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A page for describing Characters: Angel Investigations. The other pages are: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters The Scooby Gangnote Buffy Summers, . I recall seeing a few random episodes of Angel reruns when I was pretty young and thinking the Cordelia and Angel relationship was cute, but. Cordelia Chase was an agent of the Powers That Be. When the Cordettes found out about her relationship with Xander, Cordelia was unable to withstand the.

Willow also begins teaching Ms. Calendar's computer science class due to her extremely high aptitude and subsequently becomes interested in Jenny's notes and websites devoted to magic while Spike becomes increasingly jealous over Angelus and Drusilla's apparently sexual relationship while he is left crippled in his wheelchair. In " I Only Have Eyes For You " it turns out that Spike is in fact ambulatory and that he is hatching a plan of his own to take his revenge on Angelus and win Drusilla back.

During the season finaleBuffy and Willow come across the spell Jenny was working on just prior to her death. While they deliberate on what is to be done, Kendra returns to Sunnydale by word of her watcher who claims that a dark power is once again rising at the Hellmouth. This power turns out to be the stone statue of the powerful demon Acathla who, once upon a time, attempted to swallow the world into Hell. Angelus hatches a plan to awaken Acathla once again and destroy the world.

After he fails to awaken the demon however, Angelus sends a team led by Drusilla to kidnap Giles while he calls Buffy out to distract her.

Buffy returns to the library to find the police waiting for her. She flees their attack and makes it to the hospital to find her friends. When no one can find Giles, she goes to his house where she finds a demon named Whistler Max Perlich.

He tells her that what happened with Acathla wasn't meant to go the way it did — Angel is in fact the key that will re-open Acathla but the Powers that Be thought that Angel's destiny was to stop him. Drusilla uses her psychic powers to trick Giles into giving Angelus this information after Angelus sadistically tortured the watcher. Meanwhile, Willow awakens from her coma after a proclamation of love from best friend Xander and adamantly decides to try to perform the ritual of restoration to return Angel's soul.

Spike joins forces with Buffy to help take down Angelus while Buffy's mom, Joyce Summers Kristine Sutherlandfinally figures out the truth about her destined daughter. As Buffy leaves to retrieve a mystical sword brought to Sunnydale by Kendra, Joyce tells Buffy never to come back. With nothing left, Buffy storms Angelus' mansion while Xander aids a weakened Giles. Buffy is too late, even with Spike's help who takes Drusilla out of the fray.

Angelus uses his blood to reawaken Acathla. As Buffy and Angelus compete in an epic sword fight, Acathla begins to swallow the earth. Meanwhile, Willow successfully performs the powerful spell after she is overcome by an unknown mystical energy. As Angel's soul is returned, Buffy has one chance to save the world and, after kissing him and proclaiming that she loves him, runs the magical sword through Angel's chest, who is then swallowed by the portal, closing it for good.

Left utterly devastated, Buffy flees Sunnydale. Cast and characters[ edit ]. Buffy, Angel and Giles immediately open it. Inside, to the puzzlement of all, they find an armored, gauntleted, severed arm, which promptly comes alive and tries to strangle the Slayer.

After prying Buffy loose, Angel explains his grim suspicion that Dru is attempting to bring back a powerful demon called the Judge, whose purpose is to rid the world of "the plague of humanity" by "burning the righteous down," leaving only evil demons alive. Recognizing Angel's account, Giles further explains that the Judge could not be killed, even by an entire army, and was only neutralized by being dismembered, with the pieces scattered to "every corner of the earth.

Jenny tells Angel "I'll drive you to the docks. Leaving Jenny to wait in the car, Buffy walks Angel up a dock to the pier where a tramp freighter lies at anchor.

Neither of them is able to hold back tears when he gives her the Claddagh ring he chose for her gift. Buffy pleads with Angel to stay, but he hushes her, urging her not to dwell on the time they'll be apart or the dangers they'll each certainly face. When their slow goodbye kiss breaks, Angel begins to say something else, but at that moment, vamps attack. In the ensuing fight, Buffy is thrown bodily off the pier and Angel leaps into the water after her, leaving Dalton and two vamp thugs to make away with the box containing the Judge's arm.

With the armageddon-out-of-town mission a bust, the gang minus Oz and Cordelia congregates back at the library to research a way to find Dru and stop the Judge. Knowing she hasn't been sleeping well lately, the others let Buffy rest in Giles' office, where she slips into a dream of a huge, dim interior containing candles, greenery and, oddly, Jenny Calendar. Wearing a long white satin nightgown, the dreaming Slayer bends to examine a collection of variously-shaped boxes that seem to contain other pieces of the Judge.

