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Cecil and Carlos never really started dating officially. They just one day became boyfriends after a couple of 'dates', as Cecil called them but. Carlos and cecil Night Vale Presents, Glow Cloud, Night Skies, Homestuck, WTNV Dog Park, Perfect Relationship, Night Vale Presents, Glow Cloud, Art. Cecilos is the ship name for Cecil Palmer and Carlos the scientist, two male Orientations, Unknown, as the queerness of their relationship has never been.

As of the podcast's th episode ToastCarlos and Cecil are officially married. Note Edit Relationship notes on character pages were getting too long and involving too much episode content. As Cecil and Carlos' relationship is one of the show's main subplots, it should have its own section. Please post updates on their relationship here. Carlos has many names for Cecil, including Cece, my sweet Cecil, honey-voiced honey, [1] darling, caramel-voiced Cecil, etc.

It was revealed that Cecil is still harboring some trauma over the ownership of lot 37, and Carlos regularly offers words of comfort and empathy.

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Carlos reached him from the otherworld through phone, and it seemed Cecil was quite worried. Carlos also takes care of their food shopping, allowing Cecil to avoid the new auction system at the Ralph's.

Carlos calls Cecil

While Carlos was in the Desert Otherworld, it is heavily implied that Cecil suffered from anxiety and depression, and his horoscope in Rumbling suggested that he try "taking up drinking while crying in a quiet room" which means that he might have also had a drinking problem. He also repeatedly mentions that he felt like he was drifting apart from the other people of Night Vale. Also, in The September MonologuesSteve Carlsberg talks about how Cecil was much more focused on work in the past, and how "this past year has softened him a lot In the right places", so it seems that, because of his relationship with Carlos, Cecil has become more outgoing and relaxed.

A good cook, a good listener, a great friend who cares for you and most importantly your boyfriend. Cecil and Carlos never really started dating officially.

Cecil offered to help, It took some time to repair, but Cecil then told stories about it, he sounded happy, as he giggled about their time together.

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They simply got more intimate over time turning questions more personal with more hand holding. Cecil always spoke so cheerfully when he talked about Carlos, in person, on the air. He even starts smiling when he thinks about him. They are perfect for each other, truefully they are. Carlos was an outcast when he came to Night Vale, but Cecil helped him.

He advised the citizens of Night Vale to treat Carlos and his fellow scientists respectfully, and so they did. The interloper scientists gradually became part of society because of Cecil. And Carlos was thankful for that. Seeing them together was something that just made you smile and feel warm inside.


But now, it's strange to see him crying while talking about Carlos, after so many happy memories, Cecil is questioning his relationship with the one he loves. Distant screaming is heard as people start going through their daily task of staring directly at the sun and screeching as loud as they can as it goes down. You can go back whenever you want. It's your home too. But it'll be weird to just walk back in casually like nothing happened.

We'll avoid each other and I hate doing that. Steve clearly thinks to himself but avoids delving into that topic. Take your time with this. The smile is quite disturbing actually. I decided to disagree then tell him to find his sense of reality in this world?! Cecil stands and wipes his eyes one last time as he sighs heavily. There is also A Softer Night Vale — a twist on the photo comic A Softer Worldwhich overlays aphoristic text with a triptych of mundane imagery.

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