Daenerys and jorah relationship quotes

Game of Thrones as Myth: Jorah Mormont as the Dishonored Knight

daenerys and jorah relationship quotes

Daenerys and Jorah Mormont in the Dothraki sea. . Xaro offers to fund Daenerys's invasion of Westeros in exchange for her hand in marriage. .. Quotes. Spoken by Jorah. "The common people pray for rain, health and a summer that never. On many occasions Jorah shows signs of not only loving Daenerys as his It was a long kiss, though how long Dany could not have said. Jorah: My queen. My sword that was his is yours, Daenerys. And my heart as well, that never belonged to your.

Jorah is intelligent, but intelligence is not the same thing as common sense. Gods be good, I hope to always serve the rightful king. As a disgraced exile in Essos, he is no longer barring a royal pardon the Lord of Bear Island.

daenerys and jorah relationship quotes

Daenerys will give him that opportunity, but not in the way he expected. As the adventure gets underway, he embarks on a quest of both internal and external redemption.

Does loyalty mean nothing to you? Meanwhile, Jorah escaped into exile and eventually contracted greyscale after Lord Eddard Stark ordered his execution. Like them, Jorah will cast aside everything in order to redeem himself in the eyes of the woman he loves, even when that love is unrequited.

Someone who can rule and should rule. Centuries come and go without a person like that coming into the world. Once that happens, Jorah transforms from a wanderer and mercenary to a man on a quest for love. By saving her, he earns the trust of Kahl Drogo and becomes her permanent bodyguard, even though he could have let her die and returned to Westeros.

The knight has found a new quest. The Dishonored Knight continues to dishonor himself. However, he grows jealous of Daario Naharis, a new recruit, when it becomes clear that Dany is interested in him romantically. Still, Daenerys values Jorah as a friend and counselor, as shown when she refuses to let him fight as her champion at the gates of Meereen.

I never meant, please, Khaleesi, forgive me. Lancelot is undone when Arthur discovers his unforgivable adultery with Queen Guinevere, and Jorah is ruined when Daenerys learns of his early duplicity as a spy. After leaving Meereen, Jorah eventually surfaces in a Volantene brothel. Like the Greek Titan Prometheuswhom Zeus ordered chained to a rock while an eagle chewed out his liver which grew back every nightJorah seems doomed to be eternally punished for his mistakes.

After Daenerys escapes on Drogon and disappears, Jorah joins Daario on an expedition to find her. You came back, twice. And you saved my life. Tyrion Lannister was right. You have not been dismissed. You have pledged yourself to me. You swore to obey my commands for the rest of your life. Well, I command you to find the cure, wherever it is in this world.

I command you to heal yourself, and then return to me. When I take the Seven Kingdoms, I need you by my side.

Jorah and Daenerys have the best love story on Game of Thrones

Which begs the question where or who is home for Dany? I legit just teared up a little bit. They are totally and completely home for one another. With ever-shifting allegiances and betrayals galore, who else among our GoT crew can say that?

Game of Thrones as Myth: Jorah Mormont as the Archetypal Dishonored Knight

For example, when she childishly exiled Jorah in Season 4, the people of Mereen turned on her faster than someone cutting in line on Black Friday. Then, when he finally returned, Jorah saved Dany from a would-be assassin in the fighting pits, and she finally took flight on Drogon.

daenerys and jorah relationship quotes

In his absence, the Queen of Dragons promptly lost all of her Westerosi allies. But I think that all of these relationships have a lot in common in the organic way they came about. Jaime and Brienne see honor in each other where no one else does.

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Arya and Gendry saw each other as family getting choked up! And I already mentioned what Jorah and Dany found in each other. But none of these relationships are like Dany and Jorah because they do have the potential be more intimate in nature.

daenerys and jorah relationship quotes

Brienne believes in love and is looking for the honorable knight the songs sing about. And Arya and Gendry still have some growing up to do as long as the latter returns from his hiatus at sea.

daenerys and jorah relationship quotes

And what happens if he does get there successfully? Jorah knows he disgraced himself and his family by selling slaves — even if they were poachers on his land — and that he abdicated any right he had to Mormont heirlooms.

daenerys and jorah relationship quotes

Helen Sloan — HBO. But to Daenerys, Jorah is just Jorah. She never had the pleasure of meeting Jeor or even Lyanna, but we all know that pairing HAS to happen eventually, amiright? And Jorah always judged Daenerys on her own merits, rarely — if ever — bringing up her bonkers father or cruel brothers like so many others have.

They are a strong and united pair because they see each other for who they are, not their family names. For example, Jaime and Brienne have always been straightforward and relatively honest with one another, but neither one is fully devoted to the other due to family ties. Jaime still has Cersei, and Brienne has her honor and pledge to House Stark.

But this is Game of Thrones, so it probably will… Julie: The love you speak of between Dany and Jorah sounds like the love story that brought Jon into this world. Rhaegar started a war to protect Lyanna Stark.