Can a leo and aquarius relationship work

Aquarius and Leo - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

can a leo and aquarius relationship work

A love fixation is strong when Leo and Aquarius meet, but as opposites of the are problems when neither can compromise on make-or-break relationship. These two party animals crave excitement and adventure, which can also lead to dramatic emotional outbursts. A Leo-Aquarius relationship is incredibly. Aquarius Compatibility With Leo in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship The beauty of their sex life is in things they can learn about their bodies, their.

It is not that they are not loving. They would probably say that they are among the most loving of most all people. That is the puzzle here to be figured. Leo has a whole way of life to offer here. Leo loves back slapping, smooching to say hello, grinning from ear to ear and lots of romance.

Aquarius watching and learning from the Lion could be very helpful. Though humanism is not a common romantic feature, it can present a different perspective.

Leo and Aquarius Love Compatibility -

Conflict Quotient Aquarius could see this match as a continuum of discussion. They might not even consider their long discussions to be actual conflict. Leo would be bothered by extended talk. The irritation that would arise from their conflicts would be almost as debilitating to the Cat as the issues under conflict themselves.

Top Tips for Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

They would want things to be settled with a sense of resolution, so that things were not continually revisited. Loud recriminations from Leo would offend the cooler Aquarian. Peace Parlay Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself.

This factor asks the question: Leo, much the same. The Water Bearer would want to stay in the flow of activity and following Leo around is one of the things that could keep away from the humdrum. Keep Up the Interest Graph The far seeing Aquarian would be able to draw interest and imagination out of its own mind, and its most recent books on time travel or alternative dimensions. Leo, stretching and marching along its daily haunts has a love of the new and will dare to try whatever it cares to.

Interest for the couple would lie in Aquarius being talked into what did not appeal to it immediately.

can a leo and aquarius relationship work

Seven Year Itchiness There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. If these two were happy and challenging one another, the distraction of a 7 year itch would probably be viewed as highly interruptive of their challenging lives.

Aquarius, not moral in the classical sense could allow itself, but it would probably not do so for the waste of energy that it would demand.

How Leo and Aquarius Can Get Along

Aquarius, first focusing on the wild and wonderful Leo might be drawn into its own sense of experimentation, even faster than usual.

If they became deeply involved a possible long duration is foreseeable. Aquarius and Leo in friendship and social life are always the center of attention, people like them. But for different reasons. Leo can be the perfect example of leadership: Aquarius are really appreciated by others because of their altruism, their goals are normally related to a group well-being. They are seen as the rebels, the revolutionaries and the independents, but at the same time they are reflexive and more reserved.

When these two become friends, it can turn out a very enriching relationship, because Aquarius can teach Leo how to handle critics instead of receiving compliments all the time, and Leo can make Aquarius enjoy more their lives, with no analyzing at all. As we can see, their differences make them closer. However, their stubbornness can make them fight a lot and end their friendship in just a few minutes. They never change their minds about any idea they have, although if you give Aquarius enough logical and consistent arguments, they may rectify.

They also have a high sense of independency: Leo and Aquarius need to feel free and not being attached to anything or anyone. The pride of a Leo and the avoidance of emotional problems of Aquarius may make them be apart forever if they have a strong fight for any reason. Leo and Aquarius compatibility in love Aquarius and Leo in love feel an irresistible attraction between them, and they will go and come several times until they start something serious, if they manage to control themselves.

Many happy moments are waiting for Leo and Aquarius in relationship! However, they have to take into account that air and fire are two very different elements of nature. The lions are pure fire, emotional and spontaneous, they need to put their heart in everything they do.

But, can they work it out? The excess of romanticism of Leo, with a high need of emotional care and affectivity can overwhelm a rational Aquarius, who refuses to be even close to cheesy little things.

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The same happens vice versa. Leo likes to enjoy and have fun, not thinking about every little detail. It is a difficult relationship that needs time to work.

After their fights, they will be together only if they truly love each other and understand their differences. Patience and perseverance are indispensable to keep them together. Both know the meaningfulness of their own individuality and their relation with what surrounds them: Leo need social acknowledge and tend to be conservative in their minds Aquarius is a rebel, independent and irreverent, being different is part of their nature It is worth mentioning that this couple is a total referent of fashion.

can a leo and aquarius relationship work

They seem to be together to inspire!