At that moment, Drusilla calls to her from the catwalk above, where she holds a strangely quiescent Angel hostage. When Dru presses a huge, curved dagger to Angel's throat, Buffy yells and wakes. Back at the lair, Dru's party gets underway and Spike presents her with the final piece to the puzzle, the Judge's head. When the last box is in place, the whole structure glows from within and opens down the middle, revealing the enormous, blue-skinned horned demon inside.

The Judge totters a bit when he steps from his reassembled coffin, and Spike, reaching out to tap the armor breastplate, confronts the demon about his murky intentions and weakened condition.

Eager to see some action, Dru offers the Judge a "party favor. Dru is wildly excited by the show. Buffy, recognizing the factory location of the vampire lair from her dream, takes Angel on a recon mission, sending the others to various transport locales, just in case the final pieces of the Judge have yet to arrive.

At the factory, Buffy and Angel sneak along the catwalk and see Spike and Drusilla entertaining their guests below, among whom is a huge blue demon. Just as they realize what they are seeing, the Judge becomes aware of their presence. Buffy and Angel are immediately captured and brought before the Judge, Spike and Dru, but manage to break free before the Judge can kill them.

Together, they escape through the sewers and emerge above ground in the pouring rain.

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Then, still alive, still together, they hold hands and run for the nearest shelter. Angel sheds his dripping coat as soon as they reach his apartment. To alleviate her uncontrollable shaking, he brings Buffy some dry clothes and urges her to get under the covers "just to get warm. Sitting on the bed to inspect the small cut on her back, Angel tenderly slips the camisole strap from her shoulder and tells her it's already healing, then falls silent and still.

Unable to resist his proximity, Buffy shivers and leans back, tucking herself into his embrace. In this relative safety, with nowhere else immediately to be, and in reaction to all the stressful events of the past two days, the Slayer quietly begins to weep. Heartbroken, clearly desiring her, Angel simply holds her.

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Struggling to express her deepest fear, Buffy says "You almost went away today. Uneasy, Angel pulls back long enough to murmur "Buffy, maybe we shouldn't Some time later, they lie asleep side by side, Buffy's arm over his chest. Suddenly, Angel sits up with a gasp, then struggles from the bed, all the while thunder and lightening crash outside. Somehow he dresses and stumbles out to the alley, where he collapses in agony, crying Buffy's name.

Inside, the Slayer sleeps undisturbed, never hearing as Angel calls her name over and over into the pouring dark. Drusilla breaks Dalton's glasses after he loses the Judge's arm. The Judge will burn every being that is not pure evil. Buffy's wound has already closed up due to her Healing Factorbut Angel examining the injury adds further to the UST moments before they make love.

Giles and Angel share their last ever moment of bonding when they gaze on a sleeping Buffy. In Buffy's second dream, as she sees Drusilla about to cut Angel's throat. Jenny and Buffy see Dalton's henchvamps loading a truck. Jenny tries to talk her out of investigating. Sacred duty, yada yada yada.

Drusilla's henchvamps are clearly terrified of her manic moments. Buffy's dream has Willow saying about her monkey in French "The hippo stole his pants" referring to the animal crackers conversation she had with Oz in "What's My Line", plus Willow trying to teach Buffy French in "School Hard".

Played straight for once; Buffy startles awake after seeing Drusilla kill Angel. Caught in the Rain: Angel and Buffy's escape through a rainstorm leads to them taking shelter in his apartment, with inevitable consequences. Angel wakes up next to a sleeping Buffy and runs out into the storm, screaming in pain. The Judge can't just ' zap ' his victims as he's too weak after being reassembled; he must make physical contact to kill them. The Scoobies are hiding under the table waiting to pull their surprise party, when they hear fisticuffs outside, then Buffy and a vampire come crashing through the window.

Joyce's words in her dream; "Do you really think you're ready, Buffy? Is Buffy ready to lose her virginity, and is she ready for the consequences of that act? Thunder crashes when Angel wakes up in bed in pain as the curse is ripped from him.

Dreaming of Things to Come: As always with prophetic dreams however, they're misleading. Angel doesn't die a physical death, but Buffy and Drusilla's actions destroy the ensouled vampire, bringing about the return of Angelus. The Judge's first act upon being reassembled is to burn all the goodness out of Spike's lackey, Dalton thereby killing himsimply because he enjoys reading. Everything's Better with Monkeys: Willow has an organ grinder monkey with her in Buffy's dream for no reason that Buffy can comprehend.

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Spike is now in a wheelchair, and is scarred on one side of his face.