Charlie and monroe revolution relationship quotes

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charlie and monroe revolution relationship quotes

Sep 5, Revolution - Monroe & Miles #Season2 "Look at you. You happy to see Revolution - Rachel Charlie # #Season2 I love their relationship. When Charlie tells Rachel that she's teamed up with Miles, Rachel Monroe and are rewarded with a good look at his relationship with Miles, growing up. . I'd like a little more revolution in my Revolution, thanks. Quotes. Today's rant post features Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, or Charloe, as the fans are want to call it. Now, this is one of those relationships.

A lot of the haters also think Charlie should end up with baby-Bass, aka Connor, but really, that's just asking for things to get messy I'm not sure what's going on with Revolution. For the first half of this season I was like "yeah baby, this stuff is awesome!

Most of all, I liked the sudden development of something between Sebastian Monroe and Charlie Matheson. Except then things got a little crazy, and now I'm just confused. Do I like what's happening now? I really can't decide. This show is on hiatus for the Olympics at the moment, and after the last episode, I can't say I'm all that upset about it.

You see, things used to be simple. Charlie hated Monroe for indirectly being responsible for her brother and father getting killed plus a couple of other characters along the way, but, you know, this is war and all that stuff. And Monroe is at first portrayed as this psycho dictator type guy who randomly kills puppies and small children. Okay, not really puppies, but unfortunately some children may have died.

Anyway, so in the first part of season two, Charlie's only purpose in life is to track down and kill Monroe. Well, she succeeds in the tracking him down part, but the killing Somehow it all ended with them tied up in the bottom of an empty pool, and between snarky comments, the spark was more than obvious. Enter the Charloe fans. After months of searching they finally found him. There was a fight, in which Ben Matherson was killed. Later, at Kimberton Pennsylvania, Monroe himself is interrogating a captured Rebel, but kills him when he is unable to extract any information.

Sebastian and Charlie

Personality Bass is charismatic, charming with an all-or-nothing personality. He comes off as emotionally fragile when it comes to personal relationships. Although he was deeply devoted to Miles and viewed him as a brother, like many brothers do, Bass was sometimes jealous of what Miles had sleeping with Emma and as he hinted, coveted Nora. After Bass's parents and sisters were killed by a drunk driver, Bass was going to commit suicide, but Miles talked him down.

After the Black Out, Bass exhibited a strong loyalty to Miles, but he didn't care about the Republic or the men they were leading, which shows in his lack of interest in keeping the Militia in check. Bass is deeply paranoid after Miles tried to assassinate him. He carries his gun with him at all times after the attempt and once shot one of his advisors in the head after he heard about Neville's desertion and that his son, Jason, was not dead but alive and fighting with the Rebels.

Bass comes off as a womanizer as well. With most of the women he has interacted with, he exhibits a charismatic, suave persona that is meant to put them at ease and easier to manipulate. She and Monroe had an affair which resulted in Monroe's son Connor.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship quotes

Monroe had no idea that he had a child until Emma told him, but before she could tell him where to find him, she was shot and killed. It is revealed that even though Emma kept the child's existence a secret for many years, after witnessing how cruel Monroe became while leading the republic, she asked Miles to help her hide Connor from him.

After finding out, Monroe demands that Miles tell him where his son is. They go together to Mexico, where they find him but Connor doesn't react well to the news of his father suddenly appearing. Choosing to be loyal to the cartel that took him in when he was starving on the streets, he sells out Monroe and helps capturing him. Later, he starts to doubt his decision and helps Rachel to rescue Monroe and Miles.

His betreyal is found out and he escapes with Monroe. Their relationship remains strained but Monroe convinces Connor to help him restore the Monroe Republic.

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For years, Rachel refused to give up her secrets about the Black Out and how to turn the power back on, until Monroe kidnapped her son and brings him to Philadelphia as a hostage. Rachel attempted to kill Monroe along with herself by using a grenade. Once in the Tower, Rachel and Monroe were trapped in a bunker together and had a heart-to-heart where Rachel reveals that she blames him for Danny's death and Monroe reveals that he has a son and wants to make up for all the blood shed he's caused by helping Rachel save her daughter, Charlie.

Rachel helps Monroe escape the bunker and Monroe saves Charlie's life. Nora Clayton - Miles's girlfriend.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship quotes

Monroe hints at the fact that he and Nora may have had a sexual relationship before she hooked up with Miles permanently. Monroe claims that he "was sometimes jealous of the things he had" leading on that he always wished he and Nora were together instead of her and Miles.

Sebastian Monroe

Monroe had Nora tortured to the point of death in order to find out where Miles was hiding. Charlie Matheson - Miles's niece and Rachel's daughter.

Monroe and Charlie have little interaction but when they do meet, Monroe seems always cordial and charming calling her by her full name, Charlotte.

He saves Charlie's life in the Tower. When Charlie stood up and faced one of Monroe's soldiers when Rachel was being pressured to help Monroe build an amplifier, Monroe seemed impressed by Charlie's courage. Danny Matheson - Rachel's son and Miles's nephew. Monroe kidnaps Danny and has him brought to Philadelphia where he hopes he can pressure Rachel into helping him turn the power back on. It works so far until Rachel tries to build a bomb instead. Yet after Rachel kills Dr.

Jaffe, Monroe resorts to more brutal methods to coerce Rachel's cooperation. Monroe reveals later that he is sorry for his indirect role in Danny's death. Tom Neville - Monroe's captain and until recently, his most loyal supporter.