Clark kent and lois lane relationship

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clark kent and lois lane relationship

What is Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman's relationship in The New 52? 1, Views What is the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane?. Even when they're together, the relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent still defines a massive amount of what we understand about. Superman and Lois Lane are among the best known fictional couples. They were .

clark kent and lois lane relationship

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I probably would've masked my feelings in sarcasm too. Following Lois' injury in a plane crash, Clark visited her at the hospital where Lois confided in him about her experience. After he told her that he was glad she was all right and affectionately touching her hand, both of them noticed that they were becoming closer.

This moment was then abruptly interrupted, becoming awkward and reverting them to their usual banter. Lois kisses a disguised Clark in Hydro. After Oliver Queen came to Smallville and he and Lois started a relationship, Oliver suggested that Clark was a bit jealous and possibly had feelings for Lois that he himself wasn't aware of. When Oliver turned out to be a good guy, Clark told him that if he continued to keep his identity as Green Arrow a secret from Lois, their relationship was doomed to fail, having learned this the hard way from his relationship with Lana Lang.

Soon, Lois began to rightly suspect that Oliver was the Green Arrow and enlisted Clark's help to prove it. Instead, Clark dressed up as the Green Arrow to help Oliver keep his identity secret.

After Oliver appeared next to the costumed Clark, Lois slapped Clark and he sped away. When he took off his disguise, he was surprised at Lois' actions, but also visibly pleased. Lois later declared the Green Arrow Clark a fabulous kisser, even better than Oliver. Lois hits on Clark. On Valentine's DayJimmy Olsen attempted to set Lois and Clark up on a date, reasoning that the two of them had chemistry, but after they were left alone, Lois and Clark parted company.

Nevertheless, Lois then tried a red kryptonite lipstick and became infatuated with Clark. While Clark seemed into it but as well felt uncomfortable with Lois' advances, she continued to pursue him aggressively. Once Lois was finally able to pin Clark down and kiss him, the lipstick infected him as well, enabling Clark to gladly reciprocate her feelings. Kal and Lois crash Lex and Lana's engagement dinner. This kiss also caused Lois to recognize as the Green Arrow from their earlier embrace, but he explained that he was only covering for Oliver.

Under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark revealed his powers to Lois and took her on a moonlit leap from the Daily Planet rooftop to Queen Tower. At Oliver's home, Clark and Lois became very intimate, ripping off each other's clothing, until Clark became distracted by Lois' invitation to Lex and Lana 's engagement party.

clark kent and lois lane relationship

They then crashed the party where he left Lois to kidnap Lana. Lois was upset until Jimmy sprayed her with the antidote and she went back to herself. She was left with no recollection of what had happened and was surprised to discover that she had a "Lois and Clark Forever" tattoo on her cleavage, which fortunately was only temporary.

She approached Clark to discover what he remembered from their escapades, nervous that they might have slept together, which they had not. Clark teased Lois about her infected behavior until she discovered a Whitesnake CD she had given him, prompting her to comment that " I must really have liked you to give you that CD".

This caused them to become uncomfortable, but the awkward tension between them quickly left. Season Seven "Talk about sweeping a girl off her feet. He was clearly concerned for Lois' safety, as she made it her mission to go up against the Luthors.

While at the mansion, Lois came across Clark's doppelganger, Bizarro. Attracted to her, Bizarro hit on her, which she did not appreciate. She slapped him and later, believing that it had been Clark, reprimanded Clark for it.

When Clark told Lois that he was going to leave Smallville, she was clearly upset, although she covered up her feelings by making it seem that she only wanted him around to harass. Clark decided to stay, but he and Lois spent some time apart, as he was busy looking after his newly arrived Kryptonian cousinKara, as well as his renewed relationship with Lana.

Meanwhile, Lois was busy with her job at the Daily Planet and her new relationship with the editor, Grant Gabriel. Clark offers Lois his support after her final break-up with Oliver.

When Lois' relationship with Grant fell apart and her subsequent attempt to reignite her relationship with Oliver failedClark comforted Lois. She clearly appreciated this and the two of them embraced. She tried to return the favor when he was grieving for Lana after she was attacked by Brainiac. Lois was saddened that she wasn't able to help Clark more and reverted to a 'buddy' relationship by taking him for a drink. Lois was keen to help Clark apply for an internship at the Daily Planet, indicating their growing relationship.

Lois consoles a devastated Clark when Lana leaves him. Once Lana recovered, she quickly made a decision to leave Smallville and left Clark a video explaining her decision, as well as ending her relationship with him.

