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Charlotte Salt Wiki: Inside The Life Of The Actress She has a sister by the name Abbie Salt. Charlotte is married to Oliver Coleman. Artist Draws The Happiest and Saddest Things About Long Distance Relationships. It's been four years since Charlotte Salt had her first run on BBC One's Casualty We've also seen, in recent months, a romantic relationship being The real actors, Charlotte and Oliver Coleman, actually got married in real. Charlotte Salt, who played the feisty doctor from to , has signed played by Charlotte's real-life husband Oliver Coleman – but sadly, an interesting connection to another Casualty regular – paramedic Iain Dean.

However, in a shock first episode of the new series, Sam gets mortally wounded by shrapnel penetrating her abdomen following the epic motorway explosion. I have never really been a massive Sam enthusiast however the character has received huge amounts of admiration online from fans since her return, but does it feel like her second sprint on the show has been weighted with wasted potential? Charlotte Salt, the actress who plays Sam, has revealed in interviews specifically Digital Spy that she found the producers decision to kill off her character a bit shocking, however she did not want to return to Casualty long-term.

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With that being said, here are my 10 reasons why I think Sam Nicholls storyline this year has been pretty poor: Not exploring her marriage with Dylan This is by far the most talked about topic amongst Casualty viewers as Dylan is another fan-favourite character. Were there any good times to the marriage and specifically why did they break up, other than the relationship potentially being too rushed?

Even small things would have created such a better image of their past connection, like how they met and ended up together and are yet such opposites now?

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The real actors, Charlotte and Oliver Coleman, actually got married in real life and now have a baby together which is so sweet. Will the show explore the details for both marriages now that Sam has been killed off? Maybe Tom will turn up for the funeral and will reveal all! Making her a paramedic and not explaining why OK, so technically they did explain why.

We all know the real reason is because the writers wanted her close to Iain. What Sam whistle-blew about is still unknown. Making her relationship with Iain kind of weird and all over the place When Sam returned last year, Iain seemingly despised her considering she slept with him whilst she was married, but that hatred quickly disappeared within the space of a couple of episodes and their friendship suddenly became banter-centric, rather than romantic like it had been previously.

In her first episode back, she makes it clear she originally wants to transfer to another location after realising she has history with Holby and her colleague Iain, but she seems eager to stay after this so maybe they could have explored what made her stay and what her goals were.

In the end, she and Dylan manage to bond when they realise their argument is not important.

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Dylan later tells Sam that he has booked a table at a restaurant, and she realises that he thinks they are going on a date. When they are called upon to treat a patient together, Dylan decides to hand the patient over to Sam, as he refuses to have anything to do with her. However, when Dylan begins belittling her, Sam decides she has had enough and contacts her former commanding officer to ask if she can return to the army.

Dylan's attitude towards her grows meaner, but she tries her best to ignore it and get on with her work. She also thought that Dylan's refusal to sign the papers was because he knew that was what Sam wanted.

Salt said that Sam accepts the way Dylan treats her because she knows he is hurt. Salt continued, "she doesn't want him to hate her or to lose him as a friend.

She's almost reaching out to Dylan for a helping hand. It's really quite moving. She puts Keith in a headlock, which fractures a bone in his neck. The situation also affects Sam's colleagues, who feel that they have to support her. However, she refuses to meet with Keith as she feels that it was not her fault.

Zoe asks Dylan to persuade Sam to change her mind, but he is hesitant to get involved. Salt told Ellis that Sam fails to realise that she cannot lash out at people without consequences. Dylan tries to avoid giving his, while Zoe learns that she will be called as a witness.

While Sam is treating patients from a suicide bombing, Sam is alarmed when it seems one of them is reaching for a device and she makes "a split-second decision which has life-changing consequences.

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Salt enjoyed exploring Sam's past, and commented that Sam and Iain's affair "was just a moment of comfort — it's a different world out there in Afghanistan. Salt explained that if Sam is found guilty she would lose everything, as she would no longer be allowed to work as a doctor.

She then decides to fire her legal team and represent herself. Salt thought it was "madness", but said that Sam needed to feel that she was in control of her own fate.

However, Dylan is shocked when Iain reveals that he and Sam were romantically involved, and that Sam has been affected by the events in Afghanistan. She continued, "The lose all sense of professionalism, and end up bickering in the middle of the hearing room!

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Salt believed that Sam would be changed by the whole situation, saying she would be more cautious. Salt commented, "But she could find herself in a situation where she's more into the romance than the other person is. The pair shared a chemistry that came to a head when Sam's friend Melanie Fox Melanie McLean was admitted to the hospital. Sam "reluctantly" leaves Tom to treat Melanie. But ahead of the staff Halloween party, they share a kiss in the staff room while getting ready, just as Dylan walks in.

What I'd like to see is a more personal look at what they get up to away from work. And I think we will be seeing more of that — there's a lot more fun things coming up for them both. When she is asked on a date by another doctor, Tom becomes jealous and realises that he wants to commit to her.

He tries to keep his plans a secret, but nurse Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson sees Tom showing off the ring to a patient, and soon everyone in the ED knows. Tom feels "betrayed" and decided not to propose, but Sam, having learned of his plan, proposes to him instead. Sam defends herself, telling Tom that his jealousy is the reason why she kept it a secret.

After Tom asks Sam to think about whether she wants to marry him or not, she gets drunk with Iain and kisses him. She also said that Sam knows it was a mistake and wants to forget it ever happened. They help to save the workman and Iain is one of the paramedics that arrives on the scene. Sam does not feel disappointment when she and Tom miss their ceremony, and she questions whether they should get married at all. Although Sam and Tom wanted a low key ceremony, they love that their friends are with them.