Daenerys and daario relationship problems

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daenerys and daario relationship problems

Alas, the problem that was evident at the start of their relationship is too one- sided: Dany wants the Iron Throne more than she wants Daario. Or is it build up for something like daario's betrayal or something? Cause it seems to me that dany's basis on forming relationships aren't .. Maybe Dany has trouble relaxing during intimacy, which can lead of feelings of. But its fair to say it is going to be a problem for Dany. Just later .. Daario was helping Dany embrace her conqueror side and reminds her that.


Ygritte was hardly a shrinking violet, and Jon has already demonstrated his willingness to serve a female ruler. When Dany left Daario Naharis in Meereen, she told him it was because her quest for the Iron Throne may require her to marry and it would be awkward if she brought him to Westeros. So if incest, ambition and non-traditional gender roles are unlikely to create conflict between Dany and Jon, what might? She trusted him enough in that moment to restrain herself, and since then has only grown more sure of him.

And he pet Drogon.

daenerys and daario relationship problems

And again, the foreshadowed baby will cement their relationship should it come to be. However, they could face problems from an external source.

First, Jon made the point that once the Northerners see him and Dany traveling together to Winterfell they will realize she is an ally.

As Dany herself said, she is not coming to conquer the North; she is coming to save it. He has pledged his loyalty to Dany, and it makes sense that the other lords will follow the person who shepherded them through the war and defeated the Night King. Finally, the Great War is certain to take a significant toll on Westeros. However, after their fling turned into an actual relationship, she broke up with him suddenly.

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It was at the prompting of Tyrion, who—being very genre savvy—made Dany realize that as her lover, he would be a target once they land in Westeros. Given this late in the game of thronesDany has been hardened by difficult decisions, losses, and meandering subplots, it was a strong scene to reaffirm her compassion.

daenerys and daario relationship problems

However, the speed of it, and the mostly off-screen development was jarring as much for us as for Daario. Daxos tricked Daenerys and her team with the illusion of fortune and an army only to gain their trust, steal their dragonsand kill a few familiar extras. In another ironic twist or at least mean-spirited oneDany had Pree burned to death a recurring theme and had Xaro and Doreah locked in the vault together so they could starve, suffocate, or smother.

Variety is the spice of life, after all.

daenerys and daario relationship problems

In one of her first attempts at true compassion and trust, she was met with betrayal. Gracefully, the Mother of Dragons took this loss and turned it into a win: During the Dothraki siege against the Lhazar, Daenerys saved a mystical healer named Mirri Maz Duur from being gang raped by a group of Dothraki soldiers.

She hoped Mirri would save her sickly husband. However, using her pagan witchcraft, she made sure that Daenerys miscarried, and Drogo ended up braindead.

This was all revenge. Particularly seeing that austere coldness shift over her face.

Game of Thrones 3x08 - Daenerys meets Daario Naharis

Is that the beginning of a wise leader or a brutal dictator? All they do is kill and screw.

daenerys and daario relationship problems

Once in a while, someone might eat or take a nap, but in general, those are their two big pastimes. They are difficult to command and, as we covered, fond of sexual assault. Dany herself is bothered by this, but not enough to do anything about it.

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She has a problem: There will be a great amount of suffering brought to the civilians whose cities they pillage in Westeros. For someone who wants to bring freedom and fight for the voiceless, she has no problem letting a bunch of those little people be violated or killed along the way.

daenerys and daario relationship problems