Lois walked in as Clark was watching it and offered him a comforting hug and he appreciated her support. Alternate Reality "So, Kent, do you always bowl women over the first time you meet them? Lois appreciated his help and was impressed by his superpowers. Despite lacking any knowledge of Clark as a person, she trusted him and offered him help to find out what Lex Luthor and Milton Fine were up to.

Season Eight "I don't do too well with fortune tellers. The last one I went to see, told me I was destined to fall for a guy who So I'm just waiting for my cross-dressing pilot to make his landing. He would never have been able to pull away from me ,if he wasn't drawn by his attraction to you. We may not know it yet but believe me there is a bond,and I could see it on your face when you caught us together.

I've seen the way you two look at each other, trust me Lois and Clark would be great together. I feel it in my gut. Following Clark's return after he temporarily lost his powers during the collapse of the Fortress of Solitudehe bumped into Lois while they searched for Chloe at Black Creek.

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Lois seemed pleased to see him, although surprised, as he had been missing for several weeks. They greeted each other with their usual banter and once they had rescued Chloe, Clark took up Lois's earlier suggestion to work at the Daily Planet. Lois was surprised at Clark's change of heart but seemed pleased that Clark would be working at the desk opposite hers, although she kept her feelings hidden from Clark.

Lois taken with Clark's new outfit. Lois greeted Clark on his first day and took him under her wing to teach him all she knew about journalism. She gave him one of her colleagues' spare suits to borrow and seemed attracted to his new, smarter look.

They began to work on stories together and they seemed to appreciate each other's help. Lois and Clark work together.

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When Maxima, a super powered alien queen with mind-altering powers, came on to Clark, he was unable to resist her endorphin kiss. Lois walked in on Maxima and Clark making out in the elevator and was noticeably shocked and upset by what she had seen. Seeing Lois, Maxima's spell over Clark was broken and he rushed after Lois, although she claimed to not care about Clark's love life and quickly rushed off. Perceiving Lois as a threat and jealous of Lois's connection with Clark, Maxima went after Lois with intention to kill her.

Lois denied any bond between her and Clark, but Maxima explained that a bond between them was the only way Clark was able to resist her influence.

Lois was surprised by this and prepared to defend herself against Maxima's attack, but Clark arrived in time to save Lois by super speeding away with Maxima. Once Clark had returned Maxima to her home planet, Almerache discussed with Lois what had happened. Maxima had made Clark think about soul mates and he wondered aloud to Lois if he would recognize his soul mate.

20 Reasons Why Lois & Superman Are DC's Finest Couple (And Batman & Catwoman Aren't)

Lois assured him that he would know when the right woman came along, but remained secretive regarding what Maxima had said to her. Clark then offered Lois her old room back at the farm, but she declined. Lois confesses her feelings for Clark.

clark kent and lois lane relationship

Lois got drunk at Chloe and Jimmy's engagement party and Clark took her to the Kent Farm to make sure she was safe. Lois awoke on the sofa wearing Clark's red football jersey and was nervous that they might have slept together. Clark quickly put her mind at rest and then drove Lois back to her apartment.

When they arrived Lois listened to an answering machine message that she had drunkenly left, talking about how cute Clark was and how he is the one who come to her rescue not Oliver. Lois was clearly embarrassed but claimed it was just the alcohol talking.

Surprised that Chloe and Jimmy had not returned to their apartment yet, Clark and Lois began to investigate the situation, discovering that several engaged couples had been recently kidnapped. Lois and Clark posed as a couple in various shops to try to lure out the kidnapper.

Clark was reluctant to do this, while Lois seemed to enjoy it. The situation became a bit awkward, however, when Oliver stumbled into their jewelry shop and they continued to pretend to be engaged. Their plan backfired when Lois was kidnapped and Clark was weakened by the kidnapper's kryptonite bracelet.

Lois Lane is far more than 'just' Superman's girlfriend

With both Lois and Clark tied up in electric chairs and wired to a lie detector. The kidnapper, Macybegin to ask them questions. Lois tried to explain that they were not even a couple, but Macy continued his game, asking her if she loves Clark.

Wanting to spare Clark the pain of another electric shock, but keen to keep her feelings hidden, Lois hesitated.

clark kent and lois lane relationship

Clark encouraged her to tell the truth and was surprised to hear Lois admit that she did love him. This registered as the truth and Clark was then asked the same question.

clark kent and lois lane relationship