China and north korea relationship south

Trump Says China To Blame For Hurting U.S.-North Korean Relations : NPR

china and north korea relationship south

China's relations with North Korea are complex with a variety of bad choices and Trump's recent remarks that South Korea, Japan and even Taiwan should. People bicycle past a giant TV screen broadcasting the meeting of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping during a welcome ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing (June 19, ). Xi Jinping is putting his stamp on all levels of the Chinese. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, right, raises hands with China's . to Jiang Zemin's decision to normalize relations with South Korea in

However, what are the options and restraints China faces in its relations with North Korea? This short article does not mean to engage in the debate on whether China or the U.

Trump Says China To Blame For Hurting U.S.-North Korean Relations

Sino-North Korean relations are not what they used to be. But even as the Chinese government, as well as the vast majority of academics and the young generation, has grown increasingly frustrated with North Korea, there remain pro-North Korean elements, not least among the old generation, in the border areas of Northeast China, and within the armed forces. Changes in perception of North Korea aside, this is not what primarily drives Chinese policy towards North Korea or for that matter a concern that North Korea will turn against China militarily.

Rather it is the realpolitik in the region and the potential geopolitical, security and economic implications of continued tensions on the Korean Peninsula. This is not primarily because of the threat to global security as much as how a nuclear North Korea would, according to Chinese perceptions, strengthen the military alliance between U.

Indeed, the alleged U.

china and north korea relationship south

The prospect of more strategic weapons in the region, such as the missile defense system THAAD, bombers, but also potentially a U. As recent developments show, this concern is not hypothetical. According to a recent poll by Gallup Korea, 6 out of 10 South Koreas are today supportive of reintroducing U. Such a scenario of militarization most likely creates tense political, and potentially economic, relations between China and the U.

Conversely, and however unlikely in the present context, China has everything to gain from a successful nuclear deal between the United States and North Korea, which could result in the scaling down of the joint military exercises or even that the U.

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Coming under increasing pressure to use its economic leverage to bring Pyongyang to heel, Beijing is faced with a number of considerations. Its economic relations with North Korea are miniscule compared to its much larger trading relations with the U. Both Russia and China have called for gradual sanctions relief should the situation on the peninsula improve. As the North Korean market slowly normalizes, Chinese companies will face stiffer competition from other foreign investors trying to take advantage of low-cost offers from the North.

But this is not necessarily a disadvantage for China—diversified investment sources will spread Chinese risk which has traditionally been high.

This means Beijing supports the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula so long as it contributes to both of these aims. Pyongyang has played into this competition well, seeking to restore China-North Korea bilateral political and economic support while taking initial steps towards denuclearization with the United States. In the long term, it is uncertain whether the North will choose to tilt toward China or the United States or to adopt a traditional small state diplomatic strategy of playing one country off against the other.

china and north korea relationship south

This Treaty ratifies that the two nations can take all necessary measures, including military support, to oppose any country or coalition that might attack either nation, granting China a legal right to intervene on the Korean Peninsula during wartime. The Treaty notwithstanding, China does not believe it is obligated to defend North Korea in any conflict initiated by Pyongyang, [8] although, it is difficult to see how it could avoid getting pulled into any conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

While China denies having a formal alliance with North Korea, claiming instead that their relations are a normal state-to-state relationship, [9] the international community generally sees them in this way.

china and north korea relationship south

However, this relationship is still a long way off. According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China and North Korea do not have a partnership, but rather traditional friendship and cooperation. North Korea has few security alternatives.

china and north korea relationship south

The near-term prospects for concluding a peace treaty with the United States remain uncertain. There is no doubt that China hopes to play an instrumental role in shaping any future peace and security regime for the Korean Peninsula.

To maximize its influence, Beijing could consider extending a formal security guarantee to North Korea.