son of a great father, and he felt a big responsibility. His older brother Adonijah had already tried to take his throne from him.

He deeply wanted to rule the people of God rightly. No doubt he had great respect for the many virtues of his father. David had faith and great courage in battle and generosity and forgiveness even for his enemies. He was a poet also and a musician. Above all he had a deep love for God. However it appears he lacked wisdom, and probably Solomon had seen this and its consequences. Two stories will illustrate this difference between father and son.

David ignored the standard practice of those times of slaughtering every male member of a rival royal dynasty. Instead he adopted Mephibosheth as his own son, to eat with him at his table for the rest of his life.

The Secret History of King Solomon & The Queen of Sheba with Ralph Ellis

What grace and mercy to the undeserving! How beautifully we see the loving heart of God for the unlovely manifested in David. Ziba, the servant of Mephibosheth, joined David in exile, but Mephibosheth remained behind in the palace. Mephibosheth came out to meet them. All the time he had been faithful to David! I puzzled over this story, and reread all the details and tried to decide which of the two men was telling the truth.

Then another thought struck me. David himself could not decide who was telling the truth! He did not have wisdom.

The result was a serious injustice. If Mephibosheth was telling the truth, he was deprived of half his property for no reason, and Ziba was richly rewarded for his lies. If Ziba was telling the truth, then Mephibosheth was guilty of serious treachery and ingratitude to a man who had shown him nothing but undeserved kindness. He did very well only to lose half his property. Added to this David was going back on his promise to Ziba.

Solomon, soon after his meeting with God, faced a far more difficult problem. Two prostitutes gave birth in the same house. One baby was alive and healthy and the other died. Each claimed the living baby as her own, and there were no witnesses. Solomon had wisdom from God.

Cut him in two! Solomon, filled with wisdom from God, solved an almost impossible problem. David failed in a much easier situation. However it was only a foretaste of the wisdom that was later to be his. It was like a flash of inspiration or a gift of the Spirit to meet an immediate need. Later he had wisdom on every subject relevant to his day.

According to the record: His wisdom was so great that people came from far and wide to hear it.

David and Solomon - the Heart of God | In Defence Of The Gospel

At the age of 12 he was wise enough to be able to discuss the law with those who were many years his seniors. At the age of 30 that wisdom had matured to perfection, and he was ready for the work his Father had called him to do. The church age that is now passing has not been an age of wisdom. Many of the true saints of God have been members of corrupt churches. They have been fed more on fable than on truth. They have battled and prayed and wept like David, and shed their blood for love of their Saviour.

Generally, however, they have lacked wisdom. Paul himself had remarkable wisdom from God. He received an understanding of the Hebrew scriptures that, seen against the background of the time, was quite incredible. Children eat their food in total ignorance of how it has reached the table.

david and solomon relationship

They take it all for granted. So most people read the New Testament blind as to how it came to be there.

david and solomon relationship

He spoke of this wisdom in Eph 3: His vision of a church displaying the manifold wisdom of God was delayed in its fulfilment. The David age of conflict had to come first. The world has certainly moved into an age where knowledge has increased beyond all imagination.

In many ways also people are wiser than they were. By comparison the people of God often look - and are - foolish. That is now to end. We have come to the time when, like Solomon, we can ask God for wisdom, and he will give it to us. Jesus was wise with the wisdom of God. He wants to impart his wisdom to us. What is wisdom and how does Jesus impart it? Wisdom is Jesus, and he imparts it by imparting himself.

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Peace Peace was not named among the blessings that God promised Solomon in his dream. However it was the meaning of his name. David had definitely been a man of war. You are not to build a house for my Name, because you have shed much blood on the earth in my sight.

But you will have a son who will be a man of peace and rest, and I will give him rest from all his enemies on every side. His name will be Solomon, and I will grant Israel peace and quiet during his reign.

Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war any more. I believe there will be a day when wars will cease and the nations of the world live at peace with each other. But more importantly there will be a day when the people of God enter into their sabbath rest and, ceasing from their own works, live and rest in the power of God. I have written separately on this subject under the title Sabbath Rest. Riches Prosperity and wealth are the natural consequence of wisdom and peace.

Wisdom is the foundation of prosperity, just as folly is the foundation of poverty. Without peace, however, there is not much prosperity. Wars bring poverty to most people. Solomon ruled over a large area, and many of the surrounding countries paid tribute to him. He became massively wealthy. For Solomon, this wealth meant a magnificent palace, large numbers of servants, quantities of livestock, food and drink in abundance, and large amounts of gold, silver and precious stones.

What is the spiritual equivalent of this natural wealth? It was a huge structure measuring cubits 50 yards by 50 cubits 25 yards and was 30 cubits 45 ft high. Altogether it took 13 years to build. What is a house? Perhaps we should ask the homeless. It gives you security. It gives you protection from the weather. Jesus told his disciples that he was going to prepare a place an abode for them.

Later he told them that they must abide in him. He is that place. He is the house. He is where we must live. He is our protection from the storms. Our spiritual riches are safe only in him. In him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

He is the great palace where we can live in prosperity and abundance. Solomon also had large numbers of servants.

What is their meaning for us? Yet most of us know very little about them. Sometimes they were the mediators of revelations as with Daniel and John. Sometimes they assisted the Israelites in battle. Sometimes they provided help in time of need. They ministered to Jesus both in the wilderness after his temptation and in Gethsemane. They fed Elijah in his hour of need. Paul speaks of a future time when the people of God will judge angels.

Besides servants Solomon had large numbers of animals, especially horses. Animals can do excellent work, but their big difference from humans as seen in scripture is that they lack the power of thought. Food and drink symbolise the word and spirit of God. When God speaks, and we hear his voice, we are fed. His word is the food that nourishes us and makes us strong.

His spirit is the wine that makes us happy. We have certainly tasted the good word of God and drunk the wine of his spirit, but the coming feast will be a banquet that makes the previous best seem like plain bread and water.

Both the Bible and common speech associate riches with wisdom. We have seen already that wisdom was the gift Solomon asked from God, and it was this gift that led to all the others. Humanly speaking, wisdom and knowledge lead to wealth. Knowledge of business, law, medicine or computers can make people rich. Wealth is then the key to other possessions. The gold, silver and precious stones of the spiritual world are wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Wisdom is precious and beautiful and also brings with it all other spiritual blessings. Till now I believe we have lived in poverty.

We have only tasted a small portion of the immense wealth that our Father is waiting to give us. Wealth lies in the combined spiritual possessions of the people of God. We live in Jesus, and Jesus lives in us. God is our dwelling place. We are his dwelling place. The temple pictures God living in us. These great truths contradict each other to the natural mind, but can harmonise in the realm of spirit, which is not subject to the laws of time and space.

David had wanted to build a temple, but, because he was a man of war and bloodshed, God did not allow him to fulfil his ambition. He was permitted to make preparations for the temple, but the task of actually building it fell to Solomon.

This temple will be the true body of Christ. It is not the visible church we have seen and experienced in the past and till now. On the contrary, most of that has been the counterpart of Babel or Babylon in the Bible.