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Female cowbirds drop their eggs in another bird's nest and jet off to the next fling. What about your relationship to your inner child, inner parent, and inner This poem has been a favorite for years without my ever thinking. Commensalism is a relationship between two organisms where one receives a benefit or benefits The birds have their insects and the cattle are unaffected. Cattle egrets are in symbiotic relationships with many animals. Egrets form symbiotic relationships with many different animals all over the world. Today they are.

Of course, the male had long since moved on to greener pastures, so what's a girl to do? Actually the story has little to do with character, as is almost always the case in the world of the undomesticated. The way some tell the story, cowbirds like a moveable feast Long before there were fences that kept the feasts in a confined area, cowbirds got used to being transported long distances away from a home nest. With a choice of either commuting home every night or changing their child rearing methods, they opted for change.

They outsourced their nesting chores and gained a sullied reputation. Why am I going on about cowbirds? Several years ago I was sitting on my front porch when I heard an enchanting bird song. It was like a watery, gurgling whistle. I went searching for it and found No color or beauty.

Just that sound that seems to touch some part of me that isn't quite domesticated either. The video above will give you a sense of what the cowbird song sounds like As I've been researching my new novel, Yellowstone Howlingand looking at more animal symbolism, I wondered what the symbolism would be for this less-than-admirable bird.

As the keeping of livestock spread throughout the world, the cattle egret was able to occupy otherwise empty niches. The species was introduced to Hawaii inand to the Chagos Archipelago in Successful releases were also made in the Seychelles and Rodriguesbut attempts to introduce the species to Mauritius failed.

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Numerous birds were also released by Whipsnade Zoo in England, but the species was never established. In the Northern Hemisphere, migration is from cooler climes to warmer areas, but cattle egrets nesting in Australia migrate to cooler Tasmania and New Zealand in the winter and return in the spring. They move north from Kerala after September. Flocks may fly vast distances and have been seen over seas and oceans including in the middle of the Atlantic. Its global population estimated to be 3.

For these reasons, the species is evaluated as least concern. The breeding season varies within South Asia. A new mate is chosen in each season and when renesting following nest failure.

Sticks are collected by the male and arranged by the female, and stick-stealing is rife.

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Sibling rivalry can be intense, and in South Africathird and fourth chicks inevitably starve. The same study attributed some nestling mortality to brown pelicans nesting in the vicinity, which accidentally, but frequently, dislodged nests or caused nestlings to fall.

Studies have shown that cattle egret foraging success is much higher when foraging near a large animal than when feeding singly.

Its performance is similar when it follows farm machinerybut it is forced to move more.