Canadian business and government relationship

Government of Canada strengthens trade relationship with China on ministerial mission -

canadian business and government relationship

Government of Canada builds on strong economic relations with toured automotive facilities and engaged with business leaders to get a. Canada is a trading nation that is focused on growing trade and investment relationships, including diversifying into new and rapidly growing. Important business and science and technology delegations exchanged by and to facilitate official relations between the two governments.

canadian business and government relationship

Lawrence and H. On a microeconomic level, Canadian business historians have produced a varied collection of company histories and biographies which range from hagiography to credible scholarship. Woods's, The Molson Saga set a high standard.

Journalistic company histories, such as those of Merrill Denison The People's Power, frequently verge on uncritical exercises in public relations. The Banks, The Government and Dome,display competence but often treat historical research as a backdrop to examining present business problems. Few industry studies exist, an exception being O. Main's study, The Canadian Nickel Industry.

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Howe,serve to reverse the past tradition of business biography as puffery. Research in business history has generally been impeded by business suspicion, academic condescension and archival neglect. Furthermore, the writing of business history in Canada has tended to focus too exclusively on the forward and backward linkages of the staple trades, ignoring other areas of economic growth eg, the spread of Canadian banking and electric utilities abroad.

Despite the contributions of expatriate Canadians such as N. Gras and H. Aitken to the study of business enterprise abroad, Canadian business history lags behind its British and American counterparts.

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Many gaps exist; studies of business failure, individual companies, business-government relations, the role of foreign investment, the evolution of corporate law and management and labour relations all merit attention. Innovative work has nonetheless been produced. Labour historians frequently touch on business concerns, such as the fractious labour-management relations of the Cape Breton steel industry.

The Montreal Business History Project est is the first collective attempt to chronicle the evolution of business in one of Canada's leading commercial centres. Departments in policy fields where intergovernmental relations are a major concern also have units dedicated to managing the intergovernmental relationship.

They are not part of the Constitution and thus have no constitutional status.

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Nor do they have any basis in law or statute. They have developed on an ad hoc basis, in response to the requirements of the time. They are forums for the exchange of information, and for negotiation and persuasion. They often provide the opportunity for governments to find common purposes and chart general policy directions. They provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, and for negotiation and persuasion. They are called by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister chairs, and normally provinces speak in the order of their entry into Confederation.

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No votes are taken. Parts of conferences may be held in public, but most discussion takes place in camera. Ministerial meetings Much of the work in intergovernmental relations takes place in a growing number of councils of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers responsible for developing cooperation in specific policy sectors, from the environment to social policy.

canadian business and government relationship

Some have become institutionalized, with regular meetings, often co-chaired by federal and provincial ministers, and with strong bureaucratic support. Several have also developed working relationships with interest groups involved in their policy fields. These may be bi-lateral or multi-lateral. It provides the logistical work of organizing conferences, distributing documents and press releases.

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It does not have a policy advisory role. Governments recognized, at that time, a need for a mechanism to serve on a continuing basis, conferences of First Ministers and a growing number of intergovernmental meetings.

It is an agency of the federal and provincial governments and is supported by these two orders of government. Its staff is also selected from both federal and provincial governments. The increasing role of governments have required them to enter into agreements in relation to many activities, whether of federal, provincial or shared jurisdiction.